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Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees
First story in three parts during the TCW period.

War Machine


Plo Koon and his Wolfpack are trapped on Orvax IV.

The Jedi Council has send Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in order to help the desperate group on Orvax IV.

In the hangar of the Venator cruiser The Negociator, Obi-Wan and Anakin are preparing themself for the fight.

Anakin gives his orders to Rex for the ground mission.
Anakin : While we make diversion, you'll join Plo Koon with the jetpack squad and help him until we arrive.
Rex : Yes, sir.

Obi-Wan : Be sure that all the starfighters are ready.
Yularen : Immediately general Kenobi.

Obi-Wan and Anakin leave the hangar to launch their assault on the droid starfighters.

Obi-Wan : All wings reporting.

Odd Ball : Gold 2 standing by.

Gold 3 : Gold 3 standing by.
Gold 4 : Gold 4 standing by.
Gold 5 : Gold 5 standing by.

Vulture droids and Tri-droids are coming toward the Republic position.

Anakin : It looks like we've got their attention.
Obi-Wan : Battle position.

The ARC-170 launch their assault against the droids.

Anakin : Here's the fun begin.

Anakin : Rex, it's turn now.

Rex : Yes, sir.

Rex and the jetpack squad leave The Negociator.

Meanwhile, the battle in the air continues.

Some separatist gunships join the fight.
Gold 7 : A gunship is behind me, I need help.

Anakin : I'm on your way Stack.

The gunship hits Gold 7.

Gold 7 : I'm hit, aaaah !

Anakin tracks the Separatist gunship.

And destroys it.

Other gunships are headed toward Plo's position and attack Rex's gunship.

Pilot : We're hit, jump out of this ship captain.

Rex : Alright guys. Coric, Del follow me !

Plo Koon and his last troops are in a building fighting the droids.

Rex and his little squad infiltrate the building and meet Sinker and Boost.

Sinker : Hey Rex !
Rex : The reinforcements are here !

Sinker : Only three, it's a joke !
Rex : General Skywalker and Kenobi are fighting the droid starfighters. We're here to help until they arrive here. Keep fighting, I will take care of this MTT.
Sinker : Good Luck !

The clones use their jetpack to reach the vehicle. Del put a bomb in the cockpit …

Del put a bomb in the cockpit …

… while Coric get inside it to pose more bombs.

Plo Koon and his troops continue to resist against the droids assault.

The MTT explodes …

… while Plo and his forces have destroyed the droids.

Rex, Coric, Del join Plo Koon.
Plo : Thanks for your help captain.
Rex : You're welcome.

The Negociator arrives at Plo's position, the battle in the air is over.

A gunship drops Anakin and Obi-Wan.

The separatist commander Ham is in his palace.
Commander assistant : The Republic has drill our defenses.
Ham : It is impossible ! Gather the rest of our troops in the capital ! I don't want them to capture it !
Commander assistant : Are you sure it is not a better solution to leave ?
Ham : I have destroy the entire population of this planet with the Machine, I won't let the Republic take my new house !

The Republic officers are gathered in the building and are preparing a strategy to attack the enemy.

Anakin : We didn't detect any kind of big starship when we arrived …
Wolffe : The Machine is not there anymore when we arrived it was already gone.
Obi-Wan : We will find this Machine later, the separatist officer of this planet will lead us to it.

Rex : So what's our plan to take the control of the capital ?
Plo Koon : We can only enter in the capital by the front doors. Ham will probably have gather his troops there. If we force the doors, the rest will be easy to do.

At the entrance of the capital.
Ham : TC-95, kill every clone that you see, I don't want any survivors.
TC-95 : Roer, roger.

The Republic arrives at the capital.

The MTT deploys its droids.

Obi-Wan : Let's do what we have to do.

Anakin and Plo Koon join their troops on the front line.
Anakin : Wait for my signal.

An octuptarra droid fires on the clone.

The droids begin to attack.

Anakin : Charge !

The AV-7 cannon fires at the droids, destroying several droids.

Clone troopers also lose troops.

Obi-Wan join the fight.

The fight is in the advantage of the Republic.

The AV-7 cannon destroys a AAT.

A Separatist gunship arrives and destroys the AV-7 cannon.

Anakin and Obi-Wan fight side by side when the cannon is destroyed.
Anakin : It looks like we forgot to destroy a gunship.
Obi-Wan : Indeed, we have to resolve this problem quickly.

Obi-Wan contacts Cody.
Obi-Wan : What are your losses ?
Cody : Only the pilot of the cannon.

Obi-Wan contacts the Turbo Tank.
Obi-Wan : Please destroy this gunship.

Pilot : Immediately sir !

The Turbo Tank uses his missle launchers to do the job.

The separatist gunship crashes on the battlefield.

Obi-Wan : That's done.

Coric and Del kill two droids before attacking the octuptarra droid.

While Del fires on one of the eye of the droid …

…. Coric poses a bomb on the head of it.

Anakin destroys the last super battle droid of the battlefield.

Coric leaves the Octuptarra before it explodes.

Coric and Del joins the rest of the troops.

TC-95 and a droid are above the doors and uses their cannon to attack the clones.

Plo Koon : Now we are in front of the doors, we have to destroy this cannon or we'll all be dead in a minut.
Anakin : That's my job !

Anakin jumps on the leg of the Octuptarra and then jumps on the balcony where TC-95 is.

He kicks the battle droid and destroys TC-95 with his lightsaber.

Anakin : Al clear. Wait here, I'm going to open the doors.

Obi-Wan : Don't take too much time Anakin.
Anakin : What ? I always do my job quickly !

Ten minuts later, Anakin hasn't come back yet.
Obi-Wan : Coric, Del find what happens behind these doors !
Coric : Yes, sir.

Coric and Del reach the balcony.

Two minuts later they open the doors.
Coric : No sign of general Skywalker.

Obi-Wan : Where can he be ?
Plo Koon : Ham has probably captured him.
Rex : We have to save him now !
Plo Koon : They are probably at the palace now with all the remaining droids to protect the main street. We launch the attack against the main street and we destroy the droids. Then Obi-Wan you could take some clones and enters in the palace by using the sewers.
Obi-Wan : Oh … I already love this idea !

Plo Koon : Let's go !

The droid army is walking in the main street.

Plo Koon is hidden in a building with his troops.
Plo Koon : All troops, wait for the signal !

The clones are hidden in and out of the building.

Wolffe : Begin the assault !

The clones attack the droids.

The droids try to ripost but their ripost is not successful.

The MTT behind the battle droids deploys some super battle droids.

Obi-Wan and Plo Koon leave their hiding place to join the fight.

Only the MTT left.
Plo Koon : We take care of this MTT and the droids in front of the palace, now you can go in the sewers.
Obi-Wan : Rex, take Coric and Del … we're going in the sewers.

In the main room of the palace, Ham detains Anakin.
Ham : Rrrh ! Your friends are heading toward my palace !

Anakin : You'll be soon in prison !

Ham : Ah, ah, maybe … or maybe not but you'll soon be dead jedi !

Ham : Make him suffer !

Anakin is being electrocuted by the torture table.
Anakin : Aaaaaaah !

Obi-Wan, Rex, Coric, Del are in the corridors.

The little group reach the main room.

Obi-Wan : It's time to surrender !

Anakin : Ah ! Finally I got some help !

Ham : I don't think so !

Ham pushes the button on the table and destroys it and Anakin is being electrocuted again.

Obi-Wan destroys the battle droid and …

he points his lightsaber toward the assistant of the commander.

Rex points his blasters toward Ham.
Rex : Stop this !
Ham : No !

Obi-Wan uses the Force to take Anakin of the table.

Anakin is unconscious.

Obi-Wan : We need a medical support here.

Rex : I take care of it. Oh and commander this is for what you've done.

Rex knocks Ham.

Rex contacts Yularen.
Rex : We've got Anakin, send us a gunship outside the capital immediately please !

In the infirmary of The Negociator, Obi-Wan waits for Anakin to wake up.

Anakin regains consciousness.
Anakin : Where … where am I ?
Obi-Wan : In the infirmary of our cruiser.
Anakin : And what about Orvax ?
Obi-Wan : The battle is finished, we're going back to Coruscant.

Anakin leaves his bed.
Anakin : Do we know where the Machine is ?
Obi-Wan : No, special agents will interogate him at Coruscant.

To Be Continued …

PART II : first part between 18 March and April.
Rest of it between April and July.
PART III : between July and august.
Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees
War Machine

first part of PART II

The Negociator arrives at Coruscant.

In the hangar of the ship, the clones are ready to take Ham at the Republic Prison.
Obi-Wan : Anakin and I escort commander Ham to the prison.

Plo Koon : See you at the council.

The Republic gunship leaves The Negociator and reaches the Republic Base where there is the prison. Commander Fox is waiting for them.

Obi-Wan : We bring you a new prisonner commander.
Fox : We'll take care of that scum general.

The High Jedi Council is gathered for an important meeting.

