Changing the plot: What if ...?

Jan 15, 2002
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Re: REPLIES??????

Unknown said:
So was it that none of mine were funny
? Or just recent ones?
Like I said ... I had no problems with yours. They weren't laugh-out-loud funny, but they made me chuckle.
Jan 15, 2002
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Rochester, NY
Re: REPLIES??????

Darth_Deastron said:
So your saying mine sucked?!
No ... they don't suck. I just don't find them funny. That doesn't mean they suck. Maybe I just don't get your brand of humor.
Jun 29, 2005
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Re: REPLIES??????

oh ok, yeah, I guess I sort of laugh at stupid things some times...

Another Jar Jar Death...aka deleted TPM scene

Jar Jar: OMFGsa! Wesa gonasa fallsa downsa thesa watersa fallsa!

QuiGon: Start force pulling! *they start force pulling*]
ObiWan: Where too heavy! I know! *throws Jar Jar off the Water Fall*
QuiGon: WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! We Win! *force pulls them away from the waterfall*
Sep 4, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

Incase anyone cares, I'm writing a new story and it might be out by the end of this week. Anyway, it's about a teenage clone trooper during the clone wars, and it's told from his point of view. If anyone has an idea for the title, please let me know.
I personally have no clue of what to call it besides,"Clone."
Sep 4, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

This is a re-release of War of the Republic 1 and 2, just incase anyone missed em and wanted to read them.

Count Dooku walked down the dark hallway to the bridge of his ship. His long cape fluttered behind him. He entered the bridge and walked over to a hologram of a man in dark, black robes.

Dooku: What is it, Master Sidious?
Darth Sidious: The defenses surrounding Couriscant, I want them destroyed.
Dooku: As you wish, milord.
Sidious: I assume that you have a plan?
Dooku: Don’t worry milord. We have a great new soldier in our army.
Sidious: Ah, yes. How is our new droid general?
Dooku: Very well master. I think he’ll make a fine warrior.

Sidious’s hologram disappeared. Dooku smiled and turned around.

Dooku: Grievous.
General Grievous: Yes, Dooku?

Dooku turned around and faced a seven-foot-tall droid. It had a long, gray cape, four arms, and six lightsabers hung from a part of his cape.

Dooku: I want you to take a fleet to Couriscant. Wipe out the all of the republic defenses in the area.
Grievous: Right away.

The droid general turned and left the bridge.

Anakin Skywalker sat in the bridge of the Black Talon, the command ship of the Coruscant Defense Fleet. He leaned his head against the glass and looked down at the city planet of Coruscant.

Anakin (thinking): Anything’s better than waiting around here.

Him and his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, were stationed on the Black Talon, to protect Coruscant, the capital of the republic, form enemy attack ships. Anakin thought it was one of the most boring things imaginable. He felt that it wasn’t right that there was a war on and all he could do was sit and wait for something to happen.

The doors opened behind him and Obi-Wan Kenobi entered.

Obi-Wan: You know you don’t have to mope around the ship all of the time.
Anakin: Well there’s nothing to do! I feel like I’m going to go crazy!
Obi-Wan (laughing): Well I agree, it’s not very fun.
Anakin: We should be out at war! This is so boring!
Obi-Wan: One shouldn’t anticipate war, Anakin.

Anakin lowered his head.

Anakin: Yeah, I know. It’s not the jedi way.
Obi-Wan (to the Talon’s commander): Commander!
Commander Bly: Yes sir?
Obi-Wan: Anything to report?
Bly: Nothing yet, sir.
Anakin (to Obi-Wan): What’s the point of us even being here? Nothing’s attacking us.
Obi-Wan: Yes, but if they did attack Coruscant, it would be catastrophic without any defense.
Bly: General Kenobi.
Obi-Wan: Yes commander, what is it?
Bly: Incoming message from General Koth’s ship.
Obi-Wan: Send it through.

On a screen at the front of the bridge, a zabrak jedi master, Eeth Koth, appeared.

Obi-Wan: Master Koth? What is it?
Eeth: Mater Kenobi! We’re under heavy attack!

Anakin picked his head up in surprise.

Obi-Wan: Who’s attacking you?
Eeth: Battle Droids! An entire army of them! There aren’t many of us left!
Obi-Wan: Battle Droids?
Eeth: Yes! And this new droid general! It’s like he’s invincible! He’s already gotten to masters Heller and Geth!
Obi-Wan: We’re going to bring the Talon over to you. Try and hold them off as long as possible.

Eeth Koth looked up in surprise.

Eeth: Wait! The general! He’s leaving out ship!
Obi-Wan: Then hold you position, he may attack another ship.

Obi-Wan looked out of the window at Eeth’s ship. Droid fighters swarmed it.

Anakin: I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.

A large explosion went off that made Anakin and Obi-Wan jump.
They looked over and saw Eeth Koth’s ship erupt in flames.
Soon after the explosion, more droid fighters began to swarm the other defense ships.

Obi-Wan: We need to get airborne! It’s one of the only ways that we can fight off the droid forces.
Anakin: That’s a good idea. I’ll lead the gold squadron. You lead the blue.
Obi-Wan (To Bly): Commander, get all the crews to their fighters!
Bly: Yes, general.
Anakin (to Obi-Wan): Come on!

The two jedi knights sprinted out of the bridge and headed to the hanger bay.

General Grievous stood at the bridge of his separatist attack cruiser. He looked out the window, viewing the battle that was taking place between the droid and clone ships.

Grievous: What’s our status captain?
Captain Lietenas: We have achieved the element of surprise, general. We should have the area cleared in moments.
Grievous: Good.

Anakin Skywalker flew his yellow jedi starfighter across the hull of the Black Talon.

Anakin: Obi-Wan, are you there?
Obi-Wan: I’m with you, Anakin. Follow me, we’ll take out the command ships first.
Anakin: Roger that. Gold squadron, form up. Lock S-Foils in attack position.
Commander Hex: Copy gold leader.
Anakin: Gold 1, are all wings accounted for?
Hex: Yes, sir. Following your commands.
Anakin: We’re going in. Obi-Wan, what’s your status?
Obi-Wan: I’m fine. Follow us Blue 1.
Commander Oddball: Roger, Blue leader.

Obi-Wan’s and Anakin’s fighters headed towards the army of droid starfighters. The clones ARC fighters followed.

Obi-Wan: Anakin, stay close to me. There are a lot of fighters, but I think we can do this together.
Anakin: Copt that. R2, are you okay?

The little astromech droid on his hull beeped in reply.

Anakin: Good.
Hex: Sir! Incoming craft in sector B-9!
Obi-Wan: Anakin, you stick with the fighters, I’ll concentrate on the command ships.

Anakin and his ARC Fighters engaged battle with hundreds of Vulture Droids and Tri-Fighters. Anakin swerved his ship to avoid being sot by three vultures that were behind him.

Anakin: R2!
R2-D2: (beep-whistle)
Anakin: Think you can pull something to get rid of these guys?
R2: (beep)

Anakin’s fighter pulled back quickly and fired at the Tri-Fighters behind him. Destroying them in a fiery explosion.

Anakin: Got ‘em!
R2: (beep beep)
Hex: Gold leader, we’re taking fire.
Anakin: I’m on them.

Anakin raced towards the ARC fighters. He fired a missile at the incoming vulture droids and was able to save most of the ARCs.

Gold 2: Good shot, Gold leader!
Gold 3: Sir, Blue leader is attempting to make contact.
Anakin: Obi-Wan?
Obi-Wan: I’m heading in on the command ship. Anakin, I need you to come with me.
Anakin: Sure thing.
Hex: What are your orders, Gold leader?
Anakin: Stay on the fighters. I’ll help Obi-Wan alone.
Hex: Yes sir.

Anakin’s fighter pulled away from the squadron and headed towards Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: Blue 1, follow me. The rest of blue squadron, I want you to remain at the battle.
Oddball: Copy, Blue leader. I’m following you now.
Anakin (to Obi-Wan): What’s your plan?
Obi-Wan: There’s an open hanger. If all goes to plan, we can fly in and hit the generator.
Anakin: It’s risky, but I think we can pull it off.
Obi-Wan: Okay, they’re releasing another wave. Anakin and Oddball, follow me.
Anakin: Keep an eye out for those turrets.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Oddball’s fighters dived low towards the command ship’s hangar. They entered it and fired at the escaping droids.

Oddball: Blue leader, there’s too many fighters! I don’t think we can get to the generator without getting shot!
Obi-Wan: We have to form up, commander. You stay on my right, Anakin, you stay on my left.
Anakin: Wait! I see it! I can get it now.

Anakin’s ship lowered towards the floor of the hanger as droids fired upon them.

Obi-Wan: Anakin! Come back! It’s too dangerous!
Anakin: I can handle this!

An air defense turret spotted Anakin and fired at him. One blast hit his hull.

Anakin: I’m hit!
Obi-Wan: Evacuate your ship!

Anakin pressed a button in his cockpit, releasing R2-D2. R2 used jet boosters to hover to the ground. Anakin then pushed open his cockpit and dove out.

Obi-Wan: Oddball, follow me. We’re landing.
Oddball: Yes sir.

Obi-Wan’s jedi starfighter and Oddball’s ARC fighter landed in the hanger near Anakin. Obi-Wan released his astromech droid and stepped out of his cockpit. Oddball then stepped out of his.

