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Jun 7, 2017
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Darth Vader ANH Dual Signature Edition SW-106S
Darth Vader TESB Signature Edition SW-117S
Darth Vader ROTJ Signature Edition SW-164SE
Luke Skywalker ANH Elite Edition SW-135
Luke Skywalker ANH Signature Edition SW-148S
Luke Skywalker TESB Signature Edition SW-110S
Luke Skywalker ROTJ Elite Edition SW-127
Luke Skywalker Version 2 ROTJ Signature Edition SW-171SE
Obi-Wan Kenobi "As First Built By" ANH Limited Edition SW-118
Obi-Wan Kenobi Weathered ANH Limited Edition SW-109

Boba Fett ROTJ Signature Edition SW-159SE
Han Solo ANH Limited Edition SW-101

Han Solo ANH Elite Edition SW-160EE
Han Solo TESB Limited Edition SW-134
Luke Skywalker TESB Limited Edition SW-169
Princess Leia ANH Signature Edition SW-122S
Rebel Trooper ANH Limited Edition SW-125
Stormtrooper ANH Limited Edition SW-126

AT-AT Walker TESB Signature Edition SW-136-P

AT-ST Walker ROTJ Limited Edition
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter ANH Signature Edition

Millennium Falcon ANH Limited Edition
Millennium Falcon TESB Signature Edition SW-155SE
Millennium Falcon TESB Limited Edition
Rebel Snowspeeder TESB Limited Edition SW-124
Rebel Y-Wing ANH Limited Edition SW-154
Slave 1 TESB Signature Edition
TIE Fighter ANH Limited Edition
X-Wing Starfighter ANH Signature Edition
X-Wing Starfighter ANH Signature Edition

Boba Fett TESB Signature Edition SW-156SE
Darth Vader ANH Limited Edition
Stormtrooper ANH Limited Edition SW-153LE-P

Boba Fett TESB MMS574 1/6 Scale Figure

Chewbacca ANH MMS263 1/6 Scale Figure
Darth Vader ANH MMS434 1/6 Scale Figure
Grand Moff Tarkin ANH MMS434 1/6 Scale Figure
Han Solo ANH MMS263 1/6 Scale Figure
Han Solo TESB Hoth Exclusive Blue Jacket 1/6 Scale Figure
Imperial AT-AT Driver TESB Exclusive 1/6 Scale Figure
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot ANH Exclusive 1/6 Scale Figure
Jabba the Hutt with Bib Fortuna ROTJ Limited Edition Statue
Lando Calrissian TESB MMS558 1/6 Scale Figure

Luke Skywalker TESB Hoth Exclusive 1/6 Scale Figure
Luke Skywalker ANH X-Wing Pilot Exclusive 1/6 Scale Figure
Obi-Wan Kenobi ANH MMS283 1/6 Scale Figure
Princess Leia TESB MMS423 Hoth 1/6 Scale Figure
R2-D2 ANH Exclusive 1/6 Scale Figure
Rancor ROTJ Signature Edition Prop Replica

Stormtrooper ANH Exclusive MMS268 1/6 Scale Figure
Tauntaun TESB Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure

Death Star Surface Piece ANH Screen Used Prop
Docking Bay 94 ANH Wall Decor Plaque
Jedi Training Remote ANH Limited Edition SW-107
Medal of Yavin ANH Limited Edition SW-119
Mythosaur Skull TESB Wall Decor
Thermal Detonator "As First Built" ROTJ Limited Edition SW-115P
Thermal Detonator ROTJ Signature Edition SW-115S

Carrie Fisher ANH Framed Script Page
Darth Vader Lightsaber Blueprint ANH Limited Edition SW-106
Han Solo Blaster Blueprint ANH Limited Edition SW-101
Leia: Princess of Alderaan ANH Art Print
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Blueprint ROTJ Limited Edition SW-102
Star Wars ANH Poster Premium 35g Silver Collectible
Star Wars TESB Poster Premium 35g Silver Collectible
Star Wars ROTJ Poster Premium 35g Silver Collectible

Alec Guinness on Photo Q26013
Angus MacInnes on Rebel Y-Wing Plaque
Billy Dee Williams on Millennium Falcon Plaque
Brian Muir on Darth Vader Life-Size Helmet Plaque
Frank Oz on Photo AB92112
Peter Cushing on Cut A29228
Harrison Ford Han Solo Blaster Plaque P95194
Harrison Ford Millennium Falcon Plaque P95195
Ian McDiarmid on Photo AB64318
Jim Dowdall on Stormtrooper Blaster Plaque
Jim Dowdall on Stormtrooper Life-Size Helmet Plaque
Lorne Peterson on TIE Fighter Plaque

Peter Mayhew/Anthony Daniels/Kenny Baker on Photo AE71977
Robert Watts on AT-ST Walker Plaque

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Jun 7, 2017
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Since I also started to collect the 1/6 scale figures of Sideshow/HT I opened the thread here as well :)
Jun 7, 2017
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I have paired him with the X-Wing as planned.

Now the question is: which R2-D2 would fit the best in that display together with Luke and the X-Wing?

I have 3 choices:

- Sideshow Exclusive Version: PRO nice Paintjob and would fit best to the scene in ANH where Luke and R2 prepare for battle, CONTRA all plastic.
- Hot Toys Deluxe: PRO super paintjob and has a Die Cast Dome, CONTRA bad remote control and R2 rather has a Episode VII paintjob.
- Tamashii Nations: PRO almost completely made of Die Cast with best quality, CONTRA plastic Dome and it has a clean paintjob that does not fit well.

Am very interested in others opinions! (y)

Aug 7, 2001
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It is a great figure, quite comparable to Hot Toys figures. The same with the SSC AT-AT Driver