Yoda : Stop this Machine we must.
Ki-Adi Mundi : And find it too.
Mace Windu : We have to hope that our special agents will get answers from commander Ham, he is our only hope to find it.
Plo Koon : We have to hope it won't hit another planet before we destroy it.

Eeth Koth : There is an upcoming transmission from the Republic Base.

The hologram of commander Blast appears in the middle of the room.
Blaster : Sorry to interrupt you master jedi but the prisonner only accepts to talk with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
Mace Windu : Thanks, they'll be there as soon as possible.

During this time Anakin is at the Senate Building spending some time with Padmé Amidala.

Suddenly he receives an upcoming call from Obi-Wan.
Anakin : Come on ! We can't have an intimate moment !
Padmé : Do your duty, we'll see us later.

Anakin activates his comlink.
Anakin : What do you want master ?
Obi-Wan : I need you immediately at the Temple. We have to go to the Republic Base, commander Ham wants to talk to us.
Anakin : I'll be there in five minuts.

Anakin turns toward his wife.
Anakin : Sorry I want to stay with you but …
Padmé : I know …

Anakin kisses his wife.
Anakin : I love you.
Padmé : I love you too. Go now or Obi-Wan will be angry.
Anakin : I know, I know.

Anakin leaves the Senate Building with his Jedi speeder.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive at the base.

Commander Fox : Follow me.

The group arrive in front of the prison quarters.

Fox : Your lightsabers and comlink please.

Anakin : Alright.

The jedi give their lightsabers and comlinks to the clone.
Fox : Thanks. This way.

Anakin and Obi-Wan enters in the cell of Ham.

Ham : Here you are my friends.
Anakin : We are not friends.

Obi-Wan : You said you wanted to talk to us so talk.
Ham : Yes, yes my friends. You fear for your lives with our Machine and you're right to fear us. However, I think you should fear more something else.
Obi-Wan : And what should we fear more than the Machine ?
Ham : Our Death weapon which will be able to destroy an entire planet, not only the civilians but the planet itself.

Anakin gets angry and threats the separatist officer.
Anakin : Tell us where is the Machine and stop lying ! No one can build a weapon that can destroy a planet !
Ham : Ah, ah and you thought no one can build a machine that can destroy every living form on a planet.
Anakin : Tell me where is the Machine ! Now !

Obi-Wan : Anakin ! We do not threaten our prisonners.

Anakin : But he has answers !
Obi-Wan : It's not a reason !
Anakin : So what should he do ?

Ham : I wanted to talk to you just to tell you that the Machine is just the beginning. You have lost the war.

Anakin : We'll find this Machine and destroy every separatist like you !
Ham : You can still try.
Obi-Wan : This is all you wanted to say ?
Ham : Yes.

Anakin and Obi-Wan are in Jedi Council room reporting what they heard.
Anakin : He didn't talk, he only said that they are building another weapon more powerful … but I don't believe him.
Ki-Adi Mundi : If what he says is true, we'll have to destroy it before it is operationnal.
Mace Windu : For the moment we have to care about what is sure, the Machine is a reality.
Anakin : We should report all of this to the chancelor.
Plo Koon : I agree. What do you think master Yoda ?
Yoda : Mmh, to concentrate on this Machine we have but ignore this possibly new weapon we can't.

To Be Continued …

PART II : first part now available.
Rest of it between April and July.
PART III : between July and august.
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Rex, this is a HUGE and awesome story! Whoa - you came outta nowhere and blew me away!
Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees
War Machine

second part of PART II

In Palpatine's office, the jedi are reporting the situation to the Chancelor.

Palpatine : I must admit that all of this is quite intriguing. We must engage all our spies to find this Machine and discover more about this so-called weapon. Now I must return in politic, inform me of every detail of this case.

Windu : We will.

The jedi leave Palpatine's office.

Palpatine goes in his private chambers where he puts his suit of Sith Lord.

He contacts Count Dooku who appears in hologram.
Dooku : My lord.

Sidious : We have a problem. Commander Ham has reveal the existence of the Death Star.
Dooku : It's unbelievable, we must convince the jedi that this does not exist !
Sidious : Indeed, the jedi are not sure that Ham said the truth, they focus on the Machine but keep an eye on the Death Star. All the republic spies will be searching for the Machine so you must send the Machine on Raxus, the jedi won't have the courage to attack your capital, it is too heavily protected.

Dooku : Yes, master. And what about the Death Star ? Do we move the construction site ?
Sidious : They will never find it, it is too far in the outer rim. However, I think it is time for you to free our separatists friends from the Republic Prison. I don't want Ham to talk more about our projects and free him only would be suspicious.

Dooku : Alright master, I will find a way to free them. I'll call the best bounty hunters.
Sidious : The holographic disguise matrix will serve you well in this mission.

A ship leaves the hyperspace and reaches Coruscant.

The ship lands in an abandoned building.

Dooku leaves the ship.

He passes the corridors and arrives in a room where Cad Bane, Embo, Aurra Sing, Robonino, Cato Parasitti, Zuckuss and 4-LOM are.
Dooku : Ahn you are all here, perfect !

Cad Bane : Why should I work with you ? You betrayed me for your chancelor's mission !

Dooku : Indeed, indeed. You've done your work the last time and you deserves your bounty. Your bounty is in my ship. Sorry to have betrayed you but it was necessary in order to succeed my plan.

Cad Bane : Well, you failed, the chancelor is still there !

Dooku : Unfortunately, yes. So are you with me ?
Cad Bane : Pay the double for this mission and I'll be in.

Dooku : That's fair.

Aurra Sing : What is the mission ?

Dooku : You will infiltrate the Republic Base and free my separatists friends from the prison sector.

Robonino : Suicide mission !

Dooku : No,no,no ! You will use matrix device. You will bring Bane in the prison. Once, you'll be in it, you'll be able to free the separatists officers and leaders.

Cad Bane : We can make it.

A Republic Gunship lands on the Republic Base and drops six shock troopers and Cad Bane.

The group arrives in front of the commander Fox.
Fox : Well, well, well. It looks like we caught you again bounty hunter ! Bring him in his cell … again !

Clone : Yes, sir.

The group passes Fox and arrives in the corridors of the prison sector.

The bounty hunters leave their clone disguises.

Cad Bane : Let's do our job ! Open the cells !

Embo, Cato, Zuckuss, Aurra, LOM and Bane open the cells and free everyone in the prison.

The General Whorm Loathsome leaves his cell.
Cad Bane : We are here to rescue you !
Whorm : At last !

Commander Fox sees the scene in the control room.
Fox : Give the alert !

Shock troopers arrives in the corridors of the prison.

Cad Bane : Embo ! Aurra ! Take care of them ! Zuckuss, LOM, Cato, Robonino follow me we have to free the rest of the separatists !

The other non-separatists prisoners attack the clones.

Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Plo Koon are in the war room of the Jedi Temple when commander Fox contacts them.

Fox : Sorry to interrupt you but the prison sector is attacked ! Bounty Hunters are here to free the separatists !

Obi-Wan : We arrrive with reinforcements immediately commander !

Cad Bane has gathered the separatists Whorm Loathsome, Ham, Wat Tambor, Poggle The Lesser, Lok Durd, Cartlipt.
Cad Bane : My dears, it is time to go.

Bane turns toward Cato.
Bane : Open the road !

Cato, LOM, Zuckuss goes forward the corridors.

Cad Bane and the separatists follow them.

They arrive in front of a dead end.

Cato poses explosives.

The wall explodes.

A Turbo Tank is waiting for them.

Cad Bane : This is our way home ! Come on, get inside !

While the separatists are getting inside the Tank, Bane contacts Embo and Aurra.
Bane : Join us now !

Aurra : We're on your way ! We'll be their in a minut.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Plo Koon, Rex, Wolffe and a group of clones arrives at the Base. Commander Stone is waiting for them.
Stone : Follow me !

Aurra and Embo join Bane.

They enter in the Turbo Tank and leave the Base.

Obi-Wan and the group arrives in the prison sector.

The fight between the clones and the prisoners is not finished.

Obi-Wan : Try to not kill them ! Anakin follow me, we must find the separatists !

Obi-Wan and Anakin run in the corridor but do not find the separatists.

Anakin : Where are they ?
Obi-Wan : They must be somewhere.

Plo Koon joins them.

Plo Koon : I found a hole in a wall so it looks like they escaped from the prison.

In Palpatine's office, Republic officers and jedi have been gathering.

Tarkin : How can we allow this ? They attacked us in our own capital, in our own base ! Fifty five clones have been killed during the riot and we have lost our separatist prisonners including the separatist leaders Wat Tambor and Poggle The Lesser ! We have to strike back !

Anakin : We will have the opportunity to strike back when we'll have located the Machine.

Windu : Do we know how thse bounty hunters enter in our Base without being arrested ?
Tarkin : They were disguised in clone troopers !

Obi-Wan : They must have used the matrix device.

Palpatine : Let the separatists enjoy this victory. It's not the end of the war ! We will have opportunities to obtain great victories.