Obi-Wan (to Anakin): Quick! Get in Oddball’s fighter!

Just then an air defense turret fired at the stranded humans. The two remaining vehicles were destroyed.

Obi-Wan: Never mind. Come on, we need to get out of the hanger!

Obi-Wan and Anakin both ignited blue lightsabers while Oddball took out a blaster. They ran towards a door exiting the hanger, chopping down battle droids as they ran. Anakin pressed a few buttons on a panel next to the door and it opened.

Anakin: Quick! Get inside!

The three humans and the two droids sprinted through the door. Anakin slammed on a button near the door, locking it shut.

Obi-Wan: Does anyone have any ideas?
Oddball: I say we call for evacuation. Then continue to fight this battle from space.
Anakin: No ship would be able to land in that hanger safely. Not with all of those droids and AD towers.
Oddball: Well we have to get out of here. That much is for sure.
Anakin: I say we make our way to the bridge and force the commander to order a retreat.
Obi-Wan: That’s not a bad idea. R2 and R4, stay here.

The astromech droids beeped in response.

Obi-Wan: Okay, let’s get to an elevator.

General Grievous walked back and forth at the bridge of his command ship.

Lietenas: General!
Grievous: What is it, captain?
Lietenas: Three starfighters have entered the hanger bay. One was a clone fighter and the other two appeared to be those of jedi knights!
Greivous: Where are they now?
Anakin: Here.

Grievous turned around. Anakin and Obi-Wan stood at the doorway, lightsabers ignited. Oddball stood behind Leitenas, pointing a blaster at his head.

Grievous (laughing): General Kenobi!

All of the battle droids on the bridge drew their blasters and pointed them at the jedi. Also, three droid bodyguards walked over to behind Grievous. Their staffs glowed with electric bolts.

Grievous: And, Commander Skywalker. Also, I see you’ve brought a clone along.
Obi-Wan: So, you must be the droid general.
Grievous: The one and only. You jedi are all so bold. Or perhaps you’re just very foolish.
Anakin: If you expect us to surrender, you’re mistaken.
Greivous: Oh no, my young jedi. I expect you to die!

The bodyguards twirled their staffs and walked towards the jedi.

Grievous: Crush them!

Anakin jumped forwards and began to duel with one of the bodyguards. He tried to cut off its arms, but the droid deflected every attack. Obi-Wan ran over and locked blades with two more bodyguards, as Oddball fired at the battle droids. Lietenas shrieked and the nemoidian ran out of the bridge.

Obi-Wan continued to duel with the droids and managed to stick his lightsaber through one’s chest, disabling it instantly. The other continued to fight furiously. Obi-Wan’s arms felt as if they were going to collapse from the power of the droid’s deflected blows.

On the other side of the bridge, Anakin still fought with the other droid.

Bodyguard: You can’t win, jedi.
Anakin: We’ll see about that.

Anakin struck the bodyguard’s staff so hard that he knocked it out of its hands. He then swung his lightsaber hard and cut the droid in half. He sighed with relief and deactivated his saber. Then, the top half of the droid sprung to life and leapt at Anakin. Anakin struggled to tear the droid off of him.

Anakin: Oddball!
Oddball: Commander?
Anakin: Ready?
Oddball: Through it!

Anakin tore the droid off of him and trough it to the floor. Oddball grabbed his blaster and fired at the top half of the droid, killing it.

Obi-Wan swung hard at the one remaining droid.

Obi-Wan: Anakin!
Anakin: On it.

Anakin rushed over and impaled the remaining bodyguard from behind. Sparks flew all over it as it fell to the ground. Anakin then turned to the droid general.

Obi-Wan: It’s over, general. Call off the attack.
Grievous (laughing): General Kenobi, you’re so ignorant.
Anakin: We will do what we must general. Don’t make us destroy you.
Grievous: That’s not very jedi like, now.

Obi-Wan held a lightsaber up to Grievous.

Obi-Wan: Call off the attack general. We will do what we must, you are merely a droid.

Grievous kicked Anakin in the chest, sending him flying. He picked up a bodyguard’s staff and ignited it.

Grievous: You won’t take me without a fight.

He began to duel with Obi-Wan.

Anakin looked up, dazed. He had hit his head hard on the wall. He saw his friend fighting the droid general, and Commander Oddball was firing at it. Grievous dodged the clone commander’s shots and swung his staff at him. The staff knocked Oddball to the ground. Grievous raised the staff above his head, then impaled Oddball through the chest.

Obi-Wan gripped his lightsaber hard and swung at Greivous. The general blocked the lightsaber and continued to duel Obi-Wan. Anakin tried to reach for his lightsaber, but he couldn’t. He was passing out.

Obi-Wan felt fear rush trough his body as the immense droid advanced on him. He swung at the general, but sure enough, the evil droid blocked it. Grievous gripped Obi-Wan’s wrist tightly, causing Obi-Wan to drop his lightsaber. The droid then released Obi-Wan’s wrist and swung his staff at him. Obi-Wan world turned to darkness as he felt the electricity coming from the staff, overwhelm him.

Anakin: OBI-WAN!

The last image Anakin saw before he passed out was Obi-Wan’s cold body fall to the droid general’s feet.

Anakin Skywalker opened his eyes slowly. He was still in the command ship. Only there were clone troopers surrounding him. R2-D2 and R4-P17 stood at the doorway, Commander Bly stood at the controls, and the jedi knight, Aayla Secura, stood before him.

Aayla Secura: Anakin! You’re okay!

She helped Anakin to his feet.

Anakin: Aayla, what happened?
Aayla: The droids evacuated the area along with the general. We searched this ship, because it hadn’t left, and we thought there could be surviving jedi on it.

Anakin’s memory came back to him.
Anakin: Oh no!
Aayla: What is it?
Anakin: No!
Aayla: Anakin?
Anakin: Obi-Wan! Did you find him?
Aayla: No, why? What happened to him?

Anakin lowered his head. Tears started to drop from his eyes.

Anakin: He’s dead!
Aayla (shocked): Dead?
Anakin: The droid general! He killed him!
Aayla: Are you sure?
Anakin: I saw it! I saw it happen!

Aayla lowered her head in sorrow.

Anakin: I saw the general strike him down with one of those electric staffs!
Aayla: I… I’m sorry.

Anakin slowly walked over to the other end of the bridge. He saw the body of Commander Oddball, blood dripped from his armor. He walked towards the doorway. Obi-Wan’s lighsaber lay on the floor. Anakin dropped to his knees and picked it up. He shut his eyes with grief. Aayla stood at the other side of the bridge and watched with sadness.

A republic shuttle flew over the city planet of Coruscant. Huge skyscrapers lay as far as the eye could see.

Anakin sat inside of the shuttle and looked out the window. He looked at the immense senate building, which they were heading for.

The shuttle sped towards the giant dome building and landed at one of the outer docks. The ramp to the shuttle lowered and Anakin stepped out with Aayla, Bly, and about ten other clones. In front of them stood senators Bail Organa, Yaura, and Orn Free Taa. Also, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin’s secret wife, Senator Padme Amidala stood before them. Padme raced over and hugged Anakin.

Anakin: I’m fine. I’m fine.
Padme: Oh, Ani. When I heard there was an attack of Coruscant’s defenses, I was so worried!
Anakin: I’m okay.
He smiled at her.

Palpatine: Well done in the battle, Anakin.
Anakin: Thank you, chancellor.
Palpatine: You will surely be gratified for your actions.
Anakin: Thank you. I’m very honored.
Palpatine: Now if you will. I have ordered a senate meeting on this matter. I’d like you to be there.
Anakin: Surely, chancellor.
Aayla: I will head back to the jedi temple. I’ll see you there later, Anakin.
Anakin: Okay. See you soon, Aayla.

Palpatine and the chancellors turned to enter the senate building as Aayla and the clones headed back to the shuttle.

Anakin (to Palpatine): If you’ll excuse me, chancellor. I’ll be along shortly.
Palpatine: Of course, Anakin.

The senators left, but Padme stayed behind to talk to Anakin. She hugged him again.

Padme: I was so worried!
Anakin: I’m okay. That’s what matters now.

Padme looked at Anakin’s belt and saw that he carried both his and Obi-Wan’s lightsabers.

Padme: Why do you have Obi-Wan’s lightsaber? Where is he?

Anakin lowered his head.

Anakin: He… He didn’t make it.
Padme (startled): Oh my!
Anakin: This droid general killed him.
Padme: Ani! I’m so sorry!

Anakin sighed.

Padme: Ani. There’s something you should know too.

Anakin looked up at her.

Padme: Ani. I’m pregnant.

Anakin looked at her in shock.

Anakin: That’s… That’s wonderful!
Padme: What are we going to do?

Anakin and Padme embraced.

Anakin: This is a good thing. We won’t worry about this now.

The senate chamber was vast and immense. Senators from across the galaxy sat in small senate pods docked against the walls. In the center, Palpatine stood on a tall podium with Mas Amedda and Sly Moore.

Palpatine: The chair now recognized the senator of Naboo.

Padme stood up in her pod with Anakin and Captain Typho. The pod left the wall and hovered to the center of the room.

