C3: "Fastfood Collectibles" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)


Nov 15, 2003
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C3: \"Fastfood Collectibles\" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)

Okay, next in my series of C3 transcripts is the "Fastfood Collectibles" Panel.

You should know the drill by now. I have tried to keep it as close to what was actually said as possible. Any corrections I made are in brackets. Enjoy!

C3: Fastfood Collectibles Panel Transcript

(Our panelists today are Todd Chamberlain, Mike Mensinger , and John from Burger King.)

Todd: “We have a lot of slides, so we’ll probably go a little bit fast in some areas. If there’s anything you want to ask about at the end, we can do that. Mike and I, we’re both pretty……we like this topic a lot, so we want to try to get as much into the presentation as we could. 8We’re go ahead and get going. Start with the Star Wars promotions from Burger King……..Burger Chef. This is going to get a little confusing, the first fast food promotion was a set of four posters, and there were three different ways that they were distributed. Some were distributed through Burger Chef, some were done through Burger King, although the Burger Kings ones I believe were done in ’78 not ‘77, and then Coca Cola selling outlets like movie theaters and other places like that would also sell these posters.

Slide 1

This is a point of purchase display, it’s a poster for Burger Chef. I tend to find the Burger Chef displays tend to be a bit harder to find than Burger King items that’s because Burger Chef was more kinda a mid West regional chain, where as Burger King had a bit wider distribution.

Slide 2

This is a Burger King display, and is one of the pretty tough items. I think I’ve only seen or know of like 3 or 4 in different collections. This would have hung above the cash registers, and they would have changed the dangler on the bottom each week to indicate the poster that was being sold that week.

Slide 3

I had noted earlier that Burger King, Burger Chef and Coke sold posters, and there are actually variations. There are at least four different variations and maybe as many as five different variations. Some of them have white border around the outside, some of them are a full bleed, and the artwork runs all the way to the edge. And so for Burger King there’s a full bleed and a white bordered version, for Burger Chef they’re all the full bleed, they don’t have the white border. Ad the Coca Cola ones, the ones that just only Coca Cola, they don’t say Burger King or Burger Chef, tend to be the hardest ones to find. Actually, last week I discovered that there’s an Australian version that has a big red Coke logo on it, that I had never seen before. Unfortunately, I only won half the set and somebody outbid me on ebay for the other 2.

Slide 4

The next promotion was a Burger Chef item from 1978. These were kid’s meal trays. There were 7 different ones that you could get. The ones we’ll show here are all unused flats, they were never folded up into meals.

Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 7
Slide 8

Here’s another Store Display poster for that promotion from Burger Chef.

Slide 9

The next promotion in the summer of ’78, Burger Kind did its first set of glasses. This, I think, tends to be for most people, like the promotion that people think of the most for Burger King the vintage era, is the glasses promotion. There again, the Star Wars phenomena kind of caught a lot of people off guard, so a lot of folks didn’t get their promotions going until 1978. By that time they were able to get a license, and get the product together.

Slide 10

So, you get a different glass each week. This is a mobile, that would have hung up in the restaurant, before to advertise [that] the promotion was coming. It shows all four glasses.

Slide 11

Here’s a counter display. Personally, I like the counter displays best of all the display items, because it is able to present the product to you. You can see it all together in a nice graphic image.

Slide 12

Here’s a translite. It [goes on the] menu board above [the counter], and it’s made to shine light through. The colors are really brilliant when you are able to shine light behind it.

Slide 13

Here’s a drive through Translite. The drive through translights are a little bit smaller than the large size translights, but they’re a lot harder to find.

Slide 14

Similar to the poster mobile that I showed earlier, this is a mobile for the glasses. You can change out the bottom piece each week for different glasses.

Slide 15

This is a register card. It would have been just like put right on top of the cash register to show what glass they were [offering]. There’s one for each glass.

Slide 16

This is one of the more unusual items that I’ve been able to find. I sort of took a chance on Ebay. Sometimes when one takes a chance on ebay, and you get the piece, and you think “this is not what I expected”. When I [saw it] this was advertised as like a Star Wars mirror. I some how found it in a search [because it said] Burger King on it. It looks like a bootleg carnival item or something maybe. They didn’t say what it was, they didn’t say what the text is. It turns out it’s actually like an internal employee award. It has the name of somebody who worked there, kind of like congratulating them for their work on the campaign. I thought it was pretty exciting thing to actually get that, and be like “wow, never thought I’d find something like that."

Slide 17

Mike’s going to talk about the Empire Strikes Back and Jedi promotions.”

Mike: “Yeah, we’re going to move into the Empire Strikes Back promotion first. First we’re going to start off with glasses. Similar to the Star Wars glasses, it was a “Collect all 4 glasses” and they offered a new glass each week. The photo here is of one of the store displays, and you can see that it holds the 4 on the bottom as well as has a spot near the middle of the display for the current week’s glass.

Slide 18

These are 2 pretty interesting store displays for that glasses promotion. The one on the left there is a 3PO and R2 pole display, it’s fairly difficult to find that. It’s a pretty fragile display, so it’s a pretty neat one to have. The other one is kind of a pre-promo translight just to indicate that the glasses were coming, as Todd mentioned they were used up on the menu board [and] backlight.