Tarkin : It's not only about this, it's about the security of our capital !
Windu : Reinforcing the security and the control of identity is the solution to this problem.

Palpatine : I agree with those words master Windu. This is on what admiral Tarkin and the council of Republic officers will work. Our meeting is over, we'll meet again when we will have the localization of the Machine.

The bounty hunters team is back in the abandoned building with the separatists.

Dooku is waiting for them with the bounties.
Dooku : Excellent work my friends ! Here's your bounty !

Robonino : It's always a pleasure to work for you.

Dooku : Please, leave us.

The bounty hunters leave the hangar.

Wat Tambor : You took years to liberate us. How is the war going ?

Dooku : Actually, you're out of this prison because of your friend the commander Ham.

Wat Tambor : Really ?
Dooku : Yes.

Dooku : Commander Ham, you failed on Orvax IV, that's something but telling the jedi that we are building a new secret weapon is another thing. I won't allow this again.

Ham : I did it because I thought they would be afraid of us.

Dooku : They are, they are but the Death Star supposed to be a secret until it's finished ! I should kill you for your mistakes !

Ham : I'm sorry … I …

Dooku : I won't kill you, we need you, your skills of scientist are essential for our Death Star and Machine so I can't kill you. However, I will make sure that you won't be captured again.

Ham : Thank you Count Dooku.

Wat Tambor : You didn't answer to my question Count.

Dooku : The war is not in our advantage but not in the republic's advantage either. We'll discuss later, we have to return on Raxus.

Palpatine is in office with Mas Amedda.

The hologram of a Republic agent appears.
Republic Agent : Chancellor, we have found the Machine, it is on Raxus.
Palpatine : Thanks for the information.
The hologram disappears.

Mas Amedda : So are we going to attack Raxus ?

Palpatine : Contact the Jedi Council immediately.

The hologram of Palpatine appears in the room of the High Jedi Council.
Palpatine : I have received the information that the Machine is on Raxus.
Ki-Adi Mundi : Their capital is heavily protected, it would be difficult to attack this planet.
Palpatine : What do you think we should do master Yoda ?
Yoda : The opportunity to attack the capital we have. Attack the capital we should but a huge fleet we need.
Palpatine : So we have to attack the capital, if I may, Anakin Skywalker would be a great element in this battle.

Obi-Wan : I agree, I want to be a part of this battle me too.
Mace Windu : Chancellor, we will contact you when we'll have chosen the jedi who will go to Raxus.

Palpatine : I let you take the decision master.

The hologram of Palpatine disappears.
Mace Windu : Two jedi is not enough, we need more troops for this battle.
Saesee Tiin : I'll go me too.
Eeth Koth : So do I.

Plo Koon : A fifth jedi would be welcomed.
Shaak Ti : Why not master Ethan ?
Coleman Kcaj : I agree.

Plo Koon : Me too.

Ki-Adi Mundi : Me too.
Mace Windu : Good, the session is adjourned.

Anakin is in his bedroom at the Jedi Temple working on R2.

Obi-Wan enters in the bedroom.

Anakin : Do we have a new assignment ?

Obi-Wan : Indeed, we are going to Raxus.

Anakin : Raxus, the capital of the separatists ?

Obi-Wan : Yes Anakin. We have to destroy the Machine, the Republic is launching a huge campaign.

Anakin : This is not going to be fun, I feel it. If Imay, we need a guide and I think the senator Bonteri would be perfect for this.

Obi-Wan : You're right, let's find him.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrives in Jedi Turbo Speeder at the Senate Building.

They enter in Lux's office.

Lux Bonteri : Master Skywalker, Kenobi, what … can I do for you ?

Anakin : We need you … for a dangerous mission.

Lux : Dangerous you said ?

Obi-Wan : We need you as a guide for Raxus.
Lux : Raxus ? Are you crazy ?
Obi-Wan : We have to do it for the safety of the Republic. The separatists have a deadly new weapon on Raxus which had to be destroy, you know Raxus better than anyone here, we need your help Lux.
Lux : I understand, if it's necessary then I'll have to go there again.
Obi-Wan : Thank you, we'll meet at the Republic docks.
Lux : Alright.

Obi-Wan is leaving the office but Anakin does not move.

Obi-Wan : Are you coming ?

Anakin : Go ahead, I'll catch you.

Obi-Wan leaves the office.

Lux : I suppose that …

Anakin : Yes, I need to know, did Ahsoka contact you or anything else ?

Lux : She's fine.

Anakin : I have the right to know where is she, she was my padawan !

Lux : Anakin, I know how you feel, I feel the same, I tried to help her but she doesn't want any help, she wants to be alone.

Anakin : Tell me how to contact her !

Lux : I'm sorry, I don't know how, she came to me, I have no way to contact her, I swear I told you the truth, I'm sorry.

To Be Continued …


Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees
War Machine


A Republic fleet has arrived on Raxus.

The Machine and the separatist fleet protects Raxus.

The Jedi, Lux and Yularen are on The Negociator's bridge.
Obi-Wan : Anakin and I will lead the Y-wings toward the Machine. Master Tiin will occupy the enemy's fighters while master Koth and Ethan will attack the separatist cruisers. Our frigates will protect our cruisers. Is the plan clear for everyone ?
Saesee Tiin : Yes.
Obi-Wan : Good. Meanwhile, Lux you need to organize an attack plan on the planet.

Lux : I'll do my job master Kenobi.

On the Machine's bridge, Dooku and Grievous give orders for the battle.

Dooku : Send every starfighters we have, kill them all !

The vulture droids leave the separatist ships.

Anakin and Obi-Wan are in their starfighter.
Anakin : Master are you ready ?

Obi-Wan : I am.

The Y-wing are behind them.
Odd Ball : Gold Squadron standing by !

Tri-droids arrive on their position.

Anakin : Tri-droids just in front of us. It's going to be fun !

Anakin destroys a tri-droid.

Vulture droids attack the Y-wing.

The vulture droids destroy Gold 12.

Obi-Wan : Green leader, we need support !

Green Leader : We're on your way general !

The V-19 Torrent Starfighters join the Y-wings position.

Green Leader destroys a vulture droid.

Another V-1 attacks a Tri-droid.

Anakin : Thanks for the help !

On the Machine bridge.
Neimoidian officier : The enemy is heading toward our ship.
Ham : Send our Diamond-class cruisers to occupy their cruisers !
Officier : Yes, sir.

The Diamond-class cruisers attack the Acclamator cruisers.

On the bridge of The Negociator.
Yularen : This is admiral Yularen, all the frigates you need to protect our acclamator cruisers !

The Republic frigates join the fight.

One of the frigates destroy a Diamond cruiser.

The Machine prepares to fire.

And destroys a venator cruiser.

Saesee Tiin : We've lost The Senior.]

Anakin Skywalker : The Machine also does that, what the hell !]

Saesee Tiin : We can't afford to loose another cruiser, you need to destroy The Machine as soon as possible.]

Obi-Wan Kenobi : We're working on it.]

Anakin : The Machine is just in front of us.]

On the Machine bridge's.
Dooku : Destroy them !]

A Y-wing send a bomb on The Machine.]

Anakin : The Machine is quite resistant to our bombs.]

Obi-Wan : We need to find a way.]

A Tri-Droid fires on Anakin's starfighter.]

Anakin : I'm hit ! I try to land on The Machine's hangar.]

Obi-Wan : I'm just behind you.]

Anakin lands on The Machine's hangar.]

He fights the droids.]

Obi-Wan joins him.]

Anakin : R2 leave the hangar with our starfighters, we'll find a way to get out of here !]

Anakin : We have our other way.
Obi-Wan : Indeed.]

Dooku : Grievous, take care of our guests.
Grievous : Ahahah.]

Anakin falls into a hatch.
Obi-Wan : Anakin !]

Anakin arrives in a room.
Anakin : Where am I ?]

Grievous : Ahahah.
Obi-Wan : Grievous !]

Grievous : It's me !]

Obi-Wan : I'm ready for another fight !]

Grievous : Finish him !]

Grievous's guards arrive.]

Obi-Wan : Still a coward warrior !]

Anakin fights a Magnaguard.]

Dooku arrives in the room.]

Anakin : Dooku !]

Anakin starts the fight.]

Obi-Wan engages the fight agaisnt Grievous.]

The Machine fires again and destroy another cruiser.]

On The Negociator's bridge.
Yularen : We need to engage our Venator cruisers in the fight or we'll loose our fleet soon. We need to separate their fleet ! Venator crusiers attack postion !]

The fight continues for Anakin and Dooku.]

Commander Ham is in communication with the different separatists officers of the fleet.]

Captain Skick : My cargo won't by able to hold …

His hologram disappears.

Geonosian 1 : My cargo is also in bad shapes.

A venator cruiser destroys the cargo.

The Geonosian's hologram disappears.

Tactical droid : We need the support of The Machine sir.

The Machine fires on a Venator cruiser.

The Venator exploses and hit the acclamator cruiser next to it.

On The Negociator's bridge.]