Padme: Senators, of the supreme court. This war has inflicted crisis across the galaxy. The separatist forces grow stronger, quicker, and more menacing even as we speak. About three hours ago, separatist forces swept to Coruscant and were able to take out many of our perimeter defenses. I bring before you, Anakin Skywalker, a survivor of the attack.
Anakin: Many clones and jedi knights were killed today, including my former master. This new droid general swept to our ships and was able to destroy many of them. We need to know where he has gone and what he is planning to do.
Palpatine: Which is why I have ordered this meeting. Senator Yaura, please come forward.

A wookie senator came forward in his pod standing with two other wookies, Tarfful and Chewbacca.

Yaura (wookiese): My wookie warriors have discovered something menacing on our home planet of Kashyyyk. The separatists have hidden huge droid factories near the waterfront. We believe this general might be hiding there.
Palpatine: I will gather an army to head to this planet. They will then hopefully destroy these factories and kill the droid general.
Yaura: Good. I will alert my warriors that your troops will be arriving. They may be able to help them out.
Plapatine: It is done then.
Mas Amedda: Court dismissed.
Anakin (to Padme): I have to meet with the jedi council. I’ll see you tonight.

Anakin Skywalker stood in a large, open room. Surrounding him were jedi masters Mace Windu, Yoda, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti, Oppo Rancisis, Aayla Secura, Yaddle, Saesee Tiin, Adi Gallia, Luminara Unduli, and Agen Kolar.

Mace: So Palpatine has ordered a team to go to Kaahyyyk.
Yoda: Suggest sending a jedi knight along, I do.
Anakin: I’ll go. I wish to meet this droid general again. He needs to pay for what he did to my former master.
Plo: Master Kenobi will be greatly missed, but a jedi knows no revenge.
Mace: You need to calm yourself, Skywalker. I feel much anger in you.
Shaak: I believe that we should send a master for this job. Their skills will be required for this job.
Kit: I will go to Kashyyyk. I have grown a relationship with the wookies.
Mace: Okay. Master Fisto, you must meet with your team come tomorrow. You will move out then.
Anakin: No! I should go! I know what I’m doing! I’ve fought the general before.
Mace: But you have not succeeded in defeating him.
Anakin: No, but I’m strong enough to do it now. He just caught me off guard.
Plo: And you could be killed if he succeeds in doing that again. It’s too dangerous.
Yoda: Go, master Fisto will. Too dangerous this job is, for a jedi knight.

Anakin felt anger flowing through him. He nodded and left the council.

Count Dooku stood at the commanding bay of the droid factory on Kashyyyk. General Grievous stood behind him. A hologram of Darth Sidious appeared.

Sidious: Dooku.
Dooku: Yes, my master?
Sidious: An army of clones is coming to Kashyyyk.
Dooku: Do you want them taken care of, milord?
Sidious: Yes. They should be there by tomorrow. Kill them all.
Dooku: As you wish.

Sidious's hologram disappeared.

Dooku: Grievous.
Grievous: Yes, Dooku?
Dooku: Ready our forces.

Anakin stood on the balcony of Padme’s apartment, looking down on the city.

Anakin: It isn’t fare! I should be the one going to find Grievous.
Padme: Anakin, the jedi know what they’re doing. It’s too dangerous.
Anakin: I’m strong enough to defeat the general! I know I am!
Padme: Ani, it’s too dangerous! We’re going to have a baby! What if you were killed?
Anakin: I know… It’s just that, I want the damn droid to pay for what he did to Obi-Wan.
Padme: You should honor what Obi-Wan did. He died to let you live.
Anakin (sighed): Yeah, you’re right.

Padme hugged Anakin.

Anakin: So, what are we going to name the baby?
Padme: I was thinking Leia if it was a girl.
Anakin: What about a boy.

Padme thought.

Padme: How about… Luke.
Anakin: Yeah, Luke or Leia Skywalker. I like it.
Padme: But what are we going to do when the baby is born? Our jobs won’t allow us to be in love. This, will definatly show that we’ve gone beyond that!

Anakin smiled.

Anakin: We will concentrate on that when the time comes.
Padme: Yeah, okay.

Kit Fisto stood in a Coruscant courtyard with Mace Windu, Yoda, Aayla Secura, and Anakin Skywalker.

Mace: When you engage battle with the enemy, contact us.
Kit: I will.

Aayla ran over to Kit and hugged him.

Aayla: May the force be with you, Kit.
Kit: And may it be with you too, Aayla.
Anakin: I still think you will need me on this, but I wish that the force does serve you well.
Kit: I will use it to the best of my advantage, good bye.
Yoda: To bring us together again, may the force will.

Kit stepped away from the jedi and headed to an immense Republic Cruiser. A clone commander stood out front.

Commander: You orders, general?
Kit: We’re moving out now.

The jedi stepped into the giant cruiser and it lifted off. It soared above the tall skyscrapers and left the atmosphere into space.

Anakin Skyalker, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu, Yoda, and Plo Koon stood in the jedi meditation room. It was a green area of grass and waterfalls. In the center of the room a hologram of Obi-Wan Kenobi lay.

Plo: Master Kenobi sacrificed his life for the sake of Coruscant. I’ve known him since he was a padawan. He will be deeply missed.
Mace: Obi-Wan was a brave jedi. He fought heroically in the Battle of Geonosis to save the lives of many jedi. He was a good friend.
Yoda: Trained Obi-Wan, I have, when he was a young one. He always proved to be a promising student and he became a great jedi knight.
Aayla: Obi-Wan and my master were great friends. I have worked with him on a number of missions and he seamed to be one of the best jedi I have ever met. He never let his anger get the best of him. Even in the middle of a fight.
Anakin: He was the best mentor I could ever have. He didn’t chose me as an apprentice, but he still did his best to train me.

Anakin walked over to the hologram and placed Obi-Wan’s lightsaber next to it.

Anakin: I will always miss you, Obi-Wan.
Mace: There is no death. There is only the force.
Aayla: It’s strange. I didn’t know Master Kenobi that well, but I still feel sad about his death.
Anakin: I will feel remorse over his death, always. That is something that I must now live with.
Yoda: Careful you must be, padawan. Such emotions, lead to the dark side, they can.
Anakin: I know master Yoda. I’ll be careful.

A clone commander in green armor ran into the meditation room.

Commander Gree: Master Yoda.
Yoda: Yes, commander?
Gree: General Fisto is attempting to make contact.
Yoda: Ah yes, engaged with the enemy, he must have. Send him through.

The hologram of Obi-Wan turned into Kit Fisto. He stood, holding his lightsaber, deflecting enemy laser fire.
Kit: Masters!

Wookies and clones everywhere were being shot down behind him.

Yoda: Master Fisto? What’s wrong?
Kit: We’ve engaged battle with the droid forces! Skywalker was right! They’re too powerful!
Plo: Are you alright?
Kit: At the moment! But I have not choice but to order a retreat! General Grievous is advancing on us!
Anakin (whispering): Grievous.
Kit: I can’t hold out for long!

A lightsaber came into view and cut through Kit Fisto’s neck. His head rolled off of his shoulders.

Aayla: NO!

The evil droid general came into view, holding two green lightsabers. He bent low and picked up Kit Fisto’s lightsaber, and clipped it onto his cape.

Grievous: Another lightsaber for my collection.
Anakin: Grievous! I’ll kill you!
Grievous: Don’t get wise, my young jedi. I could have easily killed you before, and believe me, I’ll succeed next time.

The hologram disappeared.

Aayla: What are we going to do now?
Plo: I don’t know.

Anakin stood inside of chancellor Palpatine’s office, holding a drink. He sipped from it as he talked to the chancellor.

Anakin: I don’t know what the jedi are thinking.
Palpatine: I know all too well what you’re saying.
Anakin: I just think that if they keep sending more and more jedi into battle, they will eventually all be killed. I would have known what to do. I could have killed Grievous.
Palpatine: I think that they underestimate you, Anakin.

Anakin sipped his drink.

Palpatine: Soon you will become much stronger than the other jedi. What will they say then?
Anakin: Thank you, chancellor. I am truly grateful.
Palpatine: I think you should go to Kashyyyk. You should find General Grievous and destroy him. Show no mercy.
Anakin: I can’t. The jedi council forbids it.
Palpatine: But you know what you’re doing. You’re the right person for the job.
Anakin: That’s what I told them!
Palpatine: Then go. You have seen what Grievous is capable of. Only you know how to destroy him.

Count Dooku walked down a hallway and opened a rusty door at the end of it. Inside lay a jedi with battered clothes and he looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days. He was chained against the wall.

Dooku: Welcome to Kashyyyk, jedi. Do you like the apartment that we have arranged for you?
Jedi: Kill me or release me, Dooku.
Dooku: I’m sorry, my young friend. But we need you here.
Jedi: Why is that?
Dooku: You are our bait. Through you, we can bring another jedi, one that my master is willing to turn to the dark side.
Jedi: Anakin… He would never turn!
Dooku: Don’t be so overconfident. We have ways of persuading jedi to turn.

Dooku motioned his hand and two droid bodyguards walked into the room. They released Obi-Wan Kenobi from the wall…

Obi-Wan Kenobi was dragged out of the prison and was taken to the command bay. General Grievous stood, waited for him.

Grievous: I hope you’re enjoying your stay.
Obi-Wan: You won’t get away with this. The jedi council will come after me.
Grievous (laughing): I don’t think so, jedi. They believe you to be dead. However, one will come looking for you. Once we send him a signal.

