Echo Base Trooper for sale/trade!! Lowered Prices on everything else!

Nov 9, 2010
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Pasadena, CA
Have some stuff for I want to sell or trade. I'd prefer trading, but I'm open to selling.I do paypal gift, US shipping only. I ship USPS, and I'll give you a quote before I ship.

Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear)

He's got a good crease, so probably an opener. I'd love to ship him loose. $11 +shipping, but I prefer to trade him.


POTF Hoth Trooper $2
POTF Deluxe Hoth Trooper $2 (just the figure and pistol)
(SOLD)POTF Endor Trooper (SOLD)

Headswapped Naboo Guard $4

Headswapped Concept Rebel Trooper $4
501st Saga Legends $3
Custom Bespin Trooper $5
(SOLD)Weequay (SOLD)
CW Aqua Droid $3
Hoth Biker Scout (no guns)$4
Isard $4
Roth Del Masona $5

Also added a couple of older models:

MPC ROTJ X-Wing Model

Box is open but all items are there. $12 +Shipping

MPC Darth Vader Tie Fighter Model

This one is sealed. $12 +Shipping

Trades: I realize my wants are across the board, so I'm open to trading multiple figures for a single one on my want list.

WANTS (loose):
Stormtroopers (prefer removeable helms)
TLC Arvel Crynyd
TVC Hoth Leia
Jes Gistang Female Stormtrooper
TVC AT-AT Commander
Dorovio Bold
TVC Colonel Cracken
TLC Scanning Crew
Rebel Honor Guard
Deena Shan Imperial officer (Not the Juno Eclipse head)

CUSTOM PARTS(I might take the whole figure if necessary):
Beru Whitesun (head)
TVC Oola (head only)
Hoth Rebel Trooper (head only, shaved and bearded)
Willrow Hood (head only)
Saga AT-ST Drivers (Helm)

Let me know!!
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Nov 9, 2010
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Pasadena, CA
Really hoping to get a TVC Hoth Leia, TAC Jawa Harness or an Oola head. I'm willing to do some real lopsided trades with the loose stuff!