Yularen : We need to contact Skywalker and Kenobi and leave this planet, we won't survive.

Ethan : We have no way to contact Skywalker and Kenobi and we can't let them here. Give them more time !

The fight continues between Obi-Wan and Grievous.

Anakin makes Dooku fall into the void.

Anakin leaves the place.

The fight continues between Obi-Wan and Grievous.

Grievous finds a way to escape.

On The Machine's bridge.
Separatist officer : You need to fire again with your weapon commander !
Ham : We are not ready yet.

A lightsaber kills a droid.

Tactical droid : Behind you.

Ham sees Anakin.

Ham : Guards !

Magnaguards engage the fight against Anakin.

Anakin : This is the end.
Ham : You won't kill me.
Anakin : Are you sure of it ?

Anakin kills Ham.
Anakin : This is for the people who died today.

Anakin kills the crew of The Machine's bridge.

Anakin programs The Machine to crash on a separatist cargo.

Anakin : Obi-Wan, we need to leave The Machine, now, meet me at the hangar !
Obi-Wan : And The Machine !
Anakin : It's done !

Dooku and Grievous arrive on The Machine's bridge.
Dooku : Noooo ! Evacuate The Machine now !

Anakin arrives in the hangar.
Obi-Wan : I find a ship, come on !

The ship leaves The Machine.

Anakin : The Machine will blow up in few minutes !

Obi-Wan : Like the Malevolence ?

Anakin : Pretty much like that !

On The Negociator's bridge.
Yularen : Send the ARC-170 as reinforcements !

ARC-170 leaves The Negociator.

The Machine crashes on a separatist cargo.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive on The Negociator.

Another separatist cruiser is destroyed.

A Hyena Bomber launches a bomb on The Negociator reactors.

On The Negociator's bridge.
Yularen : We're hit !

The cruiser falls toward the planet.

Yularen : We are going to crash right into the capital !

On Raxus capital.
Grievous : A Republic Cruiser is heading toward …
Dooku : I know, if they land right into the capital, it will break our defenses and it will be easy for the rest of their troops to join them. The planet is lost.
Grievous : What can we do ?
Dooku : You need to occupy them as long as you can while I am leaving the planet with our senate and the separatist council.
Grievous : Yes, sir !

The Negociator crashes on the capital.

On The Negociator's bridge.
Rex arrives with Jesse, Kix and a clone.
Rex : Our troops are fighting the droids outside, we are waiting for you generals.
Anakin : Alright, we're coming.

Yularen : I stay here, may the force be with you.

The 501[SUP]st[/SUP] fights the droids in the ruins of the crash.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Lux join the fight.

A Republic gunship lands on the battlefield. It is Saesee Tiin and his troops.

The 212[SUP]th[/SUP] fights in the street of the capital.

The droids on the crash site have been taken down.
Saesee Tiin : Eeth Koth and Ethan have launched the assault on the capital's main street. The fight will be over soon. Good job !

Ethan, Eeth Koth and their troops fight in the main street of the capital.

Grievous : Master Koth ! We meet again !

They engage the fight against Grievous.
Ethan joins Koth.
Ethan : Surrender Grievous !
Grievous : Never !

Grievous kills Ethan.

The clones fire on Grievous.

Grievous : It's time to go ! Ahahah !

Grievous escapes.

Clone : The battle is over general.

Eeth Koth : We lost many soldiers today.
Anakin : But the threat of The Machine is over and the separatists have no longer a capital.
Obi-Wan : But at which cost ? At which cost ?

Dec 2, 2011
Reaction score
-Great job! An interesting story with dynamic poses, all witout the aid of special effect! Keep up the good work!
Sep 30, 2012
Reaction score
CaptainRex, your story and your staging are epic. Quite honestly, what I truly enjoyed most about your work is your ability to create a sense of scope: you have many battle scenes in which a large number of clone troopers sallies forth to meet enemies in battle. I like the way you've got different squads of the 501st, 212th, and a huge variety all storming out to battle. It gives the scene a real sense of size. You have the bodies drop amidst the two forces, and so I really felt a clear indication of the attrition of the battle. Clones in the show and in the movies have a terrible tendency to storm their objectives, whether or not it's called for, and so Republic forces tend to suffer heavy losses as a result. You capture that systemic flaw quite well in your story, and I like it.

You also have a very diverse collection, and it's fun to see. I noticed that you even have Admiral Yularen, a figure I continue to fail to get, but a character whom I rather like in the show. You pull together all kinds of neat stuff to make sets: I noticed a Playmobil building, a police station that's hard to find and an excellent set piece. But you have also used some kind of castle set, perhaps a Playmobil castle. You use control panels and various items to create ad hoc headquarters, and I even enjoyed the ironic background in the Jedi council chamber: you have posters of Ahsoka and Rex in the background, which is a strange thing for the Jedi council to have on the walls, but actually I thought it was a neat backdrop, a kind of subtle testimony to what kind of work this is. Behind the council is a huge rendering of Rex, both pistols out. It implies, "You people may make the decisions, but I'm the one who usually has to make it all happen." Whether you intended that effect or not, I enjoyed it.

You know, I don't say this often enough, but I hope you had FUN making this story. It looks like you did. I like the way you incorporate the action into your real home. It's fun, and believable. Keep posting. I enjoyed the many, many images and the story behind them.
Mar 17, 2010
Reaction score
Kashyyyk with the wookiees
Thanks for the comments !
It was indeed part of a Playmobil castle. I have a lots of pieces of Playmobil buildings ( castle, western time, modern time ) in my cellar so I think it would be useful so I brought some of them at the apartment and used them for the story.
Yes, of course I had fun making this.
Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees

After a terrible battle on Hoth, the jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are on a recon mission to be sure the battle is under the Republic control.

Captain Rex : There is no sign of droids in this area generals !
Anakin Skywalker : Great !

Skater arrives on his snowboarding speeder.

Skater : I've found something interesting. I think it belongs to the jedi.
Obi-Wan Kenobi : What is it Skater ?

Skater : A jedi holocron !

Captain Rex : What the …
Obi-Wan Kenobi : Where did you find this ?
Skater : Inside the big ice structure !
Anakin Skywalker takes the holocron.

Anakin Skywalker : I don't remember the council saying there was a missing holocron, do you ?
Obi-Wan Kenobi : Indeed, it's very strange, we need to contact the council immediately. Rex, contact the cruiser !
Captain Rex (O.S. ) : Yes, sir !

Rex contacts the cruiser.
Captain Rex : This is captain Rex, send us a shuttle please.
Clone ( O.S. ) : Yes, sir.

The recon team is back on their cruiser.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are in communication with Mace Windu and master Yoda.

Obi-Wan : We have found a jedi holocron.
Mace Windu : There is no holocron missing.
Anakin : Well, we have an holocron in our hands so there is something wrong if there is no holocron missing.
Yoda : Hmmm, to Coruscant bring back this holocron you must. See if there is an holocron missing in the chamber I will. The holocron do not open.
Obi-Wan : Alright master Yoda.
The communication ends.

Anakin : What do you think happened ?
Obi-Wan : I don't know but this isn't right.

Back to Coruscant, in the jedi council chamber.
Anakin Skywalker : The clone trooper Skater has found the holocron inside an ice structure on Hoth after the battle.
Ki-Adi Mundi : This is a troubling affair. There is no missing holocron in the chamber and yet your clone has found an holocron.

Yoda : To resolve this problem we need, but careful we must be.
Mace Windu : Yes but first Skywalker we need to give you your new assignment.

Anakin ( O.S. ) : What assignment ?
Plo Koon : We are sending you and master Kenobi to Harenford.
Mace Windu : Harenford is a Republic planet that has been taken by the separatists. They brought a kind of super-weapon with them that is apparently able to destroy the planet. This weapon is a kind of ship fixed to the planet, from what we know if this weapon fires on the planet it will destroy the planet and leaves alive only this weapon. The separatists have threaten the Republic to use this weapon on this planet if we try to take it back. So you will have to go on this planet undercover. You need to destroy this weapon called the tower to allow our forces to free this planet.

Obi-Wan : It reminds me something … Lanteeb.
Anakin (O.S. ) : Indeed.

Saesee Tiin : You can go Skywalker, we'll discuss the holocron problem alone.

Anakin : Yes, masters.
Anakin leaves the chamber.

Yoda : Choose two jedi to investigate on the holocron we must.

Obi-Wan : You and master Windu are the best choices I guess.

Ki-Adi Mundi : I agree.
Plo Koon ( O.S. ) : I agree.
Coleman Kcaj ( O.S. ) : I agree.

Mace Windu : Right, the session is over.

It's the night. Anakin Skywalker travels in the street of Coruscant in his Jedi Turbo speeder. He is heading to Padmé's Amidala apartment.

Somewhere in Coruscant.
Darth Sidious : The jedi council is sending two jedi on Harenford. They cannot destroy the Tower.
Count Dooku : I have placed the general Whorm Loathsom on this planet. He will do everything to protect the Tower.

