EMPIRE AT WAR #14: New Connections-New Threats!

Feb 1, 2006
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The stolen Imperial shuttle landed deep within the Naboo forest...like before, Wolverton found himself on the run from the Empire back in the forests of Naboo that started off this series of horrific events to begin with.

"Do you have any idea where we should go?" Wolverton asked.
His wound was beginning to hold him down...putting immense strain on his energy.

"I know a place alright." Tey Tippeto nodded.
"Where?" Baz asked, intrigued.
"Somewhere." came the short sharp reply

The group reached the edge of a line of trees that marked to start of a giant forest.
"We are gonna have to take the scenic route for a while, that okay?" Tippeto turned to Wolverton.

As they entered, Baz stepped in line with Tippeto, "Tey, I really hope that you know where we are going!"
"Yeah, " Tey replied, "So do I"

The group contiuned in silence for the next few miles...as they followed their new group leader...hoping that he knew where he was going.

What they didn't realise was that all the time, the group were being watched...by eyes...hidden by camoflaged helmets...

eventually they reached the edge of the forest and came to a large structure, old and decrepit, the structure looked as fearsome though as it may have done when it was built.

Tey then noticed two guards on sentry post, he turned slowly to Baz, and whispered, "Keep your holster open, and your firing finger ready, just in case."
"WHAT?" Baz blurted.
"SUUUSH! Keep it down would you?" Tippeto snapped.

"Where are we?" Shooba asked.
"I have no clue." Wolverton replied, looking around to structure, "Some kind of old fort by the looks of things."

Tippeto and Baz moved towards the two guards.
"Who are you?" The first guard asked gruffly.
"Tey Tippeto-and you?"
"What is your purpose here." The guard asked again.

"I have come to see Hendy Hadon." Tippeto said.
"Have you know-and why would be want to see you?" replied the guard
"Because...he called me." Tippeto improvised.

The guard paused for thought...thinking about this claim.
"I should check it out." He replied.

"They'll really be no need. Hendy and I go back a long way." Tippeto nodded. "Honest-he'll be glad that I have arrived so soon."
"Okay then-I'll take your word for it." The guard replied.
Great guards Tippeto rolled his eyes.

Tippeto turned to the rest of his group, "Welcome to our safe haven."
"I sure as heck hope you're right about this." Ric Olie moaned.

Governor Tarkin had been briefed about the current state of things-and was now conferring with a survivor of the Illustrious, Commander Jetson.
"So, Captain Frigit perished in the resulting explosion." Tarkin said.
"I'm affraid so governor." replied the Commander.

Tarkin turned away, "Those traitors shall still need disposing of. Terrorists!"
"We must take leniancy in this Governor," The Liberal Commander pointed out, "One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter."

"No, in this case, One man's terrorist is the Empires criminal!" Tarkin snapped.

The Imperial field agent snapped to attention.
Tarkin turned around, "A report I presume?"
"Governor, the suspects headed through Tobago woods and have now moved into the section of small villages beyond."

"Very good. At least we have an approximate location." Tarkin smiled. "See if you can get a fixed location Corporal."
"Yes Governor." replied the Corporal.

"Would you like me to command to search Governor?" The fresh faced Commander asked hopefully.

"No." Tarkin said bluntly, "I would hardly see that as worthwhile. You are a naval man Commander, we need a ground forces commander-to command your marines and the 27th battlion."

"I happen to have our field commander here." Tarkin said, turning towards the door.

The Officer in question walked through the doorway...

"Major Harwood." Tarkin greeted. "Are your injuries healing."
"They are thank you governor." Harwood smirked, "As you can see, no one can destroy our morale-not even neimoidian scum like Tey Tippeto!"

"Are you sure that you are up to this?" Tarkin asked quietly.
"Nothing would give me more pleasure than to personally remove that neimoidians head from his body!" Harwood said harshly.

The group entered the hideaway of the baron Hendy Hadon. Hendy, was once a spice dealer, he turned to gun-running, operating from this secret location on Naboo.
"Tey!" Hendy smiled, his twin mouths curling upwards, "How the devil are you?"

"Very well thank you Hendy. Very well." Tippeto smiled.
"Tell me, what brings you to my humble abode?" Hendy said gruffly.
"I was hoping to find somewhere to stay for a while-to be secure." Tippeto nodded.
"Aye, yes, you kip ere and aye, I keep yer safe ay?" Hendy winked.

"If that wouldn't be any trouble." Tippeto asked.
"Trouble-don;t wana be making no trouble do we now." Hendy nodded, "Consider it an honour to 'ave you 'ere."

