Deluxe Aliens Wish List



#5 - Dark Horse Jedi Council Yinchoori (fanged tortoise soldier) with their hornet wings worn like a rocket backpack.
#4 - EU Massassi (scary!)
#3 - J'Quille from Jabba's palace or Padawan K'Kruhk of same species from Dark Horse Jedi Council Comic
(alien jedi chic!)
#3 - Jedi knight and Scholar Odan Urr who collceted holocrons and compiled The Great Jedi Library
#2 - Rebel Spy/Bounty Hunter Ephant Mon from Jabba's Palace ROJ Ep. IV
#1 -Vodo Bass Jedi Master and Lobster

Tell Hasbro to credit Amanaman as the rebel bounty hunter spy that they are!
NOTE my #4 & #5 choice would be purchased in multiples to build armies.
We choking on peg warming rehashes of Luke, Maul, Vader, please give the 70% collectors MORE ALIENS!!!!!!!! (Pod Racers (Dud Bolt and the Little tourists'species driver), Cantina Flyhead that bought Luke's speeder, Senators, DarkHorse and Del Rey EU but not more lame humans over and over.