Custom Commissions Sales and Requests

Anyone able to sculpt a Elizabeth Henstridge/Jemma Simmons head from AOS? If so, happy to discuss prices/timescales etc by PM.

Looking for a good customizer!

Hi all!

I was hoping to find someone on here who could customize a 1997 Power of the Force Jabba the Hutt into a live-version of Ziro the Hutt from The Clone Wars. Luminescent paint for his tattoos would be preferable, but not a requirement.

I previously hired a guy, but he never came through, nor returned my other Hutt, which I've now written off. :\:mad::'(

If the conversion to Ziro goes well, I might also ask for a customizing of The Black Series 6-inch scale Jabba into Ziro's Mamma the Hutt!

We can discuss prices in private messages or emails.

Thank you!
A great customizier. For hire: I am Boba Fett, he is on Facebook under Riff Valkey Designs ! Good Luck!
I was wondering if anyone can tackle an articulated Dash Rendar figure for me? I've been waiting for Hasbro to update him but I've given up. I can supply the POTF Dash figure. I'd like Dash to have a working holster as well. Thanks.
This is a great attempt and a social star wars service to other fan collectors .The only concern is if the commisioner doesnt have any toys to offer for a custom he needs ?
I'm sure they take Imperial credits! (You might want to ask here if you were serious about commissioning that item you wanted)
Can anyone make some head sculpts casts from the 6" Black line or 12" Star Wars line (From any era?)

I could use them an awesome project that I'm doing

I'm looking someone who can cast 3.75" heads with fine detail for human likeness. Please message me. Thanks.
3d printing custom parts or normal parts

I am making and designing 3d printed parts for star wars vehicles. I'm not to pricy but understand its I put hours of desighn into each process( desighn, printing, redos). If you have any thing you would like me to remake or make I can make a temporary or permanent part for it ( as long as there's a flat side). You can customize your vehicle with different colored parts also if you want it to look awsome and actually futuristic. Email or message me if interested. Keep in mind this is not to pricy. Also under stand it is 3d printed plastic. Not some fancy mold factories use to make there parts so it's not spot on. Thank you.<br />
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Does anyone on here commission customs of figures created in zbrush? I'm specifically interested in digital files that could eventually turn into an actual production run.
Hi-I am looking for a good custom person to do a Mandalore version of Clone Wars Darth Maul for me. I need the figure done and a custom card as well. Any takers or suggestions? Thanks
If anyone is interested I am now taking commissions for custom Bandai 1/12 Astromechs and other Bandai kits. Check out the links in my sig for more details.

Does anybody Hydroshrink / Hydrospan custom parts?

Does anyone do hydroshrink or Hydrospan for custom parts? (resizing & casting) If so, at less than $25/head? Someone in a custom forum was charging that much, but the price just seems too high. I'd like to build several 6-7 inch scale figures and would like to increase the size of several heads: Gran head (Any of these: Power of the Jedi Ree-Yees, Mawhonic, Ask Aak, Black Series Ree-Yees) resized to 7 inch figure scale Leah head (any hairstyle - will be resculpting) in 6-7" scale Old Obi-Wan head (have 6" scale, but need it a little larger) Tessek/Squidface (Power of the Jedi Sculpt) in 7" scale Please let me know.
I'm looking to hire someone to make some or all of the following customs for me:

Jabba The Hut (Marvel Comics)

Jabba The Hutt (Human from A New Hope cut scene)


Orman Tagge

The Tonnika Sisters

If you're up to the task for one or more of these, please PM me with pics of your past work, price and delivery estimate.
I have a Black Series 6" Pilot Luke I'm looking to get turned into Garven.

Would entail:
Adding height to figure
Painting the helmet (extremely intricate)
Sculpting/sourcing a head

I have a big collection of reference photos.
Has anyone here made customs of the rest of the Kanjiklub gang members from TFA? And also Bala-Tik (leader of the Guavian Death Gang). I wish Hasbro released said figures. Only having Tasu Leech and a Guavian soldier is really annoying.