The bodyguards put Obi-Wan in chains against the wall and Grievous ignited a bodyguard’s staff. He walked towards Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: You’ll pay for this, general.

Grievous took the staff and slammed Obi-Wan hard with it. Obi-Wan yelled as his body became covered with electric bolts.

Anakin Skywalker jumped up from his sleep.

Anakin: Obi-Wan!

He turned around and looked out of Padme’s bedroom window. He looked around at the city shining in the night.

He thought for a moment. Could Obi-Wan still be alive? He got out of bed, which woke up Padme.

Padme: Anakin?
Anakin: Go back to sleep. I’m fine.

Padme stood up and got out of bed.

Padme: Ani, what is it?

Anakin walked into the living room and headed out onto the balcony. Padme followed.

Anakin: It’s Obi-Wan! I think… I think he’s alive!
Padme: What? How do you know?
Anakin: I had a vision last night.
Padme: Ani, it was only a vision.
Anakin: But it was clear! Padme, this is just like how I saw my mother! I have to help him.
Padme (sighed): Where is he?
Anakin: I think they’re keeping him on Kashyyyk. He’s in pain. I’ve got to go.
Padme: I’m going too.

Anakin stood in front of the jedi council.

Anakin: Masters, last night I had a vision. I think Obi-Wan is alive.

The jedi all looked at him, surprised.

Mace: How can you be sure?
Oppo Rancisis: If Skywalker is right, we need to rescue Obi-Wan immediately.
Plo Koon: However, it is strange that Anakin has sensed this and we have not.
Shaak Ti: Yes, but the bonds between master and apprentice are very strong.
Mace: What is your suggestion, Master Yoda?

Yoda closed his eyes and thought.

Yoda: Go, young Skywalker should.
Anakin: Really?
Shaak: Where do you think he is?
Anakin: My guess is that he would be on Kashyyyk.
Mace: Then you must go there. And go prepared.
Anakin: If I may, Master Windu, I believe a smaller force would be a better idea. That way we can achieve the element of surprise.
Plo: But what about an army? You will need one to fight off the droids.
Anakin: Okay. I will take about two clones and possibly a commander. My team will land on Kashyyyk, and when I give the order, a clone army will join us in battle.
Mace: That’s reasonable.
Plo: Aayla Secura has also agreed to go with you.
Anakin: Okay. I will head out as soon as possible.
Mace: May the force be with you, Anakin.
Anakin: And also with you.

Anakin stood in a republic hanger with Padme Amidala and Aayla Secura. Also, Commander Bly and two other clone troopers stood near them. Outside of the hanger, the Black Talon sat, preparing for take off.

Anakin: So, what are out plans?
Aayla: We’ll take the cruiser and I can get us a place to land in Rakooroo City.
Anakin: What about the droid factory? How do we get inside?
Bly: Our starfighters should be small enough to make it into a ventilation shaft. They will continue down it until they reach a power source. If they shoot that, it should cause a big enough explosion to destroy the factory.
Anakin: Okay. But, we’ll have to do that after we find Obi-Wan.
Bly: Of course.
Anakin: So, Aayla, Bly, and I will sneak into the factory, and try and get to Obi-Wan. In the mean time, our clones will lead an attack on the droid forces with the wookies.
Padme: What about me?
Anakin: The battle will be very dangerous. You’ll command the attack force from the wookie base.
Aayla: Okay. We should move out now.

Aayla, Bly, and the clones headed towards the Black Talon, but Padme and Anakin stayed behind.

Padme: Anakin, you know I’ve fought battles before. I can do this.
Anakin: You and our child have to stay safe.

Padme looked up at him.

Anakin: If you died, I don’t know what I’d do.

Padme and Anakin embraced.

Padme: We’ll be fine.

Grievous held an activated droid staff close to Obi-Wan’s face.

Obi-Wan: Why are you doing this? Anakin will never turn.
Grievous: I believe he will. Your former apprentice is full of anger.
Obi-Wan: You won’t get away with this. Besides, the council will surely send a master to my rescue.
Grievous (laughing): If he doesn’t convince them to let him go, do you really think that he will follow those orders?

Obi-Wan tried to lung at Grievous with anger, but the chains attached to the wall were too strong.

Grievous: When he feels your pain…

Grievous struck Obi-Wan with the staff.

Grievous: …he will come to your rescue.

The Black Talon slowly came out of hyperspace and drifted towards Kashyyyk. Inside, Anakin, Padme, Aayla, and Bly stood in a control room with about twenty clone troopers behind them. A small hologram of a droid factory sat on a table in front of them.

Anakin: My team and I will land at Rakooroo City and hopefully convince the wookies to fight with us. Once we do that, we will give the commands for the army to let down in the forests and engage battle with the enemy. Using that as a diversion, Aayla and I will sneak into the factory and rescue Obi-Wan and any other possible captives. When we escape, five attack fighters will head down the ventilation shaft until they come to the energy source. Once they hit that, we will clear the area and the battle will be over.
Bly: Any questions?
Clones: No sir.
Bly: Everyone to their stations, then.

The clones got up and left the control room.

Aayla: Do we have a ship to go to the surface in?
Padme: There’s a Naboo starship docked in the hanger. We can take that.
Anakin: Perfect. We should move out as soon as possible.
Bly: I suggest we leave now. The sooner we have the general, the sooner we can end this battle.
Anakin: Right. Let’s go.

A silver Naboo starship raced down through the forests of Kashyyyk. Two small wookie ornithopers escorted the starship. Inside, Anakin was piloting the ship, and Aayla stood next to him, talking to the wookies.

Aayla: Yes, we need passage to Rakooroo City. We came to speak with Tarfful.
Wookie: (On what authority?)
Aayla: The supreme chancellor, Palpatine.
Wookie: (Are you the jedi?)
Aayla: Yes. Yes we’ve come to help fight against the separatists.

There’s a long silence as the two wookies speak with each other.

Wookie: (Follow us.)

The ornithopters glide through the trees and turn a corner. The starship follows.

Anakin and Aayla look up in awe.

Anakin: Whoa!

The ships are dwarfed as they enter a giant woodland city build on the tops of the trees. As they look out the windows they can see wookies hanging from trees, children playing, and warriors preparing their weapons. The ornithopters lead them to a small landing pad.

Wookie: You may land here.

The starship touched down on the landing pad as the ornithopters flew deeper into the city. A ramp lowered from the ship as Anakin, Aayla, Padme, Bly, and two blue clones emerged. Tarfful greeted them at the pad.

Tarfful: (Welcome to Rakooroo.)
Anakin: Thank you. You must be Tarfful.
Tarfful: (I am. Forgive me, but who are you?)
Anakin: Anakin Skywalker. I’m a jedi knight. This is my combat team, Aayla Secura, Padme Amidala, and Clone Commander Bly-34.
Tarfful: (Hello, to you all. But why re you here?)
Anakin: We’re looking for someone. A general named Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Tarfful: (I am not aware of a Kenobi passing through here.)
Anakin: He’s being held captive. He’s probably in the separatist droid factory here.
Tarfful: (Oh. I don’t want any business with the separatists. If you are working for them, I suggest you leave now.)
Anakin: It’s okay. We’re working with the republic.
Aayla: We’re here to help.

Part 16: TWO JEDI
Obi-Wan was tossed into a holding cell by two battle droids. He lay on the floor, not moving. A boy approached him who was about fourteen years old.

Boy: Master jedi? Are you okay?

Obi-Wan got up slowly.

Obi-Wan: Yes. I’m fine.
Boy: I thought you might have been dead.
Obi-Wan (smiling): I’m okay. Who are you anyway?
Boy: Zett, Zett Jukasa. Are you master Kenobi?
Obi-Wan: That’s me. You’re a jedi apprentice aren’t you? You’re Cin Drawlig’s padawan.
Zett: Yep.
Obi-Wan: How’d you get here?
Zett: I was on Kashyyyk. I was with my master. Then this droid came, this droid general. He killed my master and took me here.
Obi-Wan: I’m sorry.
Zett: I don’t spend my time feeling sad about his death. We need to get out of here. That’s my first priority.
Obi-Wan: I can see you’ll become a great jedi, Zett.
Zett: If we ever make it out of here…
Obi-Wan: We’ll make it out. I promise.
Zett: But how? With all of the separatist leaders here, the defense is higher than ever!
Obi-Wan: Wait, the separatists are here?
Zett: Yes…
Obi-Wan: This may yet work to our advantage.
Zett: But how?
Obi-Wan: If we capture the leaders…

Zett looked up at Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: …then we can end this war right now.

An ornithopter flew through the city at night, weaving through trees. It flew by a large gathering of wookies that Anakin’s team sat with.

Anakin sat beside Padme and Aayla, while Bly stood with his helmet off. Also, about ten wookies around a small campfire. Tarfful stood before it.

Tarfful: (We are warriors. We fight to the death. We are the grand army of Kashyyyk.)

The wookies roar with pride.

Tarfful: (These separatist forces are no mach for us! We’ve got instincts and reactions, and they are just robotics and steal. We will fight with pride against these forces. The Rakooroo Tribe will always prevail!)

The wookie roar.

Tarfful: (These four, they will fight by our side! They are now a part of this tribe!)

The wookies all roared, causing the team to cover their ears.

