Every Star Wars movie has the Wrong Title

Mar 28, 2006
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This isn't my content, but I wanted to share because it's actually quite surprising: (not sure where it originated but I saw it online)

Ep: 1 we see Anakin's path to becoming a jedi (or essentially a sith) = The Rise of Skywalker
Ep: 2 we have Palpatine's plans to destroy the Jedi = Revenge of the Sith
Ep: 3 The clones wipe out the Jedi = Attack of the Clones
Ep: 4 Luke is the new hero that must become a Jedi = Return of the Jedi
Ep: 5 Yoda teaches Luke to use the force = The Force Awakens
Ep: 6 Yoda and Ben are gone making Luke = The Last Jedi
Ep: 7 Empire is destroyed --- a new Empire emerges = The Empire Strikes Back
Ep: 8 Rey must rise up and become = A New Hope
Ep: 9 Palpatine returns making him = The Phantom Menace

You could easily reverse 4 and 5 but just a little light fun on this "Hump Day!!!"