C-3PO's Fate - Anthony Daniels Fall?

Sep 16, 2011
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So a lot has been discussed around here on the subject of the fate of C-3PO in TROS. A lot to speculate on but from what we do know via hints given by the classic actor and the seeming tone of the final trailer, it appears potentially tragic. In a franchise that, in more recent years, has rather discarded a lot of the iconic roles or controversially tarnished their legacy...never did I think even C-3PO would be on the chopping block. I always expected Han to go even as soon as Force Awakens, but I'm not entirely certain that was the way to do it. I always expected Luke Skywalker to eventually go out as well...but I certainly know that wasn't the way to do it. Never did I expect Carrie to unfortunately and sadly pass at this point in her life, but alas it's created another iconic role that will have to be just sort of anticlimactically fizzled out. You even have characters like R2-D2 and Chewbacca who are just...well...background props, potentially now Lando and Emperor Palpatine could get disgraced, even freaking Admiral Ackbar (and I would not be shocked to see Nien Nunb much the same in Ep9) was disrespected. I half expect Wicket the freaking Ewok to show up for half a second, get shot up, and we move along...just because Disney has to show it's theirs now.

But C-3PO is different. He (and R2) are the representations of basically the arbiters of the story within the story itself...

And I am guessing Anthony Daniels finally came out and made what SOME are calling controversial statements for this very thing. We've heard multiple comments from actors, particularly the OT actors, that elude to some very closeted true feelings on these new films. Mark Hamill has always HEAVILY implied it. The actor who portrayed Ackbar outright said it...I mean, what's he care about career suicide? And now Anthony Daniels came out while promoting his new novel and said this when asked about the backlash to The Last Jedi:

I read this and while it's just an honest man expressing an honest opinion on the lost potential many of the classic actors saw, my gut reaction was..."Uh oh!" And I was right. The Disney "Woke" folks are CHEWING him up and spitting him out. Full on war against the poor guy. So here's my thing...why is even just having an opinion on SW, particularly one that's much more critical of Disney SW, basically taken by this militant lunatic fringe and made into a damnation campaign about everything about your character? It's rather fascinating that they always seem to be the ones calling others toxic. Ironic.

I'm going out on a limb and saying that Anthony basically knows this is likely the LAST time he'll ever do SW and finally just said, ah, screw it....here's what I really think. You go, Anthony!
May 10, 2018
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Wow. That's actually quite subtly damning. Understated, but the displeasure Daniels has comes through.
Feb 2, 2007
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Some truly sickening comments by the 'nu-fans' out there.

Not only is a totally idiotic lack of understanding of who C-3PO actually is in the whole saga (i.e. the Narrator, along with R2) but the disrespect to the legacy of the franchise displays a deep immaturity and lack of awareness.

There are always extremes at both ends of the spectrum, of course. But these are the same folks who thought it was funny to have two adult male actors of legacy characters reduced to tears on the set of TLJ by the disrespect of the director. They cry "vile bully" whilst being vile and condoning bullying.