CE - Few questions regarding the show/venue....

Apr 12, 2007
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United Kingdom
Ok, a few questions have been raised by members of my family who will be attending the show for 3 days with me.

1) Is there facilities to hire wheel chairs or be given FOC chairs for those (ie my girlfriend) who could be struggling to walk around due to having major knee surgery?

2) Will there be sufficent places to sit within the show? Being there all day walking will tire many people, and again, my girlfriend (who may or may not need a wheel chair) is not going to be able to walk continually for 8 hours ect..

3) Will i/we be allowed to take in the show our own food & drink? Do not want to be paying London prices (£7.00 for burger & chips). Will security regard drinks containers as offensive weapons!!

Now for the not so serious question(s)

Is there going to be an offical SWSHOP.COM at the show selling the same exclusives made available to our US cousins?
I was hoping the John Alvin poster & the "Redemption" poster by John Brosio will be there for general sale. Sooner get it there than pay Evilbay prices.

If someone in the know on here or Barry @ CE could reply with any answers, it would be much appreciated


May 27, 2007
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Hi Andy,

1. According to the excel website they do have wheelchair hire facilities.

2. They don't say much about seating and from what I can remember there isn't a great deal.

3. There are lots of places to eat inside, but I remember going to one event and lots of people had brought there own lunch and no-one complained...although there is no mention of the policy on there site.

4. God I hope there will be a shop!

Hope that helps a bit!