FT Ep 1 , 2 , 3 & clone wars figures & vehicles

May 10, 2017
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New York
For Trade (or sale **):

comic pack Infinities Darth Vader $15 complete (pic coming soon)

Potf Tarkin & deluxe snowtrooper (no
cannon) both for $10

Resistance Major Von Reg - Mosc $6

AUDIO CD & CD-ROMS $5 each

Phantom Menace Insiders Guide pc cd-rom

episode 1 soundtrack

episode 1 read along (no book)

vintage kenner ig-88 rifle

**shipping not included

My Want List: (can be packaged or loose complete)

MANDALORIAN - mando, grogu & spiders pack, Bo-Katan, Kuiil(tvc), remnant stormtroopers, stormtrooper with tripod gun, flametrooper with baby yoda

BOOK OF BOBA FETT - fennec shand, tatooine boba

RISE OF SKYWALKER - orange x-wing, Rey, Sith Trooper w/ armory pack

ROGUE ONE - death star gunner (vintage collection), tie striker pilot (tru variant), shore trooper (tvc or 3.75 black series), tank driver (tvc), stormtrooper (khols), stormtrooper vs cassian (TrU)

stormtroopers (tvc or 5poa versions)

LAST JEDI - flametrooper, poe's boosted x-wing, stormtrooper officer, 2BB-2 & BB-4, Crait Luke (tvc), praetorian (tvc or 3.75 black series)

FORCE AWAKENS - riot trooper fn-2199, first order stormtrooper (version 1 w/ large build a weapon), unmasked kylo ren, droid factory 4 pack

SOLO - Vandor Playset

holiday special boba fett

Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala comic pack

Dengar & Fenn Shysha comic pack

Shadow Scout (have speeder)

comic pack rogue squadron pilots

dark empire leia

dark forces spacetrooper

RETURN OF THE JEDI - sandstorm scene luke, leia & lando, sarlacc pit, red or green A-wing & Pilots, Colonel Dyer, battle over endor rebel pilots, 3po with salacious crumb, rancor pit luke, R5-P9, colonel cracken, R5-G19, Weequay (skiff master), J'quille

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - snowspeeder (hasbro or kenner), Wilrow Hood, r5-m2, Hoth Rebel Trooper VC68, mechanic Chewbacca & Han

STAR WARS - scramble over Yavin pack, detention center playset, trash compactor bases, y-wing (red, blue stripes), r3-t2, r3-t6, cammie & fixer, Dannik Jerriko, Feltipern Trevagg, Bom Vimdin, cantina bar sections, death squad cmdr., U-3PO, R1-G4, R5-F7

Death Star Briefing - Chief Bast, Officer Cass

The Vintage Collection - Leia (hoth, yavin), Han (esb), Luke (jedi), death star gunner, power droid

McQuarrie - 3PO, Yoda, Solo, Kenobi, rebel trooper, boba fett, luke

Force Unleashed - Rahm Kota, Stormtrooper Commander, Apprentice, Starkiller, Navy Commando, Shadow Guard, Shadow Trooper, Rancor, Militia trooper, Proxy Droid, Camo Evo trooper

resistance - stormtrooper, poe & bb8, cmdr. pyre

Star Tours - R-3do, sector 2 security set, weg-1618

droid depot droids set


shield & blaster for mcquarrie trooper

potf sandtrooper rifle

tripod laser cannon for potf snowtrooper

Build A Droid
R5-A2 - orange Body & legs

vintage kenner

vehicles / bases
hoth ice planet
rebel command center
battle damaged tie fighter
sand skimmer mini rig
security scout mini rig

slave 1 - black ramp

maintenance energizer - 1 hose, 4 tools

speeder bike - front end, bottom (not broken), flaps

kenner Figures

last 17 - a-wing pilot, death star gunner, lando general, romba, luke stormtrooper, lumat

biker scout pistol
cape for obi wan
power droid control stick

3 gammorean guard axes,
klaatu skirt,
ugnaught case,
yoda's cane
2 jawa guns

RETRO Collection - Stormtrooper, Tarkin, Remnant stormtrooper, Armorer, Death Trooper, beskar mando, ashoka,bo katan

I have lots of + Feedback here & on ebay, tfw2005 and hisstank.com going back several years.


I also have transformers, gi joes, comics & games I can trade for star wars stuff too.
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May 10, 2017
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New York
added another album of pics (1st link)
i havent sorted out all their accessories yet.
but they should all be complete