Feb 16, 2011
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Why did you create great looking toys with such low grade plastic. I have bought the Xwing and the Tie Fighter. I will not be buying any more vehicles, the plastic warps even at room temp. Im not spending my hard earned money on toys that I have to fix as a do it yourselfer. The designs are great, albeit, almost a bit too small for the 5POA figures, did you not take that into account? Why such an incredible high price tag without any electronics for the small vehicles and the MF is the one Im really scared will be such a downer. Its the MF, really kinda hard to screw that up. You got the original designer who probably was told to incorporate the NERF gun. Why not just keep it hidden, why does it have to pop out? it wrecks the aesthetics of the toy to begin with. The old version had a gun in the middle just where the Nerf gun is now, why couldn't you do that? Im really disappointed with the distribution, I like the sculpts on the figures, they are incredible, but why the big push backwards? All in all, Im hoping your quality assurance section gets on top of things and fixes the problems. But time will tell.
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