The wookies all celebrate as Padme and Anakin embrace.

Padme: Be careful, tomorrow.
Anakin (smiling): I will.

Anakin leaves the campfire and walks over towards Tarfful.

Anakin: I appreciate that you’re doing this.
Tarfful: (Helping you involves saving Kashyyyk. It is mandatory that I do this.)
Anakin: Many wookies will die in this battle.
Tarfful: (As will your troops. It is a part of battle.)
Anakin: I suppose you’re right.
Tarfful: (Go, you need to get rest for tomorrow.)
Anakin: That’s a good idea. I will meet you in the morning, then call for my troops.

The morning fog covered the forest floor. Sounds of wookie battle roars echoed throughout the area. Ornithopters and ARC Fighters swarmed the skies, searching for enemy attack fighters.
A small command ground was stationed at the back of the woods. Clone assault ships lay on the ground as the clones prepared for the battle. Anakin stood with Padme, Bly, and Tarfful.

Anakin: The enemy forces should be here soon.
Tarfful: (Our soldiers are ready.)
Bly: As are the clones.
Anakin: Great. Our defenses are at a maximum. There is a high possibility that we could win this battle.
Bly: We should rejoin with our troops. I have a feeling that this battle is not far off.
Anakin: I have that same feeling. May the force be with us all.

Bly left the command post and ran over to his troops and Tarfful ran off to his. Anakin embraced Padme.

Anakin: Stay here.
Padme (smiling): I will. I’ll be fine.

An alarm went off that had made Anakin and Padme jump. A red clone ran over to Anakin.

Clone: Commander! We’ve spotted enemy ships in sector 37!
Anakin: Stay alert.

Anakin felt nervous as he looked out towards the end of the forest, but he didn’t see anything.
Anakin: I don’t see them, sergeant.

Anakin looked around more carefully. He still only saw fog and trees. Then something caught his eye.

Anakin: Wait!

A blue vulture droid starfighter came into view.

Anakin: There’s one there! It’s a droid starfighter.
Clone: I see it.
Anakin (to Padme): You should get inside.
Padme: Okay.

She turned and ran into one of the tree houses.

Anakin looked up. More droids came into view. First ten, then fifty, then one hundred.

Anakin: Alert the crews! Get everyone airborne!
Clone: Copy that.

Aayla ran over to Anakin.

Aayla: This is our advantage. We should go now.
Anakin: Where’s Bly?
Aayla: Down with the clones. He’s got a speeder there. We can take it into the factory.

Anakin followed Aayla to an elevator leading the forest floor.

Red Leader: Follow my lead!

Three ARC fighters raced through the trees, pursuing two droid tri-fighters. Red 5 opened fire. He missed the droid.

Blue 5: There too fast!
Red Leader: Just stay on them.

Red 3 sped towards the tri-fighters and launched a missile at them. It hit the back of one and the explosion caused both of them to explode.

Red 3: Yeah!
Red Leader: Good shot, Red 3!
Red 5: Incoming! Enemy ships on our tail!

Four vulture droids came up behind the ARC Fighters. They’re wings opened, revealing an array of missiles.

Red Leader: Split up!

Two vultures fired their missiles, hitting the ARCs from behind. The three fighters burst into flames. They fell from the sky, impacting a wookie tree house, killing three wookies.

Anakin looked up and saw a tree house collapse to the ground in flames.

Anakin (to Aayla): We should head out now. The battle is really heating up.
Aayla: I agree.

The two jedi knights ran over to Bly.

Aayla: How many speeder bikes are there.
Bly: Just this one at the moment.
Anakin: Damn. Can we call for more?
Bly: We could, but that would stall us for a while.
Aayla: No this is fine, I guess.

Anakin ran over and jumped on first. He pressed a few buttons, activating the bike.

Anakin: Come on!

Aayla ran over and got on behind Anakin. Then Bly got on and sat behind Aayla.

Anakin: Hold on.

Anakin slammed a button and the speeder bike took off. The three held on to each other tightly to prevent from falling off.

Aayla: Can we go a bit slower?
Anakin: There’s no time.

Anakin switched gears and the bike sped up even more. Bly turned his head and noticed two vulture droids gaining on them.

Bly: We’ve got vultures on our tail!
Anakin: Grab a gun! Try and hold them off.
Bly: Got it!

Bly reached into his holster and pulled out a small blaster pistol. He tried to aim at the speeding vultures while struggling to keep his grip around Aayla. He pulled the trigger rapidly, missing the droids every time.

Bly: We’re going too fast! I can’t aim!
Anakin: Then we’ve got to try and loose them!

Bly dropped the gun and held on to Aayla with both arms. Aayla grabbed Anakin.

Aayla: I hope you know what you’re doing!

The bike sped through the trees and dodged the hanging tree houses. Anakin looked behind them at the vultures. They were still gaining.

Aayla: Anakin! Watch out!

Anakin turned and saw a long tree branch that they were heading right towards. Anakin’s eyes grew wide. He acted quickly. He pressed hard on the handles and the speeder lowered towards the ground, missing the tree branch. Aayla looked back as the two vultures collided with the branch, head on.

Anakin (laughing): I told you we could loose ‘em.
Aayla: Never do that again!
Bly (sighing): I’m with her.

Anakin laughed as they headed out of the forest. Once they cleared the trees, the came to an immense droid factory.

Anakin: I take it that’s the one we’re looking for?
Bly: Yeah. Head down that small vent shaft.

The speeder raced towards the factory and flew into a small, open, shaft at the side of the factory. The speeder slowed down as it went deeper into the shaft. Anakin parked it and the three got off.

Aayla: I am never riding one of those again.
Anakin: Come on. We’ve got to find a way to get to Obi-Wan.

Aayla stood on a large walkway and looked over the edge into a giant, steel canyon. Conveyer belts with battle droids were moving along throughout it.

Aayla: This is an entire army! They’re planning to control Kashyyyk!
Anakin: Not if we can help it.
Bly: Commander Skywalker, we really should get moving.
Anakin (to Aayla): He’s right.
Aayla: Okay. Let’s go.
Anakin: We should find out where the detention cells are. Obi-Wan should be-
Bly: Quiet.
Aayla: What is it?
Bly: Do you hear that?
Aayla: Hear what?

Bly walked slowly around the walkway. He pulled out a blaster.

Anakin: What is it?
Bly: Something’s here.
Aayla: I don’t see anything.

A sound went off that made the three jump. It sounded electrical. Nine bodyguards walked out of the shadows, holding staffs.

Bodyguard: Don’t move.

Bly dropped his blaster and Aayla dropped her lightsaber. Anakin gripped his tightly.

Aayla: Anakin, no. It would be useless to fight.

Anakin sighed and dropped his lightsaber to the ground.

Bodyguard: Follow us.

A bodyguard led the others out of the walkway as two other bodyguards grabbed the team’s weapons.

Part 21: JEDI VS. SITH
Anakin stepped out into a large foyer with Aayla and Bly. The bodyguards followed. Count Dooku stood before them.

Anakin: Dooku.
Dooku: Ah, if it isn’t young Skywalker. We meet again.
Anakin: You won’t win this time.
Dooku: Ha! Don’t be too proud, my young jedi. You wouldn’t dare attack me in my own base now would you?
Anakin (angrily): Give me my lightsaber and find out.
Dooku (laughing): Droids. Haul the other two away.
Bodyguard: Yes sir.

A bodyguard nudged Aayla and Bly and they left the room, leaving only Dooku and Anakin.
Dooku: Do you truly dare to face me? After what happened last time?
Anakin: I’m much stronger now.
Dooku (laughing): Indeed. Twice the pride, double the fall.

Dooku grabbed a lightsaber from a jedi that Grievous had killed and tossed it to Anakin.

Anakin: Let’s end this.

Dooku ignited a red lightsaber and circled Anakin, evilly. Anakin took the lightsaber that Dooku had tossed him and ignited a green blade.

Dooku: I’ve already cut your arm off. I think I’ll take your head this time.

Anakin yelled and lunged at Dooku. They locked lightsabers.

Dooku: You can’t win.

Anakin gripped his lightsaber and swung hard at Dooku. He just blocked it. Dooku then swung at Anakin. He blocked the blow too, but he could feel the power from the blow almost knock the lighsaber out of his hands.

Dooku: Give up now.
Anakin: Shut up!

Anakin swung hard at Dooku. Dooku dodged it. The evil sith then grabbed his lightsaber and swung at Anakin, leaving a gash on his arm. Anakin screamed with pain. Dooku then used the force to push Anakin out of a giant window, onto a platform. Anakin got up slowly. He stood on a platform about 400 feet above the forest floor. He turned and saw Dooku running at him. Anakin yelled and swung at the sith. Dooku ducked, causing the blade to miss him. Dooku got up and kicked Anakin in the face, causing him to fall backwards. Dooku raised his lightsaber and tried to impale Anakin. Anakin rolled over, missing the lightsaber by a few inches. Anakin got up and grabbed his lightasber. He swung at Dooku, but he again dodged the attack. Dooku swung at Anakin’s lightsaber, locking blades.

Dooku: It’s over, jedi. My powers are much stronger than yours are.
Anakin: I think not!