Slide 19

Here’s another translite, this one actually features each glass. The Empire translights are a little bit easier to find than the Star Wars ones. The Star Wars ones tend to be the rarer ones.

Slide 20

These are actually here menu trays……not menu trays, but tray liners. They just put these down when you got your food served. It just kind of serves as an advertising piece, there are 2 different styles there for the glasses.

Slide 21

Next we’ll move onto the ’81 promotion, which was the super scenes. This promotion basically had little sticker stamps that you could use. They were kind of randomly assorted on stamp strips, and then there was an album that you could paste them into and the stamps all made a neat scene.

Slide 22

This is a little register card. In the middle of that it shows the actual book where you would take the stickers and make the little scenes with them.

Slide 23

Okay, up next is the everybody wins game promotion. It was in 1981. There was a lot of different prizes you could win, [it] basically featured kind of lottery styled scratch and win tickets. One of the things you could win was trading cards. There was a set of 36 trading cards, and they came in uncut strips. That you could get those. So that’s again an unused card [strip].

Slide 24

Again, here’s another translight showing the premium. It shows some of the other things that you could win. You could win an Atari system, which was quite popular at the time. There was an Empire frisbee, you can see that on the left hand side. Some little hand held electronic games, and again, the trading cards.

Slide 25

This is another one of the tray liners, similar to what they had for the glasses. It just shows some of the details of the promotion.”

Slide 26

Todd: “I guess, just to make a point there, one of the things I find interesting about any given hobby, is when you [can] continue to find things that you didn’t know existed. Where ever it isn’t well cataloged necessarily. Action figures is pretty well cataloged, but this is an area (fast food items) that in my experience where there isn’t real detailed cataloging or anything. That’s an item that I just found a month ago, and before I found it I had never seen another one. (inaudible)”

Mike: “This is an Everybody Wins, it’s kind of a pole display, very similar to the R2 and 3PO one that we saw earlier. It’s exceedingly rare, I guess only a few examples.”

Todd: “I only know of 2 of this display, and this one is actually missing the base. So, I think it is probably the same base as the R2 and 3PO. This item is listed in Steve Sansweet’s Tomart price guide, and I kept like asking, “Steve, “Star Wars kids space display” what is this thing?” and he’s like “I don’t know. I got it somewhere in my place you’d have to kind of dig it out.” Then fortunately, I was able to find one in a collection last year. So, I was pretty excited about finally being able to see it.”

Slide 27

Mike: “We also have……these are Burger Chef. This was Burger Chef’s basically their last promotion. Which ran in 1980, they had 3 different posters, this is a display for those. Showing….”

Todd: “[It’s a] counter display.”

Mike: “Yeah, shows one of the posters there.

Slide 28

This is a translite for that offer. A little bit longer in length than the Burger Kings ones were.

Slide 29

Again, here’s another display for that promotion. You can see they only sold for 25 cents at that time. Not a bad price.

Slide 30

This is really a rare piece, it’s a McDonald’s Empire promotion. Not too many McDonald’s promotions were done since Burger King took over most of it. Again 1980 promotion, you could also get 3 cups. This is a little version of the display, we got a bigger picture next. This is from Todd’s collection……”

Slide 31

Todd: “Mike asked me why I had 2 pictures, he’s like “there are 2 images of this display in there and why [did you do that]?” and I’m like “I just really like the display, and I wanted a bigger picture of it in there.” So……”

Slide 32

Mike: “Okay, now we’re going to move into the Return of the Jedi one. Again, this is a promotional poster, indicating when the promotion was coming.

Slide 34

When Jedi was coming along. Here’s the set of 4 glasses, again similar to the Star Wars and Empire ones, we start with the 4 glasses in 1983. Again, they had a new glass each week, and the restaurants were fairly strict about trying to keep it to only getting that certain glass per week, and then some of the promo guides indicate that there was like kind of a clean up period where they would kind of go with the left overs that you could get. So, it’s kind of interesting that they tried to be fairly strict with only one glass per week.

Slide 33

This is another, this is one of the neater ones that I really like. It’s again one of the glasses counter displays. I love these pieces. You put all three of them together on a shelf, and they really look……they really make the glasses look a lot more attractive on display.”

Slide 35

Todd: “Not that they weren’t attractive in the first place.”

Mike: (Laughing) “Yeah. Again, here’s another translight, this one features some pretty interesting artwork.

Slide 36

The artwork on this is fairly similar to the next display that I’m going to show you which is a mobile hanger. This is double sided, and featured the same image on both side, and just hang from the ceiling, spinning around. This is a great piece. This is actually a fairly hard one to find in nice condition. You can see the pointed edges on the top are always creased. This one’s actually a fairly nice example of it.

Slide 37

And again, one of the tray liners here. It’s just, tray liners are neat because they’re not super expensive so they offer a nice [low] price point item along with the glasses themselves. Very affordable, but still interesting.