Darth Sidious : Excellent, if necessary send your new assassins. It's Kenobi and Skywalker.
Count Dooku : The Tower is the most protected place of the planet, nobody comes in, nobody gets out.

At Padmé's apartement.
Lux Bonteri : Thank you for your support Padmé, it means a lot to me and to Onderon.
Padmé Amidala : You're welcome Lux. Naboo and Onderon have great common interests and this deal is good for both our planets.

Anakin Skywalker arrives at Padmé's apartment in his speeder.

Lux Bonteri : It's look like, you have company.
Padmé Amidala : Indeed.

Anakin lands his speeder on the veranda.

Anakin : Good evening !
Padmé Amidala : Good evening master Skywalker !

Anakin : Well, well, Lux Bonteri !
Lux Bonteri : It's a pleasure to see you again, master Skywalker.
Lux Bonteri and Anakin shake hands.
Anakin : All the pleasure is for me.

Padmé Amidala : What lovely news do you bring ?
Anakin Skywaler : I need to talk to you about something … important … the council sends me here.
Lux Bonteri : I should probably go. We'll discuss about this deal later.
Padmé Amidala : Alright, have a good night Lux.

Lux Bonteri : Thanks you too Padmé.

Padmé Amidala : You're welcome. C-3PO, please accompany our guest.

C-3PO : Of course, Miss Padmé.

Padmé Amidala : You missed me so so much Ani.
Anakin Skywalker : You missed me too Padmé.

They kiss.

Padmé : Is everything alright ?
Anakin : Yes and no.
Padmé : Yes and no ?
Anakin : Yes because I'm here, with you. No because I have to leave you tomorrow.
Padmé : Not again …
Anakin : Yes, I'm so sorry, the jedi council sends me on an undercover mission.
Padmé : Well, we still have this night to spend together.
Anakin : Yes and I have an idea of what we are going to do.

It's the morning. Anakin and Padmé are sleeping.

Anakin wakes up.

He gets on his feet.

Padmé is still sleeping.

Anakin grabs his jacket …

and he puts on him.

He looks at Padmé then …

He takes the elevator.

He arrives in the kitchen.
C-3PO : What can I do for you master Skywalker ?

Anakin : Give me a bottle of Jawa juice !
C-3PO : Immediately.

C-3PO takes a bottle of Jawa juice.

Anakin takes the bottle.
Anakin : Thanks threepio !

Anakin down the stairs to the veranda.

He sits on a sofa of the veranda and drinks his bottle.

He stands up and looks at the view of Coruscant.

Padmé arrives behind him.

Padmé : Morning Ani.
Anakin (O.S.) : Morning sweetie.

Anakin takes Padmé in his arms.
Anakin : I'll have to go soon.
Padmé : I know so keep me in your arms as long as you can.

They kiss again.

Padmé : Be careful.
Anakin : I'll be careful, I'm always careful.
Padmé : You, always ?
Anakin : Err, you know it's me !

A moment later, Anakin leaves Padmé's apartment.

On a Venator cruiser in the space of Coruscant.

Obi-Wan : For once, you're not late Anakin.
Anakin : Well, that's a bad sign, I have a bad feeling about this !

Obi-Wan : Funny ! I present you our ship.

Anakin : I like it !
Obi-Wan : Perfect !

Captain Rex : Good luck generals ! We'll be ready to launch our assault as soon as the Tower is destroyed.
Anakin : Thanks.

Anakin and Obi-Wan get aboard the ship. Anakin is in the cockpit.

The ship leaves the Venator cruiser.

Anakin : I programmed our destination in the computer. We'll be on Harenford soon.

Obi-Wan : Great.

Anakin : artoo are you rady ?

R2-D2 : Biip, biiip !
TODO-456 : I am also ready for the mission.

Anakin : Who's this droid ?
TODO-456 : I am TODO-456, I am here to assist you on your mission.
Obi-Wan : Anakin, we need to get ready for Harenford, let's put on our disguise.

Obi-Wan and Anakin puts their disguise on.

A moment later.
TODO-456 : We have just arrived at the space station of Harenford.

The ship lands in an hangar of the station.

Droids wait for the ship.

Commander Droid : We would like to see your papers sir.
Obi-Wan : Of course, here they are.

The droid takes the papers.
Commander Droid : Everything is alright.
Obi-Wan : Alright.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, Todo and R2 are in the space station, trying to locate their contact.
TODO-456 : Our contact name is Teranco Malijk.
Anakin : That's really help !

Obi-Wan : He must be somewhere.

Teranco Malijk sees the jedi.

Malijk : Follow me jedi.

Anakin : Are you Teranco …

Malijk : … it's me, come with me !

The jedi follow Malijk.

They enter in a private hangar.
Malijk : Usually, people land their ships in the station and take big transports that drops them on the planet but we are going to take a private shuttle.

Guard : The ship is ready, mister.
Malijk : Great, let's go !

Anakin pilots the shuttle.

The shuttle leaves the hangar.

It's the night on Harenford. The shuttle arrives at Governor Zackary's captivity residence.

The shuttle lands in front of the residence.

The group leave the shuttle.

Governor Zackary : Welcome master jedi. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Zackary, the governor of this planet.
Obi-Wan Kenobi : It's a pleasure to meet you governor.

Anakin and Obi-Wan shake the governor's hand.
Anakin Skywalker : I'm Anakin Skywalker.
Governor Zackary : I am pleased to meet you master Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Governor Zackary : I am pleased to meet you master Kenobi.

Governor Zackary : Follow me, let me show your quarters.

Governor Zackary : The separatists have let me free with some personal guards in this residence but our army has been dismantled. Remember, you are supposed to be my cousins … if anyone asks.
Obi-Wan : We'll remember.

Teranco Malijk : I leave you here, see you tomorrow master jedi.

Governor Zackary : Your quarters are upstairs. You'll start your mission tomorrow.
Obi-Wan : Thank you.

Obi-Wan, Anakin and the droids take the elevator.

In front of Obi-Wan and Anakin's quarters.
Obi-Wan : I have a bad feeling about this.
Anakin : We haven't started yet.
Obi-Wan : I know but undercover missions are never a good thing.
Anakin : I couldn't agree more.

Obi-Wan : I go to bed, you come ?

Anakin : No, not now.
Obi-Wan ( O.S. ) : Alright.
Anakin : Good night !

Anakin tries to contact Padmé but it does not work.

Anakin : Artoo, can you amplify the comlink ?
R2-D2 : Biip, biip, bip-bip-bop.
TODO-456 : Coruscant is too far away from here, general Skywalker.

The sun rises on Harenford. Whorm Loathsom with a droid escort pay a visit to Zackary.

Zackary : Morning, general Whorm Loathsom.

Whorm Loathsom : I have heard you have visitors, can I meet them ?
Zackary : They are sleeping, they arrived yesterday night.
Whorm Loathsom : It's not the answer that I expected Zackary ! I want to meet them today !

Zackary : Why not tonight … for a diner ?

Whorm Loathsom : It's fair. So, see you tonight.

Whorm Loathsom and his droid escort leave the residence.

Obi-Wan : Well, we have to do our mission before tonight.
Anakin : Nearly impossible.

Zackary joins the jedi on the balcony.

Zackary : I have bad news my friend.
Obi-Wan : We already know.

Zackary : So, what are we going to do ?

Obi-Wan : Do we have the choice ?

Zackary : Well, we could find a solution.

Obi-Wan : The only solution that we have is to destroy the Tower before tonight.

Zackary : Alright, then Aldenar Rosco will lead you to our resistance camp. We don't have a lot of forces left but it's better than nothing.

Zackary : This is your speeder gentlemen.
Anakin : Thanks, I'll pilot the speeder.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, Aldenar get on the speeder.

The speeder leaves the residence.

The speeder passes through the streets of the capital of Harenford.

The speeder reaches the exit of the capital.
Droid Commander : Stop here ! Where are you going ?

Aldenar Rosco : Governor Zackary ask me to go to Yuraal.

Droid Commander : Why ?
Aldenar Rosco : He needs some fruit from there. We'll be back soon.
Droid Commander : Let me check on my screen.

Droid Commander : You can leave.

The speeder leaves the capital fo Harenford.

The group travels through the forest.

They reach the camp of the resistance.

Aldenar : Alrick, these are the jedi who are going to help.
Alrick : We've been waiting for you.

Aldenar leads the jedi to the command center of the camp.

Obi-Wan : We don't have much time. General Whorm Loathsom wants to see us tonight but this cannot happen.
Anakin : From what I see, you don't have a lots of troops.
Carlyle : No, we don't. We are less than twenty. Our army has been shut down and put in prison, just a few of us have escape this. I know, it's not enough to destroy the Tower but we have a plan.

Obi-Wan : Tell us your plan.
Carlyle : The Tower is in the middle of an old complex of Maktawn. This complex is surrounded by tunnels abandoned tunnels. These tunnels are not protected, what is protected is the Tower itself. The tunnels lead to an old house inside the complex. From this house, we can get to the Tower. That is the easy part, the Tower is the difficult part. The Tower is the most guarded place of the planet.