Anakin jumped up and kicked the sith lord, knocking him over. Anakin then used the force to jump up another 50 feet to the next platform. Once his feet touched the ground, he ran, knowing that Dooku wouldn’t be far behind. Sure enough, Anakin turned to see the sith standing right behind him. Dooku used the force to push Anakin to the ground. He then held his lighsaber inches from the young jedi’s face. Anakin gripped his lightsaber, but Dooku used the force to pull it out of his hands. He then tossed it off of the platform, to the forest floor.

Dooku: It’s over, Anakin.
Anakin: Not yet!
Dooku: Listen, jedi, I could kill you right here and now…

Anakin looked up at Dooku. Anger raged within him.

Dooku: …but I’m offering you a choice. You could join us.
Anakin: Never! I’ll never betray the jedi!
Dooku: Ha! Don’t be a fool. Let yourself fall. You should feel the power!

Anakin shut his eyes and sighed.

Dooku: Now, join me! Join me!

Dooku raised his lightsaber.

Dooku (furiously): JOIN ME!
Anakin: NO!

Anakin jumped to his feet and used the force to push Dooku backwards. The sith dropped his lightsaber. Anakin walked over and grabbed it. Dooku sprung to his feet and used the force to shoot bolts of lightning out of his hands at Anakin. Anakin blocked them with the lightsaber and lunged at Dooku. Anakin swung the lightsaber hard at Dooku, cutting off his right arm. Dooku yelled in pain. Anakin brought the lighsaber close to Dooku’s neck.

Anakin (evilly): I’ve already cut your arm off.

Dooku looked up at Anakin, nervously.

Anakin: I think I’ll take your head this time.

Dooku yelled as Anakin swung the lightsaber hard at his neck. The sith lord’s body fell backwards and his head rolled off of the platform. Blood spread. Anakin shut his eyes as he tossed Dooku’s saber off of the platform.

Aayla Secura and Commander Bly were tossed into an energy cell.

Aayla: What do you think they’re gonna do with us?
Obi-Wan: That doesn’t matter. What matters is that we need to get out of this factory.

Aayla looked into the cell next to hers. Obi-Wan Kenobi sat with Zett Jukassa.

Aayla: Obi-Wan! You’re okay!
Obi-Wan: I’m fine. Why do rescue missions always turn into failures?

Aayla laughed.

Aayla (looking at Zett): And who’s this?
Obi-Wan: Zett Jukassa. He’s a jedi prisoner here too.
Aayla Where’s his master?
Zett: He was killed. By that droid general.
Aayla: Oh, I’m sorry.
Zett: It’s fine. Master Drawlig and I never really connected anyway.
Obi-Wan: Where’s Anakin.
Aayla: He’s with Count Dooku.
Obi-Wan: Oh no! He’s going to need help! The last time he fought him, Dooku could have easily killed him.
Anakin: Well times have changed.

Obi-Wan turned and saw Anakin Skywalker holding his original, blue lightsaber. Dead battle droids lay behind him.

Obi-Wan: Anakin! Where’s Dooku?
Anakin: Dead.
Obi-Wan: What? How did you…?
Anakin: I’m a knight now, remember?
Obi-Wan (smiling): I guess you really have listened to what I’ve taught.
Bly: Listen, I hate to break up your little reunion, but I’d really like to get out of this cell as soon as possible.
Anakin: Oh yeah. Of course.

Anakin ran over to a power switch and pressed a button on it. The shields deactivated. Hundreds of captured wookies escaped and fled the area.

Anakin: So, what now?
Obi-Wan: I say we contact whoever is in charge of this mission.
Anakin: Um… that’s me.
Obi-Wan: Great. Is there anyone else at the Rakooroo?
Anakin: Padme! Padme’s still there! Along with the wookie leader and about a thousand clones.
Obi-Wan: You brought an army here?
Anakin: Yeah…
Obi-Wan: Well… that may actually be of some use besides destroying the forests.
Anakin: What do you mean?
Obi-Wan: The separatists are all here.

Padme sat at the wookie conference table with Tarfful. A hologram of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Aayla, Bly, and Zett stood before them.

Padme: How do you plan on capturing the leaders?
Anakin: Well… that part we haven’t figured out yet.
Padme: Great. Our one chance at ending this war and we don’t have a plan.
Anakin: Tarfful! How much longer do you think your forces can hold out?
Tarfful: (I don’t know. This battle is inflicting much crisis in my village!)
Anakin: If you sent over a few gunships, we could just use those to transport the leaders back to Rakooroo once we have them.
Padme: That sounds like a good plan. I will send the gunships now.
Anakin: Okay. Anakin Skywalker out.

Anakin’s hologram disappeared.

Anakin moved towards Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: They’re down there.

Anakin looked out of the small vent shaft that they were standing in. The separatist leaders, Poggle the Lesser, Nut Gunray, Rune Haako, San Hill, Passel Argente, and Wat Tambor sat in a conference room with General Grievous. A large balcony stood out front.

Anakin: So do we just barge in there and kill the droids?
Obi-Wan: I guess so.
Aayla: Well the gunships should be coming soon.
Obi-Wan: Yeah, we want them before the ships arrive.
Anakin: Okay, let’s go.
Obi-Wan: Zett, stay here.
Zett: Got it.

Obi-Wan used his lightsaber to cut a hole in the shaft that they all jumped through. Zett watched from the shaft. The four landed in the conference room below.

Obi-Wan (to Grievous): Hello there!

Grievous turned.
Grievous (laughing): Ah, the cavalry has arrived.
Anakin: You won’t get away this time.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Aayla ignited their blue lightsabers as Bly took out two blaster pistols.

Grievous (to his droids): Kill them!

Four droid bodyguards leapt at the jedi and the clone. Bly pulled the trigger on his blaster and shot one droid in the head, causing the small, metal skull to blow up, however, it continued to fight. It swung at Bly, but the clone commander dodged the blows, swiftly. He jumped behind the droid and kicked it over, then shot it in the back, killing it.

Aayla Secura locked blades with one bodyguard.

Bodyguard: You won’t win!
Aayla: Oh, I beg to differ!

She leapt up and did a front flip over the droid. It turned around, facing her, but it was too late. The jedi had swung her lightsaber. The droid slowly split in half.

Obi-Wan fought hard with his droid. His was the commander, and it was more heavily built. He could feel the power of the droids attacks almost pull his lightsaber from his hands. The jedi leapt up and kicked the droid in the face. The only harm done was to Obi-Wan’s foot. Obi-Wan yelled and grabbed his foot. The jedi looked up at a metal pipe. An idea sprung into his head. He used the force to pull the pipe from the ceiling. It fell towards the two remaining droids.

Obi-Wan: Anakin! Look out!

Anakin, who was still dueling with a droid, dodged the pipe that fell. The impact crushed the two remaining droids. Anakin then turned to Grievous and the separatists.

Anakin: Stand down, Grievous!
Obi-Wan: Surrender yourself and the separatists.

Grievous let out a metallic laugh.

Grievous (evilly): I’ll give you one of two.

Grievous turned and charged at the balcony. He put his foot on the edge and pushed off. He leapt into the air.

Obi-Wan: Let’s go!
The three jedi and the clone raced after Grievous. Obi-Wan and Aayla jumped, but Anakin and Bly stayed back. They saw what Grievous was aiming for and they’d never make it.

Grievous and the two jedi knights started to fall. They landed on something, a republic gunship; a moving republic gunship.

Aayla and Obi-Wan held onto the roof of the gunship to prevent from getting blown off. Grievous stood up straight, his feet dug into the hull of the speeding gunship.

Grievous: Ha! Amusing jedi. You’re all so bold, but so overconfident.

Obi-Wan looked up at Grievous. He held a lightsaber hilt in each of his four hands.

Grievous: Do you have any idea of how many jedi knights I’ve killed?
Obi-Wan: Well let us put a stop to all of that.

Aayla and Obi-Wan both ignited their blue lightsabers as Grievous ignited his: two were blue and two were green.

Aayla lunged at Grievous. She swung at him, but he blocked the hit without even looking at her. He kicked her in the stomach and she fell off of the hull.

Obi-Wan: Aayla!

Aayla used the force to bring herself into the passenger area of the gunship. She ran over to a small communication switch. She used it to call to the pilot.

Aayla: Pilot!
Clone Pilot: Master Secura?
Aayla: Slow the ship! Grievous is on the hull!
Pilot: Well we should speed up! That would knock him off!
Aayla: No! Obi-Wan’s up there! Besides, his feet are clawed! He’s digging into the ship!
Pilot: Okay.

Greivous’s clawed feet dug into the hull of the ship as he slowly walked towards Obi-Wan. The droid swung at the jedi, but he blocked it. Obi-Wan pushed his lightsaber hard, pushing Grievous backwards. He leapt up and swung at the one of the droid’s lightsabers, knocking it out of his hand. It rolled off of the ship.

Grievous: No matter. I’ll use your lightsaber to replace that.

Grievous swung hard at Obi-Wan’s lightsaber. It then fell out of his hands and started to roll down the gunship’s immense wing. Obi-Wan dived at it, but it was too late. The saber rolled off of the wing and fell towards the forest floor.

Grievous blocked an attack from behind him. He turned and saw Aayla Secura behind him.

Grievous: When will you learn?