Interested in photos if any and/or tips on some figures worth looking into for customization options for these characters mentioned.
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PoesJacket - I made a Bala Tik. Used a vintage big head Han (worked perfectly) and a Red Skull figure. I fused all the articulation, so he fit in with the 5 POA aesthetic.

PoesJacket - I made a Bala Tik. Used a vintage big head Han (worked perfectly) and a Red Skull figure. I fused all the articulation, so he fit in with the 5 POA aesthetic.


Splendid use of the vintage headsculpt! When it first popped up, I knew I'd seen it before, but didn't recall a 3 3/4 inch Mick Jagger figure. :)
PoesJacket - I made a Bala Tik. Used a vintage big head Han (worked perfectly) and a Red Skull figure. I fused all the articulation, so he fit in with the 5 POA aesthetic.


Nice work! I recognized the Red Skull body immediately but only because it looks so good, and I think it has a very fitting likeness to Bala Tik's outfit. Any plans to consider some Kanjiklub customs somewhere down the line?
hello can anyone please make a copy of a snaggletooth headsculpt from the target three pack, or provide a link to on ebay? Thanks!
Hello, I'm currently costing out a custom versus doing it myself. I have a TBS Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) figure, this is what I want done:

-Remove plastic & softgoods skirt, replace with custom softgoods skirt (that I've made)
-Custom paint and sculpted detail his right hand to appear robotic.
-Replace boots with ANH VC39 boots and paint to match.
-Add beard to headsculpt

Thank you! If interested, please private message me!
hey all, looking to cost out some custom 3.75in figures for a wedding in May. looking for someone who can make custom head-sculpts although if anyone has a detailed knowledge of 3.75in figures, drop me a PM 'cause the task can always be accomplished by a ton of kit-bashing.

also looking for someone who can make custom packaging, preferably POTF2.

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I am looking for a lot of helmets and backpacks to use on my 6" figures

Anyone creating or selling please pm me

I hope this thread isn’t dead As I would very much like a vintage style Slave Leia. I was thinking Funko’s Rocky Horror Janet for torso and arms, unsure of legs and head, fabric skirt and hair (I can do the hair myself if need be) happy to supply any figures and pay for the time. Any interest? PM me, thanks in advance
Anyone out there that does or can recommend custom 3.75" face painting? I'm not looking for exquisite multi-layer washes and dry-brushes, just solid Legacy Collection or TVC-level quality. Glassman has done great work in the past but the guy is working through some stuff right now.

Any input appreciated!
Did anyone make custom rebel pilot helmets for 1/6 figures? I so need an A-wing, B-Wing and Y-wing helmet.
Please send a private message if you are interested;

I am looking for a very specific custom job; taking TVC Luke Skywalker (Crait) and removing his plastic robe and hood to give him a film accurate robe with a stitched down hood. With that, a quality repaint of his face, and taking his right hand and painting it to look like his mechanical hand. Thank you!
Please send me a PM if you are capable of doing this.

I have an extra Luke’s Death Star Trench Run X-Wing. Would anybody be willing to take on the task of customizing it into Wedge’s Red2?

Also, I’m not sure if they would even fit properly, but if it would make it any easier, I can find a pair of authentic Wedge’s Red 2 Wings from eBay. Though I’m not sure if it would make it easier or harder to match up the colors(or even if the DSTR’s cannons would fit onto Wedge’s Red 2 Wings). Please PM me if you think you can do this and we’ll talk some. Thanks.
Just to let everyone know that I am currently accepting commissions. I can do any work 3.75" or 6". I am pretty flexible with whatever is needed, and can do flexible parts, casts, etc. I do discounts for large orders. You can see in my thread what I have done related to Star Wars.

I need to fund my collection!
Has anyone besides Angry Nomad shrunken a bunch of Black Series sculpts down to 3.75?
Dude's store is likely permanently closed and he is the only person I've seen with Sabine, Kanan and Ahsoka heads and gear cast.
I desperately need that unmasked Sabine head for my custom.