Darkwing Duck Thunderquack playmates toys

Sep 15, 2017
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Hi there

I just got home yesterday Darkwing Thunderquack in the original box! The box has been opened since before but all the contents are still sealed in its plastic bags and the stickers are also still sealed. Now, what I wanted to ask is - does anyone know where the black cables (that go in the back of the Thunderquack jet) are in the box? Now, I pulled out the cardboard inserts that hold the sealed plane-body and both wings, and the canope. I have not broken the plastic seals on the contents, but I could see that the cables were not in the bags that hold the wings. And its hard to see if they are inside the canopy somewhere becuse it is sealed and inside the canopy there is a small cardboard piece that covers the seats inside the cockpit.

So, in short, I don't want to open the sealed contents, it would be a shame, but I can't find the cables without doing so. I want to assure myself that the cables are in there somewhere. Anyone here who can help, who knows where the cables are stored? If someone knows 100 percent that the cables should be inside the canopy UNDERNEATH the small cardboard piece that covers the seats in the cockpit, then that would satisfy me and I wouldnt have to open the sealed contents.

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