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Oct 5, 2009
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Chandler, AZ
FYI - It is against forum rules to post multiple FS threads. You'll have to consolidate in 1. Good luck with your sale:

General Rules

- Members may only offer to sell Star Wars items they own, not for a friend.

- Postings must include a Star Wars item.

- No auctioning is permitted. That means you cannot make a post stating that you will take offers and sell the item to the highest bidder.

- You may not use the forum to promote or advertise auctions.

- You may include a link to a picture of the item or items for sale, but all relevant information, such as a description of the item and the price, must be included in your post.

- The purpose of this section is to help other collectors find what they need, so please post in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit.

- Do not start more than one For Sale thread at a time. If you have multiple items to sell, put them all in the same thread and title your thread to reflect this. Having more than one thread pushes posts off the front page quicker making it unfair to other users.

- Do not BUMP your thread more than a few times a week. Excessive thread bumping will be considered “post padding” which is against forum rules.

- Do not erase your thread title or the contents of your post once you’ve sold your item. Simply edit the title with a “(SOLD)” at the end.

- Do not post non-transactional messages in someone else’s thread. If you wish to discuss someone’s asking price, do so in private via PM or email.

Modern Classifieds

- This section is for items for sale only. Any posts related to buying and trading should be posted in their respective forums.

- YOU MUST INDICATE A SALE PRICE FOR EACH ITEM LISTED. Ads without a price for each item will be deleted and the seller will be notified by email or Private Message.

- Prices must indicate no higher than fair market value. Moderators will use their judgment to decide whether or not the prices are fair. For items currently at retail stores, the prices must be no higher than their normal retail cost. NO SCALPING OF CURRENT ITEMS WILL BE PERMITTED. If you paid more than retail for the item, you must state in your post that you did so. For items more than one year old, some leeway in price will be permitted, subject again to the discretion of the moderators.