CW Figure Lot,Ships,1:1 GONK Droid,MORE

Jul 21, 2005
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Trying to clear out some stuff...
Wave 1 Clone Wars figures:
Ahsoka, Dirty Rex, Obi Wan, Anakin, Battle Droid, Dirty Clone Trooper. Sold as a lot~25.00 shipped loose
R3-S6 "Goldie"~5.00 shipped loose
12" Electronic talking Darth Vader. 2 buttons on the back produce dialogue from ROTJ and lightsaber sounds. I cannot find the lightsaber, but will keep looking. Otherwise, he's in excellent shape-25.0 shipped
Episdoe 3 Anakin Jedi Starship w/Anakin figure-10.00
Episode I Sith Attack Droid...comes with stand and droid, no foam disks or lightsaber. Was used in Star Wars fan film. Asking 25.00 + shipping

1:1 GONK Droid~150 pick up only

DC Universe figures, all prices are shipped loose & come with their Build a Figure pieces:
Harley Quinn-10.00
Captain Atom (silver)-8.00
Yellow Sinestro-8.00
Captain Marvel-8.00
Wonder Woman-8.00