Ephant Mon

Mar 3, 2003
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I have never seen a Ephant Mon in the stores ever and I don't want to pay $20+ online... So I was looking to see if anyone had an extra MOMC Ephant. I will trade or pay. If you are interested please notify me via p.m. Thanks.


- Bossk (POTF2) complete,
- Boba Fett (POTF2) complete
- 2 Han in Carbonite (POTF2) complete
- Deluxe Han Solo (POTF2) Complete
- Emperor Palpatine (POTF2) Complete
- Lando Calrissian (POTF2) all but cape
- Darth Vader (POTF2) complete
- Bib Fortuna no upper torso or guns (POTF2)
- Luke in X-Wing (POTF2) no upper torso, head, or weapons
- Hammerhead (POTF2) just the gun
- Slave 1 (POTF2) complete
- Leia as Jabba's slave (POTF2, FF) complete and carded C9
- Leia Ewok Celebration (POTF2, FF) complete and carded C9-C10
- Jar-Jar Binks Represenative (Saga) complete and carded has some price sticker residue
- Endor Rebel Soldier (POTF2, FF) complete and carded C9-C10
- Slave 1 (POTF2)
- $$$

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