Dear Rethink the WISH-LIST feature

Apr 11, 2005
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Pittsburgh, PA
What exactly does this thing do? (The WISH-LIST feature)

I can add any item which is available to my WISH-LIST
(which I can just BUY if I wanted to).

*BUT* I cannot add any item to my WISH-LIST which *ISNT*
currently available. (I.E. all I see is This product is currently unavailable. -- which doesnt give the me "ADD
to WISH-LIST button")

Whats the point?

What is this supposed to do anyway?


What I DREAM that it should do is this... If I
put an out-of-stock item on my wishlist, and then a few
pop back into stock, Id think that Id get some automatic
email or something.
Jun 9, 2005
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I assume like most other wishlists- its there for people who are shopping for items for you and they will know what you want and can surprise you without asking you. Or for you to put stuff on your own shopping list and then as you can afford it put it into your cart and pay for it.

Not sure if there is an option for you to email your list to someone or something like that.