Droids 3 "Los Androides 3" Mexico VHS

Apr 27, 2010
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I have been searching for the better part of 6 years for this VHS tape from Mexico. I have been working on the Droids tv series preservation over at Originaltrilogy.com and this tape has the last episode that I am looking for.

Mexico is the only territory that released this specific episode on a retail VHS tape (Betamax as well). I have copies recorded from television so it isn't a "lost" episode. But I would very much like it in the best quality possible.

I have tried MercadoLibre and numerous other websites over the years looking for the tape. Curious if anyone here may have come across it.

Any help tracking down this tape would be great. Once we get this set completed we will be releasing it on to the internet for free. If you have watched any Droids videos on the internet in the past couple of years chances are good they were from my preservation.


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