EP1C Variants: Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)

Jan 29, 2021
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Hello everyone

Some might have seen my last post in this thread some time ago. Short: I try to create a massive cataloguing system for Star Wars figures. Over the last year I struggled with the asymmetric way the different product lines are organized and that not all lines are as well deciphered and already organized on websites like rebelscum. I think, that I have now found a way how to properly organize my information collecting and in celebration of that, I would like to share what I have found out yet about a single figure. It is the collected data from sources like rebelscum, jedidefender, ebay europe, ebay USA, ebay canada, mercado libre argentina, mercado libre mexico and dozens of other small online shops.


here the Photo Archive entry: http://www.rebelscum.com/episodeIanakintat.asp


Figure: As I work without a huge personal collection, I have to rely on internet sources. Thus, it is (almost) impossible to truly identify minor variations. Especially, colour differences are hard to judge. A noticeable difference I have seen involves the dirt on the figure’s clothes. It seems inconsistent, sometimes sharply cut off, sometimes complete torso covering and sometimes not. Might be degradation, could also be due to imprecise production process or actually connected to certain production runs. The rebelscum article additionally mentions this: "Another production error has been found in a gold-colored belt buckle.". The belt buckle generally is gold-colored so... I have no idea what this should mean and I have not yet seen an odd belt buckle.

Backpack: The rebelscum archive shows a perfect comparision picture, which shows two different versions. One almost completely blue, the other one with brown dirt sprayed over the blue moulded backpack. In several places, people were discussing, if this difference exists and if it is variant or a production error. It seems like the same problem as with the figures paint application. So far, I have only found 2 brown backpacks. One as brown as the rebelscum example and one with only the lower part being brown. I might have found a 3rd one where only the lower part is brown, but it is hard to see due to reflection and bad quality. All of them are on US packaging but different packaging variants. Most backpacks are COMPLETLY blue (with the beige details ofc). So I would currently categorize 3 variants: brown, half brown, blue. The latter is the most common and is in every non-US release.

Grease Gun: Impossible to judge. On some examples it appears more blueish or black, but I think it is moulded in really dark blue which without good illumination looks black.

CommTech Chip: Early CommTech Chips had a white background in their character portrait and later a holographic one. So far, I have not seen a white Anakin portrait. The extremely rare flat circuit has not been found yet either (for more information on this variations look under "Variations" at: https://www.prototypearchives.com/commtech-guide).

Regional Packaging

So far it seems, that this Figure was released in all* types of regional packaging:
-English (English information) [USA distribution information]
-Canada/Latin America (English, French, Spanish information) [Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru distribution information]
-UK/F/B/NL/D (English, French, Dutch, German information) [UK, F, B/NL, D (including CH and AUT), GR, DK, FIN, N, S, TR distribution information]
-E/IT/F/D (Spanish, Italian, French, German information) [E, IT, F, D (including CH and AUT), P distribution information]
-Japan Sticker on English (English, Japanese) [2 Japanese stickers on back covering English information and USA distribution information]

*I've seen a single packaging with a Portugese sticker for a R2-D2 with Battle Droid 2-pack which might can be viewed like the Japanese packaging as its own regional variant. https://www.pcv.pt/auction-lot/r2-d2-w-battle-droid-star-wars-1-caixa_D1E4DC580B/

None of them are especially rare. All of them can be found on eBay if you search intensively. E/IT/F/D and Canada/Latin America seem to be harder to find (mostly on regional eBay).

Packaging Variants

Most differences are on the English packaging. Here are the ones I have found:

-Grease Gun is fixed by a tape/no tape
-no sticker / "Look for the VIDEO" sticker in left corner

-missing/added "INNOVISION" logo
-missing/added "U.S. Patent Pending" above "MADE IN CHINA"
-different number left of "MADE IN CHINA". Either "558437.00" or "558437.0100"
-no sticker / 2 Japanese stickers + small English sticker

on every packaging with the INNOVISION logo, there is also the "U.S. Patent Pending" text.
All .00 packaging have no tape. .0100 has both.
All .00 packaging have no Patent text and no INNOVISION logo. .0100 has them always.
"Look for the VIDEO" sticker only appears on .0100 and is quite rare.
Japan Sticker is only on English packaging with tape. (Sticker covers logo, text and number).
one brown backpack is in .00 packaging. one half brown in .0100 no tape, one half brown in .0100 tape.

Canada/Latin America

not many found. obviously no "U.S. Patent Pending" text. no INNOVISION logo. no number. always with tape. always blue backpack.

no sticker / yellow sticker "HABLE EN ESPANOL SOLAMENTE" covering trilingual information, that the CommTech is only in English.

no known variations


probably the more common European packaging. obviously no "U.S. Patent Pending" text. no sticker found yet.

-tape/no tape

-missing/added INNOVISION logo
-On top of barcode either "84074.100" or "84074.101" or "84074.102". additionally, with every different number there is a unique barcode unlike the English packaging.
-all 3 numbers have different barcodes
-the barcode appears on 2 different places in correlation to the "Made in China" field on its left

".100" can appear with and without INNOVISION logo.
".100" and ".101" are always with tape. ".102" with or without tape.
".102" without tape has also no INNOVISION logo
".102" with tape can appear with and without INNOVISION logo.
".102" has the barcode on a higher position than ".100" and ".101".
only one specimen of ".101" has been found yet. it is with tape and without INNOVISION logo.
no brown backpack has been found yet.


is harder to find than UK/F/B/NL/D. no sticker and no packaging with no tape has been found yet.

-with or without INNOVISION logo

only one number has been seen yet ".101".
the one without INNOVISION logo had a too bad photo to determine the number. it might be ".101".
it is likely, that ".100" exists as well. also, a no tape version might exist.

Final thoughts

the number ending has been considered by many as an indicator for the packaging version. for some time there even was a higher demand for ".00" figures (Yoda and Maul I believe). for the English packaging an evolution can observed as the logo and the text have been added with ".0100". the tape must have been added during the production run of ".0100" as both appears on these cards. the VIDEO sticker is so rare, that I do not want to fix it to ".0100" yet. on the UK/F/B/NL/D packaging on the other hand, the number seems not to correspond with a certain variant. I therefore assume, that it might be connected to different shipping places as the barcodes are different. for example, ".100" is made for the British market, ".101" for France etc. like this it would be easier to calculate revenue as the figures had different prices in all these countries. maybe it is also connected to different CommTalk (European name for CommTech) languages. these thoughts also work with the E/IT/F/D ".101" which I found only on Italian eBay.

brown dirt backpack might have only appeared on English packaging but I have only seen it rarely and found way less multilanguage specimen.

Thank you for reading this. feel free to send pictures of your Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine) figure or share your thoughts. maybe in 50 years an antique toys collector will enjoy this "small" excurse. :)