Anakin : and the difficult part requires a big commando group.
Maljik : Yes.
Obi-Wan : I have an idea. We can ask Mandalore to help us.
Anakin : Mandalore ?
Obi-Wan : Anakin, the Republic saved them from Maul's army and help them to rebuild their planet. I'm sure that Bo-Katan would accept to send us a few soldiers here.
Anakin : Well, that is …
Obi-Wan : Mandalore is the closest Republic planet of Harenford.
Maljik : If it's our best chance, contact them.

Aldenar : I agree.

Obi-Wan contacts Mandalore and the hologram of Captain Kirkus appears.
Captain Kirkus : Captain Kirkus, why are you contacting Mandalore ?
Obi-Wan : I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, a master jedi and a friend of Bo-Katan. I would like to talk to her, please.
Captain Kirkus : Bo-Katan is not available right now, she will be back on Mandalore at the end of the day.
Anakin : We can't wait for her return ! You need to contact her now !
Obi-Wan : Tell her Obi-Wan Kenobi needs her help on Harenford. We need a group of Mandalorian to help us.
Captain Kirkus : Please, wait a moment.

Captain Kirkus : Bo-Katan has accepted to help you. I will be on Harenford before the night.
Obi-Wan : Meet us at the governor's house. I'm going to contact him right now so that he would write your name on the guest list.
Captain Kirkus : Alright.

The hologram of Kirkus disappears.
Aldenar : Well, we have our reinforcements.
Anakin : Yes, we have to wait for them now.

Anakin is at the top of the camp and looks at what happens in the forest.

Obi-Wan : A scout has just arrived, you need to come down there.

Anakin : What happened ?
Obi-Wan : Droids are in the area.

Anakin and Obi-Wan come back at the command center.

Scout : The separatists are coming on our way.
Carlyle : We should evacuate the camp and move it to another place.
Aldenar : It's not a bad idea.

Commando droid 1 : Here they are.

The droid contacts other droids.
Commando droid 1 : We have found them, ready to attack.

Soldier : Droids !

Commando droid 1 : They have spotted us.

The soldiers of the resistance fires on the droid's position.

Anakin : Obi-Wan ! We have a problem !

The commando droids are fighting the resistance.

One of the soldier is shot.

The commando droid are destroyed.

Obi-Wan : If there are scouts, the rest is not far away.
Anakin : The scouts are dead but we should hurry to leave this place !

Alrick : Are you alright ?
Royl : That's fine, my leg is fine !

Aldenar : What is the situation Alrick ?
Alrick : One dead, one wounded.

Carlyle : Droid gunship incoming !

Droid gunship 1 : Kill them all !

The droid gunship fires on the camp.

Anakin : We need to go ! Now !
Aldenar : Alright.

Alrick is killed by the gunship.

Anakin : Retreat ! Retreat !

The gunship continues to attack the camp.

Droid gunship 1 : Target destroyed.

In the forest.
Obi-Wan : Where is TODO ?
Anakin : Dead …

Carlyle : We have lost too many soldiers. What are we going to do now ?

Obi-Wan : Aldenar, Anakin and I are going to go back to Maktawn. Meet us at the governor's residence tonight.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Aldenar and R2-D2 are back to Maktown.
Droid commander : Don't move !

The droid contacts someone.
Droid commander : We have them general.
Whorm Loathsom ( O.S. ) : Arrest them and bring them to the residence.
Droid commander : Roger, roger.

Droid commander : You are under arrest !

Obi-Wan : We surrender !

The droids bring the group to Zackary's residence. Whorm Loathsom is here.

Whorm Loathsom : Well, well, well general Skywalker and Kenobi ! What a surprise !

Anakin : Well, it's not a surprise general.

Whorm Loathsom : You are going to die my friends ! Your plan has failed !
Anakin : I wouldn't be so sure.

Whorm Loathsom : Talk as long as you want but it's over. Let me introduce you, my new droid.

Whorm Loathsom ( O.S. ) : the Assassin droid BT-07.

Whorm Loathsom : Kill them BT-07.

BT-07 : Roger, roger.

Carlyle and Maljik enter in the residence by the windows and shoot the commando droids.

Anakin and Obi-Wan take back their lightsabers to kill the droids as a door of the residence explodes.

Three soldiers of the resistance enters in the residence and join the fight.

Anakin destroys a super battle droid.

BT-07 has killed two soldiers.

Obi-Wan destroys the Assassin droid BT-07.

The droid escort of Whorm Loathsom has been neutralized.
Anakin : It's time to surrender general !

Maljik's body fall from the balcony.

Obi-Wan : What's happening ?

Carlyle is fighting a super battle droid rocket.

More battle droids arrive.

Anakin takes in hostage Whorm Loathsom.
Aakin : Nobody moves !

A droid gunship arrives at the residence and fires on the resistance.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Loathsom and Zackary are propulsed in the air.

Obi-Wan gets back on his feet …

… and attacks the droids.

The droid gunship continues its attack …

… and hurt Carlyle.

Carlyle : Leave now !
Carlyle activates the grenades of his belt.

The jedi and Aldenar are still fighting the droids.

He jumps from the balcony.

He explodes with the droids.

Whorm Loathsom : It's not over jedi !

In a house.
Zackary is wounded.

Zackary : Destroy … the Tower and save … us, master jedi.

Zackary is dead.

Aldenar : What about the mandalorians ?
Obi-Wan : I don't know, we need to find them and we need to act quickly. Whorm Loathsom is going to protect more and more this town and the Tower.

Aldenar covers the body of Zackary.

Anakin : We need to find new disguises first and then we'll go to search these mandalorians.

Maktown small market.
Anakin : There a lots of droids here.

Anakin : A Calamari buying fish ? Does he know that he is from their family ?

Obi-Wan : Funny Anakin ! We need to split up to find the mandalorians.
Aldenar : Alright, I take the West side.

Anakin and Obi-Wan explores the market.

Salesman : Hey you, do you want to have a fun time with a female for a small amount of money ?

Anakin : You want to know what I think about you asho …

Obi-Wan : Anakin ! Let's go. Our aim is not to get arrested by the droids because you insulted someone.
Anakin : These women are slaves.
Obi-Wan : I know but we can't save them now ! Move !

Anakin : A bounty hunter house … it's even better !

Anakin : Is there a normal place in this market ?
Obi-Wan : Well, the fish saler and the food saler.
Anakin : Well, that's not a lot, look alcoholics !

Aldenar : They are not here.
Obi-Wan ( O.S. ) : Let's go somewhere else.

Ahsoka is at the market.

Anakin : Obi-Wan ! It's Ahsoka !
Obi-Wan : It looks like you're right.

Captain Kirkus arrive at the market.
Kirkus : Master Kenobi !

Anakin : I need to see her, I'll join you later !

Kirkus : You had more problems than you said, your governor's house is …
Obi-Wan : Yes, and you ?
Kirkus : We arrived here without troubles.

Anakin : Ahsoka ?

Ahsoka Tano : Anakin ?

Anakin : I'm happy to see you !

Ahsoka : Why are you here ?

Obi-Wan : We're on mission Ahsoka.
Ahsoka : Obi-Wan !
Anakin : Do you live here ?
Ahsoka : Yes, for the moment.
Obi-Wan : Do you have a house ?
Ahsoka : Yes.
Obi-Wan : Could we use it ?
Ahsoka : I don't want to be involved in this war again.
Obi-Wan : It's just to talk.

Ahsoka : Alright, follow me.

At Ahsoka's house.
Ahsoka : I let you talk about your plan, I'll wait you outside.
Anakin : I come with you !

Obi-Wan : Anakin, we have a battle plan to talk about.
Anakin : You'll tell me the plan later.
Obi-Wan : Hmm …

Anakin and Ahsoka leave the house.

Anakin : I need to talk to you.
Ahsoka : About what ?

Anakin : About what happened.
Ahsoka : I'm not going to change my mind.
Anakin : I'm not saying that.

Ahsoka : I'm better without the war, without the jedi order. I'm fine Anakin.
Anakin : But what are you doing ?
Ahsoka : I'm trying to live a normal life and you, Anakin ? What are you doing ? You're living two lives – the jedi and Padmé ?

Anakin : I know Ahsoka but I know that I have to stay in the jedi order, I know that I need to keep fighting but when the war is over, there won't be lies anymore.

Ahsoka : Alright, then.

Anakin : Can I ask you one more thing ?
Ahsoka : Yes.
Anakin : Why did you tell Lux where you were and not me ?
Ahsoka : Because you would have tried to convince me again to come back.
Anakin : No, I wouldn't, I respect your decision Ahsoka even if … I miss you. We were friends, I don't want to see you disappear of my life forever.

Obi-Wan : Anakin, it's time to go !

Anakin : Thank you Ahsoka, I hope to see you soon.
Ahsoka : You're welcome, goodbye. Anakin, I know where to find you.

The group leaves Ahsoka's house.
Anakin : So ?
Obi-Wan : We are going to follow Carlyle's plan.