"There are five of us, if that's alright?" Tippeto asked.
"Five-I could cater for fifty and still have room to spare." Hendy smiled. "We have an accord aye?"
"eh? oh yes." Tippeto nodded.
"So, what brings you here-you not in no trouble I fare?" Hendy said gruffly.
"No-trouble-we avoid trouble at all costs." Tippeto lied.

Nearby, Commander Cody and his platoon were searching the nearby houses.
"You two, go through the house, leave nothing unturned."

"You can't do this!" Shouted the woman.
"Madam, we have the authority to do everything." Cody replied, "We are looking for five fugitives, on the run from crimes against the state and Empire."

Next door, Commander Bacara and the Marines raided a small farm, grabbing it's inhabitants and searching the entire facility.

No where was left unsearched.

"did you find anything?" Bacara shouted.
"We found someone sir." the marine replied.

"A man!" The marine snapped.
The man struggled, "Gerrof of me!"
"Stand still!" shouted the marine.

"Alright sergeant." Bacara said smoothly. He looked to the man, "You? Name?"

"George Hanson!" The man blurted. "Now let me go!"
"He is not on the list...kill him." Bacara said calmly.
"What-NO!" shouted the farm hand.

As Bacara ordered the squad to move onto the next building, the sergeant raised his rifle to fire.

Hendy's body guard, Helshek, was concerned about their new guests.
"We don't know their circumstances...and today...that could be a danger." Helshek said.
"I trust Tey." Hendy smiled, "Aye, he may have caused me some trouble in the past."

"But what if he brings unwanted attention...that man...used to be an Imperial you realise." HelShek said nervously.
"I understand that aye." Hendy smiled, "Look, we find what he wants, and we can make use of it. Turn Tey's motives on their head...aye...and we can scwander what we want from em."

"You'll see." Hendy smiled, raising his drink, "To the untrained eye, I may appear somewhat...relaxed...almost slack where he might somewhat need to be alert...never fear...when the time comes...I shall be ready to uncover what Tey wants."

Hendy's majordomo, Lt. Jinklin entered, flanked by two guards, "Hendy, we have someone here who may be of interest to you."

"Who?" Hendy asked.
"Someone who may be able to shed some light on Tey Tippeto's real reasons for being here." Jinklin nodded," And it may not be very good for us if he stays here."
"Who is it?" Hendy asked, taking a slurp from his drink.

"Come in!" Jinklin ordered.
Hendy, Helshek and Jinklin all turned towards the door.

"Hello Hendy Hadon...I believe I may have some information that may be of interest to you!" Garindan said with a grin in his voice.

Aug 23, 2001
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Good Lord, looks like I have a lot of updates to catch up on. I can barely keep up with just reading these! Looks like good photography in the last few that I have glimpsed at, when I get a chance to thoroughly read them I'll leave some better replies.

Jun 15, 2006
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I have two probs, most of the figures that you use for characters aren’t customized at all and most of your sets are done on the cheap. I don’t mean to insult, I’m just trying to help you make your creative photo novels even better. Other than those two gripes, very well done. You know you’re in trouble when you have the 212th Attack Battalion, the 41st elite, and the 21st Nova Corps all after you at once! Now, I don’t mean to press my disdain for rebel scum onto you, but I hope that these rebels are dealt with properly, to say the least.
Sep 1, 2005
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New York
Re: EMPIRE AT WAR #14: New Connections-New Threats

Another nice addition Lushros. One thing you've improved on has been the dialogue. Where is Darth Vader during all of this? If something big like this happened with the Star Destroyer being destroyed he would probably be dispatched to the sector immediately.

I also don't like having all the people come back when you think they're dead.

I like this and I'll continue reading it though.
Feb 1, 2006
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Re: EMPIRE AT WAR #14: New Connections-New Threats

SpecialOpsUnit said:
I also don't like having all the people come back when you think they're dead.

That was an unfortunate problem-Rolan-I didn't feel actually had a heroic end-so I decided to keep him alive momentarily.

Harwood-I did intend to kill him off-however-I figured that without the Illustrious or Major Harwood-the Empire didn't have any main character villains (in my story this is) so I thought about bringing a new villain to the story-but then I needed one that would be a main villain-developed and one that people recognise as a villain.
I thought I could just use Tarkin or Vader-but everyone knows that they have to live-so there is no suspense.

I have to admit-I do cringe when I read these-when Rolan and Harwood especially...survive.

However-rest assured, from now on, when people get shot or beheaded, or stabbed, or chopped in half...they will be dead. I have actually now started to actually state that the character dies....

such as..."Pola died instantly...or Rolan then died..."
To make sure that it is clearer for everyone.

With Harwood, I changed the dialogue to say, "He passed out into unconsciousness."

And in Chapter 12, I changed it to say, "He was dragged off moaning and groaning."

I appologise that this has happened-I myself cringe when I read them-so I understand where you're coming from.