Disney Build a Droids sets of 25

Dec 10, 2003
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I have been looking to buy a set of these droids for some time now, but the cost was always too high and the shipping to Canada was ridiculous. I recently met up with a buddy in California who I bought some Star Tours sets from and he agreed to pick me up a set of the droids. He was great to deal with and I got the set very quickly. He sells lots of the 25 distinctly different droids on ebay and wants to deal with more reputable collectors (particularly in Canada) Since our deal went so smoothly he wants to offer an additional $10 off the listed shipping price if it is someone I recommend. The sets are still not cheap, but I found the price to be fair with his time and effort.

I know we don't advertise ebay sales here, so if you want to PM me I can send you the link and his info so you can get in touch with him. I have no qualms recommending anyone from Rebelscum...especially my fellow Canadians. It is a much cooler set than I thought it would be. Cheers.