He pushed Aayla’s lightsaber, throwing her guard off. He kicked her and she fell backwards, dropping her saber. Grievous was now the only one left with lighsabers, and three lightsabers to make matters worse. He lunged at Aayla as she tried to escape, but it was too late. The droid’s metalic claws grabbed Aayla by the waist and she was pulled into the air, by the droid’s foot. Still holding her, the droid slammed her hard on the hull of the ship, knocking her out. He held the motionless Aayla, then threw her off the back of the gunship. Obi-Wan ran and jumped after Aayla. He grabbed her and pulled a rope attached to the end of the gunship towards them with the force. He grabbed it and held on for dear life.

Grievous was amused by the jedi’s pathetic attempt to survive. He turned and walked towards the cockpit of the gunship. The pilot looked behind him in surprise as the glass covering him was shattered and the gunner’s head was cut off by a lightsaber. He frantically tried to pull out a blaster, but it was too late, he was pulled from the cockpit and thrown off the side of the gunship. The ship was in an area without trees, so they could survive without a pilot, for now.

Obi-Wan held tightly Aayla and jumped to the passenger area of the ship. He let Aayla down. He realized that she was badly wounded and she needed to get to a bacta tank.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath and jumped up to the hull of the ship and confronted Grievous.

Obi-Wan: You’ll have to do better than that!
Grievous: Okay! I will!

The droid reached into the cockpit and pressed a button on the control panel, speeding the ship up. Obi-Wan yelled and grabbed onto one of the ship’s immense cannons. Grievous lunged at him with a lightsaber. Obi-Wan jumped up and leapt over the determined droid general. Grievous growled with aggravation and swung at Obi-Wan. The droid was caught off guard and Obi-Wan kicked him in the side of the head, knocking him over. The three, remaining lightsabers off of the ship.

Grievous got up slowly.

Grievous: Is this really the way you want it to end, Kenobi?
Obi-Wan: I will do what it takes.
Grievous (laughing): You saw what I did to your little Twi’lek friend. And that was just with a little smack to the head. Imagine what I’ll do to you.
Obi-Wan: Try it.

Obi-Wan jumped into the air and headed towards the gunner station. He removed the dead body from the seat and quickly pressed a button. A turret on the wing targeted Grievous and fired. The droid jumped out of the way of the blast and jumped onto the turret, crushing it. The fired laser beam impacted on the hull of the ship, resulting in a section of the ship bursting into flames.

Obi-Wan: Bad idea!

Obi-Wan jumped out of the gunner area and leapt onto the ship’s left wing. He could feel the ship become less stable, due to the explosion. Grievous walked through a cloud of smoke and stood at the top of the left wing, on top of a cannon.

Grievous: Is this really the way that you want to end it, Kenobi?

Obi-Wan looked up at the droid general.

Grievous: Destroying yourself with me?
Obi-Wan: If it means destroying you, I will do what I must.
Grievous (laughing): Then I will grant you a warrior’s death. But you won’t take me with you.

Grievous used his feet to rip the left cannon from the top of the gunship. He stood on his hands as he tossed the immense cannon at Obi-Wan. It rolled down the wing and Obi-Wan jumped over it.

Grievous: I can see you’ve become a great jedi, Kenobi. Too bad you have to be slaughtered. You owe me a lightsaber.

Grievous jumped at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan tried to jump from the wing, but Grievous grabbed him by the ankle. He swung the helpless jedi around, and threw him on the hull. The droid leapt after him, landing at his feet. Obi-Wan looked up, helplessly. Blood dripped from his mouth.

Grievous stepped on Obi-Wan’s back, causing him to yell in pain. Obi-Wan grunted and inched away from the droid. He noticed something in the cockpit.

Grievous: Give up! I’m much stronger than you are!
Obi-Wan leap
Sep 4, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

And... you can't re-release just one! Here comes the re-release of the one... the only... Jabba's Place 1 and 2 collection!

Jabba: Push! Push!

Three guards try to push Jabba through a door.

Jabba: Come on you worthless pieces of s***! Speakin of s***, hurry it up I gotta take a crap!
Guard #1: You're too fat!

Jabba eats the guard.

Guard #2: Screw this. You ain't gettin any thinner.

The two guards walk off.

Jabba: Hey. Hey!! Come back! I'm hungry! I'm gonna eat ya!
Bib Fortuna: Do you really think you need any more food, sir?
Jabba: You be quiet! Help me through this door.
Bib: We've tried, sir. You won't make it through.
Jabba: You know what? Just cut down this wall and bring my throne over here.

Jabba's Palace:

Bib: Two droids wish to speak with you, sir.
Jabba: Yeah, sure, whatever.

C-3P0 and R2-D2 enter.

Jabba: Who the hell are you?
Bib: They're the droids.
Jabba: What did I tell you about letting company in without my approval?
Bib: But sir---
Jabba: SHUT UP! I'm eating these droids and that's final.
Bib: But sir, I really think you would loose some weight if you stopped eating so many people.
Jabba (chewing on R2's and 3P0's electrical wires): Huh?
Bib: Never mind.
Jabba: I'm bored. Get my band.

The Max Rebo band starts to play. Jabba looks at Max.

Jabba (to Bib): Look, he's fat and you never bug him about it!
Max: I heard that!!!
Jabba: Good! Now come over here so I can eat you!
Bib: Jabba!
Jabba: WHAT?!?
Bib: Take it easy.

Jabba looks at the dancing girl, Oola.

Jabba: Damn. You fine! Come over here and let Jabba teach you a little thing or two.
Oola: Shut up, fat a$$.
Jabba: That hurts my feelings you know!
Oola: I hope it does.

Jabba presses a button sending Oola into the rancor pit.

The rancor emerges and towers over Oola. It grabs her and raises her towards it's mouth.

Rancor: Damn! You fine!
Jabba: Oh for god's sake!

Jabba leaps into the rancor pit, and lands on the rancor, crushing it instantly. He then swallows Oola whole.

Jabba: That's good *****!

Jabba looks up. His palace is about 30 feet above him.

Jabba: Oh s***. Didn't think this one through.

Three guards come down and tie a rope around Jabba.

Guard #1: Pull!

About 30,000 people in Jabba's palace pull on the other end of the rope and Jabba slightly starts to rise into the palace.

After three hours, Jabba has finally been pulled up into his palace again.

Jabba (To Bib Fortuna): Remind me never to do that again.
Bib: Surely, sir.
Jabba: Speakin' of food, have my chef make me somethin' to eat.
Bib: But, sir, we weren't speaking of---
Jabba: SHUT UP! Or would you rather have me eat you?
Bib: No, of course not! I'll see to it now.
Jabba: Good.
Guard: Jabba, sir! Someone's here to speak with you!
Jabba (chewing on a jawa): Who?
Guard: Someone called Skywalker.
Jabba: Ah, send him in.

Luke enters.

Luke: Yo, b****. I want my f***ing dorids back.

A spark goes off in Jabba's belly.

Jabba: I don't know what you're talking about.
Luke: Bull! I sent in a protocol droid and an astromech droid the other day. I never got them back.
Jabba: Speak english please.
Luke: People robot and trash can.

Jabba looks around nervously.

Jabba: Um.

He presses a button and Luke falls into the rancor pit.

Jabba: Ha! What now, b****?!?
Bib: Your rancor's dead, sir. You flatened it, remember?
Jabba: Um...

Jabba eats Bib.

Luke: You almost done here, fat a$$?
Jabba (to Boba Fett): Just shoot him.

Boba sits in the corner making out with Lyn Me.

Boba: Can it wait?
Jabba: You know what? I'm gonna eat you if you don't get down there and kill this a$$ hole.
Boba: No! I don't wanna.
Jabba: WHAT?!?
Boba: You can't make me. You're a fat slug and you can't even move.
Guard: Hey! He's right!
Jabba: No! No!

The guards all gang up on Jabba. Jabba thinks quickly.

Jabba: I've got it!

Jabba farts and all of the guards surrounding him fall over, dead.

Jabba: Who's next?!?

Two shots are fired and a Leia enters with Chewie. They both are holding guns.

Leia: We've come for Solo.
Jabba: Who?
Leia: Han Solo? He was a prisioner here!
Jabba: Oh yeah, that guy. I ate him weeks ago.
Leia: You what?!?
Boba: Yeah, seriously. Why did you eat him. There was a huge bounty on that ba$tard's head. He was worth a lot of money.
Jabba: You I'm ignoring.

Jabba turns to Leia.

Jabba: Listen, babe. You ever get tired of working for the rebels, and you can come and work for me.
Chewie: ROAR! (F*** off, slug. She's mine.)
Leia: Chewie, what the hell?
Chewie: Grr... (Uh, woops! Did I say that out loud?)
Leia: Yes, you did.
Chewie: growl... (Well, this is awkward...)
Jabba: Chewbacca, come here.
Chewie: Grah... (Yes?)

Jabba eats Chewie.

Leia: That's it! Die you fat ba$tard!

Leia pulls out a small, round object.

Jabba: Holy s***! It's a bomb!
Boba: It's a potatoe, dumb a$$.
Leia: My god, you are a dumb a$$.
Jabba: You be quiet. Guards! Get this chick into some hot, small bikini thing. She's gonna be my slave.
Guard: Ooh! I wanna do it!
Jabba: Don't do anything funny. She's my b**** now.


Jabba sits on his throne with a half naked Leia.

Jabba: Someone get the crap bucket! I gotta take a s***!

Jabba then craps out Bib Fortun and Han Solo.

