Blackhole Stormie, 501st Convention fig, etc.

Jan 18, 2004
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House cleanin' again. As usual, prices do not include shipping, HOWEVER, you will only pay actual shipping.

1st Unleashed Boba Fett, Mint/loose/complete 15.00
ROTS Uleashed Anakin and Obi Mint/loose/complete 10.00 each
Unleashed bundle - All 3 for 30.00

Jedi Temple Assault Battlepack MIMB 25.00

501st Stormtrooper Convention Exclusive MIMB 15.00
Hasbro Convention Exl. Blackhole Stormtrooper 15.00
Exclusive Combo set - both for 27.00

Revenge of the Sith Ultimate Villian 12" Anakin MIMB 25.00

Salacious Crumb mini bust - 85.00 Mint with Box (displayed in glass case since purchase)

Non-Star Wars
Marvel Legends Apocalypse series Unmasked Wolverine Variant 15.00
Marvel Legends Giant Man series Bearded Sentry 12.00
Combo set: both for 24.00

Sideshow Abe Sapien 12" MIMB 15.00

I am also looking for a Mara Jade mini Bust. Willing to trade 125 dollars of above items for one plus pay both sides shipping. If interested, then LMK