Diorama room flooded again, but I prepared well!


Jul 14, 2000
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I'm sure you guys have heard of the major troubles to Louisiana and Mississippi from Hurricane Isaac; in my neighborhood, it was slightly worse than Hurricane Gustav in 2008 (where water narrowly missed coming in my dio room) but not quite as bad as Katrina in 2005 (where both house and diorama room got water). I got about 14 inches of water this time into my dio room (close to 2 feet during Katrina, enough to get in the house "proper"), but in anticipation I raised any foamcore dioramas up onto tables. Notably the ROTJ Rebel meeting dio; in Katrina I foolishly left the Emperor's Throne Room on the floor and had to rebuild it. The 2 dios that were too big to raise were the Yavin hangar and Dagobah- both got water but had surprisingly little damage due to the materials used. The only real issue is the wet carpet, but I may try to wetvac it up instead of replacing it. Smells like Lake Pontchartrain in my room though!
I'm glad you were able to save your dios and happy to hear your place didn't get alot of damage too! Good luck with the wet vac, and hope to hell you don't get mold growing in your carpet and walls.
Glad you and yours are safe, as well as your amazing diorama room! If you can get the carpet into the sunshine would be ideal. If not, after the wet vac, an industrial carpet dryer can be rented from home depot. (highly recommend, to avoid mold!). I accidentally flooded my dio room in the basement this summer....don't ask! Put a portable heater by the air intake, so it was like a giant blow dryer. Did the trick on the carpeting in about two days. Moved it around a bit every few hours. It was about $25 a day to rent, but well worth it if you don't want the room to smell like Lake Ponchartrain permanently!
Thanks guys- I'll try those ideas as soon as we get power back (which I hope is today!). Everyone was surprised how bad a strong tropical storm/minimal hurricane could be, but the new levee system around New Orleans was certainly validated. Problem for those of us around the Lake or near major rivers is that we will take the majority of the surge now (it would have been far worse on the north shore during Katrina had the levees held and all that water came to us instead of the city). It's just a matter of time before we get the funds to raise our house like the majority of people in our neighborhood, and then it won't be a concern. My dio room is a separate structure that is about 1 and a half feet lower than the rest of the house, so I'll try to have it raised as well. If you're not familiar with this general area, New Orleans and a few other spots are below sea level, and depend on levees to keep out the sea level water (especially when it rises ahead of a storm). I live above sea level on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, which is not coastal but does have an inlet from the Gulf of Mexico. So, places like Gulfport and Biloxi get it worse than me due to being on the coast, but the Lake can trap higher than usual water that gets in it. Anyway, thanks again and I'll let you know if the tips work on getting the floor dry! (by the way, the carpet is the absolute thinnest/cheapest kind- the dark grey "office" kind that is very thin, so it doesn't hold much water) :D