eBay Exclusive Jedi Force X-Wing 4 sale

Apr 17, 2004
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I picked up two of these and the guy I got the extra for backed out on me. Anyhow, if anyone wants it, PM me or email me. My cost was $30+$7.50(shipping)= $37.50 and that is what I am asking for it. Not sure how much shipping would be, but I would ship it for free in the USA so that I can get most of the money my "buddy" hung me with. This would still be cheaper than eBay as they charge $30 plus $10 for the first item shipped.

Just in case someone did not want to go through the hassel on eBay and you'd really be helping me out too. I can take money orders or paypal if need be. I will ship outside the U.S., although you would have to make up the difference in shipping, but it would be actual shipping costs through USPS Airmail.
P.S. It is very cool and has a different paint scheme than the regular one sold in stores.