Did hasbro buy Galoob to run it into the ground?



Did hasbro buy Galoob to run it into ground. It woudl seem logical to do? Galoob was producing micro machines for years. They were producing Action fleets for years and Hasbro buys them out and then runs the company into the ground. It seems weird that Micro Machines were being produced for other lines like Babylon 5, Star Trek and many other sci fi lines. When hasbro bought the compnay all the other lines suddenly ended. Weird? It seems weird that they masses produced the line to ridiculus standards and they blamed it on lack of interest? Weird? It seems weird that they massed produced action fleets and they also sat around. Hasbro is re launcing the action fleet line now and guess what. They are doing a redo X-wing, a redo Tie FIghter, and a redo Falcon. Nothing new here? When this does not fly off the shelf. Guess what it will be blammed on lack of interest. Weird? I know what woudl sell both lines. Make them in shorter numbers but enough to satisfy fans. Do not make exlusive items for both of these lines and make them cheaper. There is a thought? Paying $10 to $15 for an action fleet was ridiculous. They should only be at most $8.00 each. kids would buy them and do variety. Seeing multiple X-win redos are boring. How many Y-wings did they do? C'mon Hasbro hire back the original guys and let them restart the lines again. Many people like star wars but they can not stand action figures. I myself love action figures but I also like ships and since they are insistnat on only doing redos for the ships. I would like some new star wars ships someway somehow. Thanks for the time
Mar 14, 2002
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The problem is that Hasbro has succumbed to what I call "The Ty Syndrome." That is, they cannot bear to have any other companies making money off something they believe they have sole rights to produce, like Star Wars toys.

Personally, when MicroMachines first came out, I loved 'em! They didn't just do modern cars, they even did real classics, like a Model T Speedster, Deusenberg, and other oldies, which I adore. Their range was fantastic, they always came up with neat new gimmicks or products, the sculpts were fantastic for such a small size, and the toys were so cute. And then they went on to do Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Aliens, Predator, Men in Black, and other great properties. One of the greatest product lines in toy history, no question. Then Hasbro had to buy them out because of corporate greed and jealousy, as well as close down the original Kenner offices.

Sometimes, I wish another toy company would get the rights for Star Wars, but only if they keep the same scale. That'd show Hasbro. "We really do care!" My muscular backside, they care! Greed, that's all it is these days.

Hasbro UK was recently taken to court for market monopoly and price-fixing / price gouging. Serves the buggers right, but we still have to pay the equivalent of $8.37 per figure here, even though the prices have dropped in the States, and it's even worse in Europe.

Anyway, the name of the syndrome comes, as you would expect, from Ty, the manufacturers of Beanie Babies -- and the Ty CEO's crusade to sue unto bankruptcy any other toy company that dared make beanbag animal toys. Ty even had "Beware of Fakes!" propaganda messages to kids telling them to report any non-Ty beanbag creatures to the company.

There is another name I have for this affliction, which encompasses Disney as well, but it is unrepeatable on these forums, and I would get banned for using it.

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Apr 7, 2002
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Someone needs to buy the rights to the name Mego and relaunch the toy company. Of course Hasbro would probably take them over as well.