Collector fairs?

Dec 28, 2012
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Sydney, Australia
Hi All,

I have been meaning to give a quick report on last month's Supanova in Sydney. From a vintage perspective, it was just Mick Fett and Costa (The Comic Bug) who were in attendance. Mick had a couple of boxes of Empire and Jedi figures - I picked up a Rebel Soldier. Just prior to Supanova, Mick had some nice figures up on Ebay - SW Farmboy and Leia - he picked these up in the wild along with a half dozen other figures after chasing down an ad he spotted on Gumtree. By the sounds of things he got the lot for an amazing deal! Luke and Leia didn't attract the attention he had hoped for on Ebay, so they were off for grading.

Costa had a large number of figures available - mainly ROTJ and POTF plus a few SW - prices a little on the high side - but personally I like to encourage the local market, so picked up a nice Lando General. Overall the show was a good day out - the queuing to get in was ludicrous, but levels of frustration were reduced by the parade of costumed attendees - it's great to see so much enthusiasm. My son (four years old) got his picture taken with Totoro and Batman - but his picture with Vader was a very cool moment!

In other event/fair news, there's Oz Comic-Con in Sydney on the 13-14th September at the Harbour Expo (temporary expo site next to Anzac Bridge) - Oz Comic-Con - Home

And earlier in August, the Collectormania fair is on at Granville on August 17 - and - and then at various other locations.

And.... drum roll....

It seems that the Parramatta Fair may still be alive. This is information form the Collectormania (see above) Facebook page, "The organizer of the Parramatta Collectors Fairs that used to be held at the Town Hall has come out of hiding and announced he is back running the show at a new location the Parramatta PCYC on Sunday August 24." I can't find any links to this - but here's some chat on another forum - Parramatta Collectors fair organiser caught up in scandal - Page 17 - Ozformers Transformers Collectors Australia