Slide 38

Okay, I’m going to turn it back over to Todd for some of the newer items.”

Todd: “All right, I’ve definitely found myself having to slow down a little bit on some of the newer fast food items over the last ten years, simply because of space. There still are some pretty nice pieces, and one of the things that I want to emphasize is that it’s definitely a pretty inexpensive hobby in a lot of ways, and you can get some pretty nice graphical pieces. Also some of the packaging pieces, in my mind, I think the packaging pieces that you get for free with the cups and things like that is as nice or nicer than some of the premiums you could get.

This was an Australian promotion, and they were like Action Masters. If you remember the 1994 Action Masters line from Kenner, they were actually from the same molds, only Chewbacca was not one that came in the Kenner run. They were little plastic versions of those figurines. My friend Mark Salotti is out there, and he helped me get the displays for this a number of years ago, and I want to thank him for that.

Slide 39

Here’s another round mobile for that promotion.

Slide 40

Here’s a promotion from a restaurant called “Quick” based out of Belgium. Actually, Duncan Jenkins was able to help me sort this out, because there is actually an error in one of the guides that shows this as being Australian, but it is European, Belgium or France promotion. It just came with little polybagged Galoob vehicles.

Slide 41

There are the Special Edition Taco Bell toys from the US, just the 7 different [toys].

Slide 42

Again, here are just some packaging pieces from the Taco Bell promotion on top and then on the bottom are some pieces from the European, well……actually one is from Austrailia, and the other is from Europe. I think this stuff……well, for Episode 1, a lot of restaurants started actually charging you if you just wanted just empty packaging. I don't know how it's going to be for Burger King. For Special Editions though, you were able to buy and meal, and say, “Hey, can I get an extra box?” and usually they’d do it. So, try it, it depends on what the management is like I guess.

Slide 43

This is a translight for the Feel the Force game. Which, the translites in my mind, the graphics tend to be really sharp and crisp, and because they were to have light behind them they just had really good color combinations.

Slide 44

This is a counter display for that promotion.

Slide 45

A lot of times, things for whatever reason they have in different portions, different parts of the country or different countries. These cup toppers were sold in the US only in Hawaii and Canada and I think they were in a several other countries as well.

Slide 46

Here’s a KFC family feast display. Yet another piece from my friend Mark. (Someone in audience corrects him) It was from Anthony? Sorry Anthony for cutting you out. Man, Anthony Woolley hooked me up with that, gotta give credit where credit is due.

Slide 47

Here’s a Pizza Hut poster from Europe, they had a different set of toys and games from the Special Edition.

Slide 48

And then here’s a large sign that has in there the six toys that were unique from Europe.

Slide 49

This is the other side of that sign.

Slide 50

This is a set, I’m pretty sure there are actually 4 mugs in this Puerto Rican promotion that were lenticular. I was only able to get these 3, the Fan Club actually was selling….sold these sets of three for a short time, they had gotten some close outs somehow.

Slide 51

Here’s a Mexican Special Edition display for some toy surprises.

Slide 52

Uh, Episode one. The cup toppers which I thought were a pretty neat promotion. There were……I forget…..12 different, 4 each from each of the 3 different restaurants.

Slide 53

Here’s just a drive through sign for that promotion, a little register display with the toys, another menu sign for the Defeat the Darkside Game.

Slide 54

Slide 55

Slide 56

One of the later promotions in that was the collect all 4 posters, this is a counter display for that.

Slide 57

I put this in here because I though the graphics on the paper cups, I mean, they’re just cheap disposable cups, but when I was going through taking photos of things for the presentation, I actually found that they were the things that appealed to me the most in a lot of ways. So, there’s a lot of neat things that someone can collect that don’t cost a lot of money.

Slide 58

This is a Mexican display, they packaged the toys in Mexico just in poly bags not in the wrappings and boxes we had here.

Slide 59

Here’s one for the trading card promotion from Mexico. They also had a puzzle promotion.

Slide 60

Slide 61

Here’s some cups

Slide 62

And, I will turn it over to John for the Burger King [Revenge of the Sith toys].”

(Burger King spokesman gives talk on the ROTS toys. Since it is a preview of the toys that have since been released, I have not done a transcript of this segment of the talk.)



Nov 15, 2003
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Re: C3: \"Fastfood Collectibles\" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)

I added in the slides from the presentation. I think the transcript reads a lot better now, and it's the best way I can think of to share the panel with people who couldn't make it to C3.

Thanks go to Mike and Todd for letting me post the images!



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Re: C3: \"Fastfood Collectibles\" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)

Thanks for your efforts with this, Tommy!

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Re: C3: \"Fastfood Collectibles\" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)

Thanks for the effort! I really enjoyed the read. I wish I could have attnded more of these panels. But there was just so much to do and so little time.

A request, some time in the future is it possible to post the panel transcript of the Displays session? Thanks!


Nov 15, 2003
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Re: C3: \"Fastfood Collectibles\" Panel Transcript (Updated with Slides)

CaptainAlex said:
A request, some time in the future is it possible to post the panel transcript of the Displays session? Thanks!
Sure, I'll do a transcript of that one next.