Custom Luke Skywalker Jedi Cape

May 23, 2019
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I've been stitching a that there is a new version of Jabba's palace Luke around and Hasbro finally provides an update to the vintage cape, I'd like to share a first prototype for a cape that will go with my Flashback-Luke custom...

I put it on one of my Deathstar Luke figures, this one has a custom soft goods tunic underneath with a Luke belt. These pieces of cloth still work better than the molded tunic on the Vintage line figure, i find...

I think i will start a separate thread with all my Luke versions, as for me he is still the "identification" character...

So with what we know how he dresses as an old man, I like to extrapolate his looks in the intervening decades a little..."The Life and Times of one Luke Skywalker", so to speak...and I even started on some potential Jedi apprentices (heavily inspired by early EU designs, i have to admit...)
don't we all have a dark side to fight???