Death Star control room (ANH) WIP 7/6


Jul 14, 2000
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Holy hell, I’m finally committing to one diorama after a couple of years of piddling with a lot of different things! The majority of these first pics will be things you guys have seen in my HITG thread; I want to put them all in one place to show the progression of the diorama, so please bear with!

So I started with buying the first three of the seven consoles from HITG; they come in light gray, so I proceeded to spraypaint the upper parts flat black, and the lower parts medium gray, after cutting a wedge out of the leftmost console support to match the prop piece in the film:
I then added the decals that came with the purchase:
I later bought the other four, and you’ll notice I cut away the same wedge from the bottom of the rightmost console:
Here are each of the four after painting and decal application:
I also bought a set of four barrels from HITG; here they are painted with a screen, cap of the film clip:
A couple of pics of the diorama space with the floor painted gloss black, and the consoles and figures in place:
I then began cutting foamcore for the walls to the left and right of the consoles; here they are with posterboard and shelf liner pieces for details:
And finally, spraypainted with black strips added into the wall strips that are unlit; this spraypaint is perfect for the color I wanted, somewhere in the blue/gray region, distinct from the gray of the consoles when you see the comparison between the two:

Much more to come, thanks for looking!
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Looking good, those barrels are pretty screen accurate and I'd never really noticed them till now. I'd bought some wooden ones from Hobby Lobby (too small and not shaped right) and painted them yellow so now I've gotta work on those! Who's the Imperial who's laying down? A Death Star Gunner?
Yeah, love those barrels, and I’m gonna make at least one of the weird boxes that are just past the barrels when they enter the room! The imperial laying down is actually a Death Star Trooper body with a black cap officer head, one of the two guys shot by the heroes when they entered the room 👌
That looks great. I'm always surprised how printed rather than sculpted details can look. I'm more of a three dimensional guy, so the thought of printed mediums never really occurs to me most of the time.
Finally got back to this for a decent-sized step: made the first of the two “windows“ looking down into the hangar bay. I plan to make the other one tomorrow and start adding the panel details to each before spray painting.
Those are looking nice! I have a few transparent blisters saved for a small building I'm going to work on down the line so I can have functioning windows. Is the white stuff plasticard by chance?
Neat. Can't wait to see this finished, it's giving me good motivation to finish a few of my other projects so I can get to work on my building.
Thanks, I hate staying away from dioramas for too long, I start to need the therapeutic precision work of cutting and gluing! Here is a pic of the panels added to each of the window recesses; I have to put the little tabs on the far left one that I have added to the panels on the right one. I also am going to attach the gun rack and then it will be time to spray paint!
And the left side completed and spray-painted! I had to cut off a lot of the gun rack that came with the Commtech Stormtrooper back in the day, to make it flat enough to attach to the “windowsill”. Here is a pic of the recess, and when glued into place. Next up will be it attached to the floor with the bottom part of the gun rack included!

Gun rack! Technically, there are four in the film, but the Hasbro toy had room for only three, and I’m fine with it because it takes up a lot of space anyway. I attached the windows to the glossy black floor, and spraypainted the floor piece for the gun rack and attached the guns. I’ll probably put a light silver drybrush on each rifle and paint the stock of each brown. Probably will tackle the next thing tomorrow or the next day 👌

That attention to the small details is what makes you the dio master!
Thanks, guys! Just a bit more done on this recently: I completed the wall and archway of the semi-circular door that 3-PO and R2 are hiding behind when the stormtroopers enter the room. Notice in the next pic, I angled that corner wider than 90°, though the set is an actual typical 90° corner, in order to have a bit wider perspective to view the scene. Also, I have a pic of the rear of the diorama, to show how many pieces are hot glued to hold the thing together!

Really slow progress on this with work and other projects, but here is the curved door of the droid-hiding room; it’s interesting because it has a reverse pattern compared to the walls, in that panels are recessed rather than sticking up off of the surface. So I cut a second posterboard with holes and glued on top of another sheet in order to have it recessed.