At the tunnels of the complex.
Kirkus : Roydark what is the situation ?
Roydark : Our troups are in the house, we are waiting for you. We have found droid on the North part of the tunnels so this shouldn't be a problem for us.

Kirkus : Alright, let's go.

Roydark is opening the grid of the tunnel.

Roydark : Let's go !

The group gets in the tunnel.

Kirkus is closing the grid behind them.

Roydark : This way !

The group is walking in the tunnels.

They arrive at the house.

Kirkus : Alright, it's time to destroy the Tower.

The entrance of the Tower is protected by droids and Embo.

Roydark : Go, go, go !

Roydark and his squad attack the droids.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, Kirkus and the rest of the troups arrive and encircle Embo.
Anakin : Well, Embo, you really should think to change sides.
Embo : Rrr …

Aldenar : Are we going to kill him ?

Anakin : No, just knocking him out.

Droidekas arrive.
Roydark : Droids !

Anakin : We take care of them !

Obi-Wan and Anakin face the droids.

Embo is encircled by the mandalorians.

Embo attacks a mandalorian.

He jumps on his weapons.

He cut the throat of a mandalorian.

Mandalorians attack him …

… but Embo hurts Aldenar …

…. and escapes.

Anakin : Droidekas dead !

Aldenar is dying.
Aldenar : Leave me here, it's over for me. Win this battle for me master Kenobi.
Obi-Wan : I'll do my best for your planet, Aldenar.

Obi-Wan : We have a battle to win !

Somewhere in the Tower.
Droid : The jedi are in the Tower.
Whorm Loathsom : Send everything we have, I want them dead !

The mandalorians and the jedi are fighting the droids in the Tower.

Kirkus : Master Kenobi, you should leave us here. My men and I can give you time to get access to the command center of the Tower. This is your best chance !
Obi-Wan : Alright !

Anakin is destroying a droid.

Obi-Wan : Anakin, it's time to go !
Anakin : Alright, master.

Obi-Wan, Anakin and R2-D2 leave the mandalorians fighting the droids.

Anakin and Obi-Wan continue their way in the Tower and arrive in front of three droids …

… and destroy them.

Anakin : This way !

Anakin and Obi-Wan keep moving in the Tower.

They arrive at the command center.

Whorm Loathsom : Welcome back jedi ! Your mission is over !

Anakin : That's what we're going to see.

Whorm Loathsom : Kill them !

The mandalorians arrive in the command center by another entrance.

The fight continues.

Roydark is fighting Bossk …

… and Anakin is destroying a super battle droid.

Obi-Wan is facing Boba Fett.

Embo kills another mandalorian.

Bossk takes Roydark and throws him on a mandalorian.

Kirkus is fighting Cad Bane.

Embo hurts Anakin with his knife.

Anakin uses the Force to throw Embo in the air.

He follows him …

… and points his lightsaber on Embo.

Embo kicks Anakin …

… but Anakin throws Embo into the generator of the Tower.

Anakin points his lightsaber on Whorm Loathsom.
Anakin : It's over !

Whorm Loathsom : What are you going to do jedi scum ?

Anakin : I think I'm going to kill you !

Cad bane : General Whorm Loathsom, it's time to go for us ! We didn't expected this !

Kirkus is wounded.

Obi-Wan : Anakin, it's time to go. The Tower has been programmed for selfdestruction. We take the general with us.
Anakin : After everything that happened ?

Obi-Wan : Yes, it's time to go and he comes with us.

The group leaves the command center of the Tower.

The Tower explodes few minutes later.

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What an incredibly large episode this is! You use the castle playset very well to create a backdrop to the action, and you make particularly excellent use of the inside of the tower to create perspective and depth. Thank you for adding another chapter to this forum. Thank you for giving us yet another way to escape from the boredom of reality!
Mar 17, 2010
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees
PART 2 A ( part 2 B coming soon )

The Republic fleet arrives on Harenford

On the bridge of The Fortitude.
Yularen : All the gunships ready to land on the planet. Frigate one, prepare to take the control of the space station of the planet.

But suddenly a huge separatist fleet comes out of the hyperspace.

On the bridge of The Fortitude.
Clone : Captain, a fleet separatist has just arrived behind us !

Yularen : They are too many for us. We don't have enough starfighters to face them.

Cody : We should at least give a try, remember what you've done on Ryloth.
Yularen : Hmm, you're right my friend. I want all starfighters to be prepared for battle !

On the bridge of the separatist cargo.
Admiral Karal : Send all our droids, no mercy ! I want the bombers to attack their cruisers !
Sergeant Ghalkt : Yes, sir.

The droid fighters are heading to the republic fleet.

Commander Odd Ball : Let's go guys, Gold Squadron, it's time to take down some clankers !

A vulture droid attacks Odd Ball …

Odd Ball destroys it quickly.

Blue Leader : Blue squadron, ready for battle !

Gold 3 destroys a vulture droid.

A tri-droid starfighter attacks Gold 8 and destroys him.

Blue Leader : The Hyena bombers are heading to our cruisers. Blue squadron, we change our target !

Hyena Bomber 1 : Targets just in front of us.

The Hyena bombers attack and destroy an acclamator cruiser and a republic frigate.

On the bridge of The Fortitude.
Yularen : Our cruisers need protection, we won't be able to face the bombers !

Blue 5 : We are doing are best admiral !

Blue 8 destroys a Hyena bomber …

… but other bombers attack a venator cruiser and destroy it .

The bombers destroy another republic frigate.

Blue Leader : **** !

Blue 3 : I have a bomber just in front of me !

Blue 3 destroys a Hyena bomber.

A separatist cruiser is destroyed.

Odd Ball : We have been able to take down one of their cruisers ! I think with the fighters i have left we can take down more of cruisers.
Yularen ( V.O. ) : Good but we can't afford to loose another cruiser !

Another venator cruiser is destroyed by the bombers.

Yularen : All troops, retreat, we won't be able to survive with two cruisers and a frigate. All fighters, retreat !

Odd Ball : Gold squadron, follow me !

Blue 3 is destroyed.

Blue Leader : A vulture droid is behind me, I need help !

The vulture droid destroys Blue Leader.

Another venator cruiser is destroyed.

Yularen : It's time to jump into hyperspace !

The Fortitude and the last republic frigate jump into hypersace.

On Harenford.
Kirkus : Where are your reinforcements jedi ?

Anakin : They should arrive at any minute by now.

Whorm Loathsom : I don't think so jedi !

Separatists landing craft and gunship arrive from the space.

Karal : Find the jedi who destroyed the Tower and bring them to me ! And if you find the general Loathsom, I want him too !
Commando Droid : Roger, roger.

Somewhere in the space.

On the bridge of The Fortitude.
Saesee Tiin : Mashaj and I should be there soon admiral Yularen.
Yularen : Good.

On Harenford.
Anakin : We wait for the convoy to leave this street !

A separatist convoy passes the street.

Anakin : Now ! Be careful !

Anakin knocks at the door.

It's Ahsoka who opens the door.

Ahsoka : Anakin !
Anakin : We need a shelter, our reinforcements haven't arrived yet …
Ahsoka : Hmmm, alright, come on in.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and R2-D2 follow Ahsoka in the house.

Then comes Whorm Loathsom and the Mandalorians.

Ahsoka : You brought the general Loathsom ?!

Anakin : Er … yes, I might have forgotten to mention it.

Ahsoka : Well, let's hope the separatists don't search you here.

The Republic fleet with the reinforcements comes out of the hyperspace.

On the bridge of The Fortitude.
Yularen : All ships prepare to launch ! Cruisers, ready to attack !

On the bridge of the separatist cargo.

Sergeant Ghalkt : Send everything we have, I want this fleet to be destroyed !

Saesee Tiin : All fighters your mission is to take down their droids while our bombers and cruisers are destroying the enemy's ships.

Gold Leader group 2 : Y-wings, follow me !

Saesee Tiin launches the assault on the droids.

Red 2 destroys a Hyena bomber.

A venator cruiser and a republic frigate attack a separatist cruiser.

Gold 12 has destroyed a separatist cruiser.

Blue 15 : My reactor is screwed up, I return to the hangar.

Odd Ball destroys a vulture droid.

Odd Ball : We're overrunning the droids general.

Saesee Tiin : Excellent !

Blue 4 : I have a vulture droid after me, I need help !

Red Leader : I'm coming !

Red Leader destroys the vulture droid.

Blue 4 : Thanks Red Leader !

Red Leader : You're welcome bro !

The Fortitude destroys a separatist cruiser ...

… and Gold 14 too.

Gold Leader group 2 : All the separatist cruisers have been taken down ! Our transport can land on the planet !

The acclamator cruisers passes in front of the destroyed separatist ships.

Frigate 4 : This is frigate 4, we are going to take control of the station.

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Kashyyyk with the wookiees

The acclamator cruisers launch their gunships on Harenford.

Anakin hears the sounds of the battle.
Anakin : Looks like the reinforcements have arrived !

Outside Ahsoka's house Mashaj and commander Neo have engage the battle.

