Clone Trooper Fighter Pods Checklist

Apr 7, 2009
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Cincinnati, home of Kenner!
Hello everyone! Sure has been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to see if we can make a checklist of all the Fighter Pods clone troopers they've made. I know for a FACT that this list will be missing some, so PLEASE let me know of others that were released! Gunna try to organize these by mold.

ALSO, ones that are bolded are ones I own. This is NOT an official WTB thread, but if you have the unbolded ones for sale, I would probably take them off your hands for a good price.

Ones with question marks are either nameless/odd, or I am unaware if/how they have been released.

Commander Cody
Captain Lock
Riot Control Trooper
Red Commander Cody (?)
Holographic Commander Cody

Captain Rex
Commander Fil
Holographic Captain Rex

Clone Pilot
Clone Pilot Goji

Clone Pilot Matchstick

ARF Trooper
Kamino ARF Trooper
Geonosis ARF Trooper

Commander Gree
Shock Trooper
Clone Trooper ROTS (White)

501st (?)

Clone Trooper AOTC (white, holding blaster with both hands)
Clone Trooper Denal

Clone Commander AOTC
Clone Trooper AOTC (White)
Horn Company Clone Trooper

Commander Wolffe

Unhelmeted Clone Trooper AOTC
Holographic Unhelmeted Clone

501st Blue Clone Pilot

Clone Trooper AOTC (Long rifle, held with both hands)

Geonosis Flame Trooper (Underslung Pose)

Commando Boss

Commander Neyo

ARC Captain Fordo (?)
If there are any that are missing. PLEASE reply to this thread! Calling out the few Fighter Pods hardcore collectors that there are!