FS Electronic Collector Fleet for sale

Nov 3, 2004
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I am down-sizing my collection and parting with all three Electronic Collector Fleet ships. All three come complete, but the Star Destroyer was removed from the box for display purposes only. The Super Star Destroyer and the Blockade Runner are MISP. Packaging has some shelf ware and minor dings only. The electronic sounds still work on the SSD, but the batteries must me dead on the the blockade runner. Pictures are below but feel free to contact me to discuss specifics. (The box/packaging on the Star Destroyer looks a little "off" because I had a hard time getting the ship back into the packaging.)

Prices are as follows, are negotiable, and DO NOT include shipping:

Super Star Destoyer - MISP $300
Blockade Runner - $50
Star Destroyer - $40

If you take all three, I will give a discount and sell them for $350. Contact me with questions or offers. Thanks for looking.

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