Anakin and Obi-Wan have left the house.
Anakin : Hey !

ARC trooper : General Skywalker.
Anakin : We need to evacuate a prisoner.
ARC trooper : Alright sir, in the gunship !

Whorm Loathsom is escorted by the Mandalorians to the gunship.

Obi-Wan : Anakin ! Commando droids !

Anakin and Obi-Wan engage the fight.

Loathsom, Ahsoka and the Mandalorians are in the gunship.

The gunship leaves the battlefield.

The fight continues in the streets.

Obi-Wan : We didn't expect you here.
Mashaj : I know but admiral Yularen had some troubles with the separatist fleet that trapped them so master Tiin and I came here to help.
Obi-Wan : Alright, so what is the situation ?
Mashaj : We have launched different assaults all over the capital, for the moment it doesn't look bad.
Anakin : Where is Rex ?

Neyo : At the bank center, they are taking the building for a command center. This way !

Anakin : Alright, then let's go !

At the bank center, Rex and the 501[SUP]st[/SUP] legion are fighting the droids.

Rex : We need to take them down, come on, come on !

A battle droid with a cannon kills many clones including the AT-TE gunner.

Fives : Jet pack squad, take down this cannon !
Del : Yes Fives !

The jet pack squad use their jet pack and land on the building.

Del kills the droid of the cannon …

… and attack the tactical droid.

Coric is facing the commando droids.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive just in time to save Coric.

Coric : Thank you general !

The tactical droid falls from the roof and crashed on the ground.

Anakin and Obi-Wan attack the droids from behind.

Coric and Del fires on the droids from the balcony.

The droids outside the center are all destroyed.

Rex : Good to see you generals.
Anakin : Good to see you Rex.
Obi-Wan : Mashaj has told us your mission was to take control of this quarter.
Rex : Yes, we need to take the bank buildign now.
Anakin : Alright, let's go !

Rex : Call a gunship for the wounded Kix !
Kix : Immediately Rex !

Some moments later. A gunship arrives at the center.

Kix : Come on, in the gunship !

The gunship leaves the center with the wounded.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Rex, Fives are in the first building and talk to Neyo in hologram.
Anakin : We have the control of the bank center. What is your situation Neyo ?
Neyo : Commander Cody and his troops have taken the control of the West quarters of Maktawn. Mashaj and I are still moving to the North of the town. I have to go, the battle calls me !
Obi-Wan : Good, may the force be with you.
Neyo and the conversation.

Clone : General Tiin's shuttle is coming.

Tiin's NU-class attack shuttle lands on the Republic command center.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Rex come to welcome him.

Obi-Wan : Master Tiin, such a pleasure to see you.

The shuttle leaves the center.

Tiin : Skywalker, your little friend is coming back with some heavy cannons.

R2-D2 arrives with republic heavy cannons.

Somewhere in Maktawn.
Karal : Graal, take some troops to occupy the republic forces while I go with the rest of our troops to attack their command center.
Graal : Yes, admiral.

Somewhere in Maktawn.

Boil arrive in speeder.

Boil : Commander, I have spotted a group of droids heading to our command center ! What do we do ?
Cody : We continue our mission, I'm going to contact them.

Cody : This is commander Cody to command center, there is a group of droids heading to your position.

At the Republic command center, the 501[SUP]st[/SUP] Legion is getting ready for the assault.

The droids arrive at the center.

Anakin : Cannons fire !

The heavy cannons fire on the droids.

The octuptarra droid fires on the clones and destroys an AT-RT.

Anakin and Obi-Wan passes to action too.

Obi-Wan : Anakin, the octuptarra !

Anakin jumps on the octuptarra droid and destroys it.

Obi-Wan : That was easy.
Anakin : Too easy.

More droids come from behind and an octuptarra droid destroys the AT-TE.

The droid gunships also join the fight.

An AT-RT Driver uses a rocket launcher to destroy a droid gunship.

The heavy cannons have been taken down.

Destroyer droids arrive.

The clones and jedi are fighting the droids.

Del attacks the octuptarra droid.

Anakin : They are too many, we need to retreat in the buildings !

Appo : Over here !

Fives takes a group to the bank building …

… while Obi-Wan, Anakin and Rex goes to the other building.
Anakin : R2 !
Obi-Wan : Anakin, he's alright, he's with Fives !

Del and Coric retreat in the building.

Karal : Bring them to me !

Anakin : It won't be long before the droids get in.

The droids destroy the wall of the building and attack Anakin and his group.

Rex : Well sir, that was … fast.

Upstairs, Obi-Wan and his group are facing commando droids.

The droid gunships drop commando droids on the roof of the building and get in the building.

A commando droid attacks Obi-Wan and Kix but he is quickly destroyed.

Obi-Wan, Kix, Coric and Del are the only survivors of the second floor.
Kix : I think we should surrender sir.
Obi-Wan : That is the best solution we have.

The survivors of the battle are brought outside the buildings.

Karal : I am admiral Karal and you are my prisoners … my prisoners not for a long time, you are all going to die !
Anakin : That's what we are going to see.
Obi-Wan : Anakin, let's try to be diplomatic.

The republic gunships arrive.

They destroy the droid gunships …

… the octuptarra droid …

… and the destroyer droids.

Anakin and Obi-Wan take back their lightsabers. Anakin attacks the droids and Obi-Wan captures Karal.

The gunship lands and Saesee Tiin and Mashaj joins Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Obi-Wan : Admiral call back your troops, this battle is over.
Karal : Rrrh.

A moment later.
Rex : Tha was a hell of a battle.
Fives : Yes but we made it as usual.

Obi-Wan : Do we have news about master Yoda and Windu ?
Saesee Tiin : No, master Koth told me they have left Coruscant and that they were going on Thule.
Anakin : Thule ?
Saesee Tiin : Yes, apparently that's where the holocron lead them. We'll discuss about this matter later, our shuttle should arrive soon to take us back to the fleet.

On The Fortitude.

Obi-Wan : Thank you for your help captain Kirkus without your squad we would have win this battle.
Kirkus : You're welcome master Kenobi. It is time for me to leave.
Obi-Wan : May the Force be with you.

Anakin : Kirkus, wait !

Kirkus : What can I do for you Skywalker ?
Anakin : Ahsoka, she was with you, where is she now ?
Kirkus : She took a ship for the space station, I don't where she's now.

A shuttle arrives on Coruscant …

… and land on a platform.

Lux : Who's this ?

Ahsoka : It's me Lux !

Lux : Ahsoka !! It's good to see you back. I was afraid, I heard about the situation on Harenford.
Ahsoka : I'm fine, don't worry.

Lux : Come on, take a sit.

Lux : So what can I do for you ?
Ahsoka : Well, I'm searching Assaj Ventress.
Lux : The bounty hunter ?
Ahsoka : Yes, I need to talk to her and I don't really know where to search.
Lux : I'll make some researches, I'm sure that I can find where she is.
Ahsoka : Thank you Lux.

Lux : Ahsoka, have a good day ! Since you don't have a home, you can stay here.

Ahsoka : Thanks Lux, I'll stay here.

Sep 30, 2012
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The use of the black cloth to mimic space is a simple little method that helps create the sense of outer space, and your collection of droid fighters is impressive. I like how you use Micro Machines (I think) to suggest large capital ships at a distance. Good idea. The plastic orange fireball quickly establishes itself as a signifier of damage and explosion. The bridge set, with the table, weapons rack, door, and 501st troopers aiding Yularen, is all quite believable and clearly shows a change of scene. Overall, the number of separate scenes of ship-to-ship combat does give a sense of the scope of the battle.

Your town episode makes excellent use of PlayMobil buildings, and you have a playful way of posing interactions, such as the time when Ahsolka answers the door of the Western-style sheriff's station. In fact, I particularly liked the town episode quite a bit; I like how you've got action going on behind closed doors while droids search the town. That kind of intrigue is really fun to read. Thanks for putting so much work into this: it's also a neat way to showcase show a collection of vehicles and lego you have!


The fight in the streets has some really great shots, particularly of the Phase II Rex up close shooting at incoming droids. That is some great staging and focus. Another great shot occurs at the bottom of the stairs of the medieval building, with troopers crowding round some super battle droids. Your positioning of the gunship taking off over the town is nicely and convincingly done with a sense of scope. I also really like the shot of the meeting inside the building with Rex, Neyo, Skywalker and Kenobi: you've got some nice arrangement there and lots of light. The incoming droid army heading towards the clone army has good scope to it: we get a sense of an impending large battle. You create this effect really well. Once the battle gets going, you create some convincing melee combat, such an Anakin's attack on the big spherical droid: his lightsaber jabs into the machine in a way that does seem as though it would disable the droid. You create a tremendous amount of depth to the battle, particularly the broken wall through which droids stream into the castle. I like how you stage another "gunship cavalry" scene like we see in Episode II, and wrap it all up with the relationship development. You obviously put a tremendous amount of work into this. Thanks for posting!
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Kashyyyk with the wookiees