Bib: Why, did you eat me?
Jabba: I was hungry now shut up. By the way, why is he still alive?
Bib: I don't know...
Han: Leia! You're okay!
Leia: Get away from me! You're covered in s***!
Jabba: Alright! I'm gonna kill you now.

Jabba opens his mouth.

Bib: I don't think that will kill him. Your digestive system is full.
Jabba: Fine. Let's go to the sarlaac!


Han has escaped and has already killed most of Jabba's guards.

Jabba: Well this is great. This is just great. I'm never having another one of these death parties again.

He turns to Leia.

Jabba: Wanna have s3x?
Leia: What do you think?
Jabba: Come here!

Jabba grabbs Leia.

Leia: No! You peice of s***! You're a fat disgusting slob and you'll probably kill me if you do this!
Jabba: Um... so?
Leia: Get off me!

Jabba rolls out of his barge and falls towards the salraac.

Jabba: Call me!

Jabba falls into the Sarlaac's mouth and it chokes to death instantly.

Leia: Thank god!
Boba: Wanna make out?
Leia: Yeah sure.


Jabba's Palace- Rancor Pit...

Luke: Hello?
Feb 11, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

Just to be sure, by re-release, you mean they're still the same, right? No new bits I need to go looking for
Sep 4, 2004
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Buffalo, NY
Re: REPLIES??????

lol, well the Jurassic Park story has been canceled, and war of the republic 3 won't come out for a while, and i just quit the tooper, cause i had absolutly no story to work with, so does anyone have an idea for a cool story? I was thinking of writing an Alien vs. Predator story, but i still need an idea.
Jun 29, 2005
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Re: REPLIES??????

Star Wars Clone Wars Chapter One

Yoda: Fire burned the galaxy to war...

*Jedi blow stuff up, and clones and droids die*

Anakin: GRRRRRR!!!!!

In palpatine's office

ObiWan: My Army is ready b<BEEEEP>
Palpatine: K, just send Anakin too
Anakin: OK, I'll go
ObiWan: WHAT?! HE'S JUST A STUPID BABY!!! Just look at him! His 20 and he hasn't even hit Peuberty! MY GOD!
Yoda: the place of a Padawan is with his master, I herby s-
Palpatine: Stop wastin' my time shorty! I'll be late for bellet class! Anakin's Going!


ObiWan(Thinking): ECHO! ECHO! CHO! HO! Oh!

*the troopers get ready and launch*

Anakin: *starts reciting a Shakspere poem for Padme*
Padme: Uh, bye
Anakin: F<BEEEP> YOU! *Takes off*
Jun 29, 2005
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Re: REPLIES??????


Chapter 2

Obiwan: Go to the planet and destroy the gun! *leaves*
Fordo: *Wipes his helmet* Man! Say it don't spray it!
ARC1: Man, I need some freakin' fresh air! *takes off helmet* OH GOD! WHO FARTED?!
Fordo: Sorry!


Anakin(laying on a skateboard under the Starfighter): So you think I haven't hit peuberty?! MY VOICE F***IN CRACKED AND EVERYTHING!
ObiWan: You don't have a you-know-what!
Anakin: WTF!
ObiWan: We're there, and your screwed! Bye!
Anakin: Wait! ObiWan! *Tries to get up and hits his head on the starfighter* Aaah! FFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Starfighter: Crack!
Starfighter: *falls on Anakin*
Anakin: Heeeeelp...
Jun 29, 2005
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Re: REPLIES??????

lol yeah it is! I stopped posting, because noone else is posting. BTW My new AIM Screen Name is Norwiegnsquirrel! LOL
Feb 11, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

I didn't think I'd get tired of it, but I guess I wasn't as interested as I was before. Shame
Feb 11, 2004
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Re: REPLIES??????

Darth_Deastron said:
! Wasn't as funny as the first one, though-I guess it was the way he was leering at Bib and heappeared to be deliberately looking away from Jabba. Still, would be a nice thing to use for advertising
Jun 29, 2005
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Re: REPLIES??????

Warning: The fallowing has parodies of some shows that I even like! ITS JUST FOR FUN! NOONE GET OFFENDED!

Channel Surf (has almost NOTHING TO DO WITH STAR WARS)

Me: HMmmmm....Lets see whats on TV today! *turns on the TV*


Will: YO Carlton! Am I Fresh Enough?
Carlton: NOPE!
Will: Coo!
Jazz: Yo! *Gets thrown out of the house*
Will: So Carlton! WUT UP!
Carlton: I am afraid that you've made a grammar mistake...
Carlton: I'm Black?!


A: Do you have a HIDIOUS Battle Scar on your face? Are you deppresse? Are you Suicidal? Do You want a Cookie? Am I REALLY STARTING TO BUG YOU? Well if you answered "Yes" To any of these Questions, YOU QUALIFY FOR THE HIDIOUS SIDIOUS SITH SCAR REMOVAL TREATMENT!!!
Anakin (E3): OMG! What's That?!
A: All you have to do is put a drop of Lav-I mean the patented "Mustafarian Red Hot Ointment that is Created by melting rocks" On your Skin! That's RIGHT! Just ONE drop!
Anakin: SWEEEEEEEEEEET! *puts on Ointment* AAAAAAAAH! MY SKIN!!!

*3 hours later*

Anakin: OMFG! IT IS!
A: And It'll look SO good! That Old Ugly People will buy you cool new clothes!
Sidious: Here is your Vader Sute Anakin!

Other Guy: Warning: Risks include- Stomach Ache, Diarea (assuming that you still have your stomach), Uncomfortably Dry Skin (NO S***!), Coughing, Hatred, Loss of limbs, looking ugly, and in 99/100 cases Death!


Extremly Skinny Lady: Hi! I am Barbra Robertson! And I lost 3,934,343 lbs With the Miracle Machine! This ALMOST NEVER WORKS! BUT YOU DON'T Know that! Just listen to these fake success stories, and Look at these Obivously Photoshopped photos!!!! I used the Miracle Machine! And Now I'm A loser! BE A LOSER TODAY!

Me: ROFL!!!!!


(In the Middle ages)

Finacial Advisor: Sorry, I'm afraid your Broke! Not a penny to your name!
Guy: Oh!
Financial Advisor: You're going to have to sell your cars! all of them!
Guy: Already did! But I have some good news! I just saved a ton of money on car insurrance by switching to gieco!



Singer (S): THAT'S SO RAVEN!!!
Eddy: I'm a gangsta foo!
Chelsea: Which way is up?!
Raven: I'm a psycho! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


A: **** MY RIDE!

XZibit: Look at dis foo! his car broke!
Dude: My Car Broke! **** my ride!
XZibit: We Fix it!
A: And now we go to a Commercial Break!

Me: AAAAAAH! SCREW THIS! I'm going online!
Jun 29, 2005
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Me: Let's See what's on TV! *turns on the tv*


Me: WTF!

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick! Look a Clam!!!!
Patrick: OH BOY LET'S BE GAY!!!!
SpongeBob: OK!
Clam: Can I play?!


A: At progressive auto insurrance we don't insure Extreme Sports!
Skateboarder: *slowly skates on the road* WEE!
A: Because when we were kids we couldn't do it!
Skateboarder: WEEEEEEEEEEE-OFF! *gets hit by a truck*
A: and because we're cheap wimps!


Henry: Aaah, nice morning *opens window* OMG!
King: Henry! Take this sandwich!
Henry: WTF! How do you know my name?!
King: I've been watching yoooooou!
Henry: That'll show you, you plastic pervert! Go F*** a manakin!

Burger King!


Family Guy

Lois: It seems today, that all we see is Violence in movies and s3x on TV!
Peter: But Where are those good old fashion Values
Family: On which we used to rely!
Me: Finally Something good!
Family: Lucky there's a Family G-
News Guy: We Interupt this program for an important news bulletien!


Regis: Welcome back to WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!!!!
Crowd: *goes silent*
Some Ididot in the crowd: OOO! PICK ME! I WANNA BE A MILLIONAIRE!


Elan: Wanna Buy Some Death Sticks?
ObiWan: You Don't Want to Sell me Death Sticks!
Elan: I don't want to sell you death Sticks!
ObiWan: You Want to go rethink you life!
Elan: I want to go home and rethink my life! *leaves*
ObiWan: Remember kids! Don't do drugs! If you buy death sticks, It will give you a severe case of your head popping off! Most women who do death sticks wind up with unusual diseases. And some of them don't even have a life...




ObiWan: That's mine!

*they ignite their lightsabers and start dueling*

Anakin: I SAW IT FIRST!!!!

*They fight until they reach a pool of lava*

ObiWan: What do you think I am STUPID?!
Anakin: Yes!

ObiWan: Oh, thank you for your honesty! I shall try to impoo-AAAAAAAAH!!!
Norwiegen Squirrel: JUICY FRUIT!!! *jumps on ObiWan's face and starts scratching it*
God with a rocket launcher: OK! Just HOLD STILL! *Shoots*
Norwiegen Squirrel: OMG! *Dives*
Obiwan and Anakin: [censored]!
*the rocket launcher explodes and Anakin and ObiWan go plunging into the lava*

ObiWan: MY MAN HOOD!!!!!!
*they melt away*

Norwiegen Squirrel: OOOO! Juicy Fruit! *takes it and walks away*


Me: OK! Time to go online!