butterfingers MISC SW stuff for sale (pls close)

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Jun 8, 2010
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San Jose, CA
Hey all,

Need to clear some space in my house and these are just some figures that I don't need.

Only accept paypal. If not paying gift, please add 4% to fees.
$3 shipping for 1st loose figure and $4 for carded figure.
.50 cents for each additional figure.
Not all prices are set in stone, open to offers. All are loose unless otherwise noted
Don't see something you want, just send me a PM and ask.

Here is my feedback

MISC Star Wars figures
$4 each unless otherwise stated

Loose Figures

Durge $12

Saga Legends Plo Koon

Sun Fac from RC bp

Geo Warrior with staff from RC BP

Geo Warrior with cannon from RC BP

CW cartoon network clone trooper

Maroon 2-pack Battle droids (count as 1 figure shipping)
Tan 2-pack battle droids (count as 1 figure for shipping
ROTS General Grievous 4 lightsabers
TLC IG Lancer droid (1 leg keeps falling off, bad plastic on Hasbro's part)
AOTC Padme in Geo pit, (Yellowed plastic, missing top half of the geo column) $2
TCW Yoda from Coruscant Guard BP x3 (1 is missing the gimer stick this one is $3)
TCW Plo Koon from Ambush on Abregado BP
TCW Kit Fisto (the one without articulated knees)
TCW Anakin Skywalker from Battle of Christophsis UBP $3

TCW Ashoka in Space Gear (light purple version, missing lightsaber) $3

TCW Geonosian with Wings from Landing at Point Rain BP

TCW Geonosian from 2-pack with Spec Ops trooper

or all 5 Geo's for $15

TCW Republic Commando Boss $6

TCW Cad Bane with Speeder Bike $12

Marvel The Thing $4

Carded Figures
TCW 7 Commander Cody Phase 2 MOC x2 ($8)
TCW 2 Phase 2 Clone trooper MOC x3 ($8)
Avengers Sword Spike Thor ($7)

Other Items
Action Fleet AT-TE $15

Jango Fett is placed for a reference

Misc Lord of the Rings mini figs 3 elves and 2 Urukhai
$15 for entire set

Random missle projectile things
5 for .25 cents, they are randomly picked.

More to come...
AOTC Jango Fett's Slave 1
MISC Military Figures from Blue Box Inc, good for customs...
Jedi Master Tsu Choi
CW Cartoon Network Captain Fordo

Thanks for looking!
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