After spray painting and placing it in the archway:
Really nice work, man!

it’s interesting because it has a reverse pattern compared to the walls, in that panels are recessed rather than sticking up off of the surface.

That's cool, probably a design choice made because raised panels could cause the door to get stuck when opening and closing.
Thanks, guys! I did one more step today; the strange box next to the door that the comlink the droids pick up on the way out is on. Here is the frame of it from foamcore and posterboard:

Hand painted, and the.comlink placed upon it:
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Thanks so much for the kind words, but I would never consider that; Rather, I am proud to be among an elite of diorama makers in this community, including you guys who are commenting on that! (That’s not humility, by the way, that is me truly dumbfounded at what you guys have been able to create that I hadn’t thought of, nor tried before.)
OK, managed to paint up the cargo box; though there is another one lying on its back next to it, I’m not gonna make that one because that is actually where you view the diorama from, I don’t wanna block it anymore than it already is with the barrels!
Couple new things: I added vertical straps to one of the barrels, and created the box right next to the opening door to the room. I can’t find any pics of this box lower than the top of it, so all I can confirm is that red is on the top surface and in the first “square” from the top, but not the second. next step is to add the little nozzles on the chasm thingy that stands up next to these two items.
Looking good, where are the reference images from? I've never seen those before.
Thanks! Yeah, when you do a search for death star control room, there is an Unreal engine-produced digital version that I took these pics from. They are pretty accurate to the set, as far as I can tell! You’ll see “Donny Versiga“, and he has something like 12 to 15 different views that he created with the 3-D engine 👌
Ah, okay, I'll have to check that out. Do you remember a website that had all three OT films broken down frame-by-frame? Been a while.....maybe a decade but..... I think they were forced to shut down but it was great to pull up any point in the first three films and be able to have a great set of thousands of reference photos.

Edit: Found some stuff, pretty cool, thanks for the info!
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I find it better to just frame-by-frame myself because I can see objects in 3D, not 2D. I can also change the coloring to suit my needs. Also I have the 4K which that site didn't have. I find it more fun!

Since everything was reused, it is useful to look for objects in another scene.

This is turning out fantastic! I simultaneously love and loath it. I love how perfect it looks and your attention to detail but I loath it since I don't have it and I realize how long it'll take to make it.
Thanks, pal! By the way, I’m fairly convinced that there are two styles of “ridged boxes“, including the shorter versions like the ones in those two DS pics you posted (notice how small they are, including the one being carried by the DS gunner), and a taller version like in the control room that I made, which stands as tall as the waist of a stormtrooper. Further evidence of that can be seen in the rectangular spaces between the ridges of the small versions, compared to the full square space between ridges of the taller box! Look at the screenshot:
Here is a comparison pic of the small ridged box (which HITG does make, and I had bought a small set of them), to the larger one that I made:
Also, there are two types of barrels, as the one that I got from HITG doesn’t have the straps, and the horizontal rings are lower than they are in the other barrel type. A repeat screenshot from above, showing the barrel without the vertical straps, but including the handle, which is the only type that HITG prints:
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There's lots of variations of everything. That's another reason to check out other locations.
Four day weekend is really awesome for getting caught up on this! Here are the nozzles added to the HITG “chasm thingy“, in which I used a rectangular piece of foamie, and Luke’s lightsaber hilts:

I was a little concerned that it would be too recognizable, but I think after spraypainting, one can’t tell the difference:
Four day weekend is really awesome for getting caught up on this! Here are the nozzles added to the HITG “chasm thingy“, in which I used a rectangular piece of foamie, and Luke’s lightsaber hilts:
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I was a little concerned that it would be too recognizable, but I think after spraypainting, one can’t tell the difference:
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Looks amazing! Anyone pointing out the hilts would just be picking nits out of jealousy.