Ep 1 , 2 , 3 & clone wars figures & vehicles for trade

May 10, 2017
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New York
All of my episode 1, 2, 3 and clone wars figures & vehicles are up for Trade

most are complete with accessories (or very close)

click on my imgur album links for pictures:

episode 2 - Jango Fett(preview), Padme, Anakin, Palpatine, C-3P0 (w/ battle droid parts), break apart Geonosian

episode 3 - Bail Organa, Saeese Tin, Red Guard, Holographic Palpatine (broken arms), clone pilot (black) w/ radar dish

episode 1 Accessory Packs (Sith & Naboo)
and 11 xtra accessories

also for trade

8 star wars comics
- mix of pack ins & dark horse issues


From those movies / shows (doesn't have to be from this list)

just 3.75 inch only (loose or carded)

My Want List:

MANDALORIAN - At-St raider, cara dune, the mandalorian, remnant stormtroopers

RISE OF SKYWALKER - droid 4 pack, orange x-wing, Rey, Sith Trooper w/ armory pack

ROGUE ONE - death trooper (black series & tvc), death star gunner (vintage collection), tie pilot (tru variant), shore trooper (tvc), tank driver (vintage collection), stormtrooper (khols), stormtrooper vs cassian (TrU)

LAST JEDI - finn vs capt. phasma, flametrooper, poe's boosted x-wing, stormtrooper officer, 2BB-2 & BB-4, crait Luke (tvc), praetorian (tvc)

FORCE AWAKENS - riot trooper fn-2199, first order stormtrooper (version 1 w/ large build a weapon), unmasked kylo ren, droid factory 4 pack

SOLO - Vandoor Playset, kessel playset

holiday special boba fett
Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala comic pack
Dengar & Fenn Shysha comic pack
Shadow Scout (Black biker scout)
comic pack rogue squadron pilots
dark empire leia
dark forces spacetrooper

RETURN OF THE JEDI - all of the deleted sandstorm scene figures, sarlacc pit, red and green A-wing & Pilots, Colonel Dyer, battle over endor rebel pilots, 3po with salacious crumb, rancor pit luke, R5-P9, colonel cracken, R5-G19, Weequay (skiff master)

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - carbon freeze chamber playset, snowspeeder (hasbro or kenner), Toryn Farr, tie bomber, Wilrow Hood, r5-m2

STAR WARS - scramble over Yavin pack, detention center playset, trash compactor bases, y-wing (red, blue stripes), r3-t2, r3-t6, cammie & fixer, Dannik Jerriko, Feltipern Trevagg, Bom Vimdin, cantina bar sections, death squad cmdr., U-3PO, Imp. Navy trooper, R1-G4, luke's landspeeder, R5-F7

The Vintage Collection - Leia (hoth, yavin), Han (esb), Luke (jedi), Shock Trooper

McQuarrie - 3PO, Yoda, Solo, Kenobi, rebel trooper, boba fett, luke

Force Unleashed - Rahm Kota, Stormtrooper Commander, Apprentice, Starkiller, Navy Commando, Shadow Guard, Shadow Trooper, Rancor, Militia trooper, Proxy Droid, Camo Evo trooper

Star Tours - r5-d2, rx-24, R-3do, sector 2 security set, weg-1618

shield & blaster for mcquarrie trooper
backpack for evo trooper
rifles for potf sandtrooper x 2
tripod laser cannon for potf snowtrooper

Build A Droid
R5-A2 - Body & legs

vintage kenner
vehicles / bases
dagobah set
hoth ice planet
rebel command center
battle damaged tie fighter

slave 1 - black ramp
desert sail skiff - 1 wing
maintenance energizer - 1 hose, 4 tools
rebel transport -2 gray guns, 1 gun base
speeder bike - front end

kenner Figures
last 17 - a-wing pilot, death star gunner, lando general, romba, lumat

loose figures - snowtrooper, zuckuss, bib fortuna, 8d8, power droid

3 gammorean guard axes,
klaatu skirt,
ugnaught smock & case,
princess leia gun,
biker scout pistol
cape for obi wan
yoda belt & cane

Retro Collection - Leia, Stormtrooper & Tarkin

I have lots of + Feedback here & on ebay, tfw2005 and hisstank.com going back a couple years.


I also have transformers, gi joes, comics & games I can trade for star wars stuff too.
posted here:

thanks for lookin,

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May 10, 2017
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New York
added another album of pics (1st link)
i havent sorted out all their accessories yet.
but they should all be complete