FS Black Series 6" & Marvel Legends for sale

Dec 9, 2007
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Houston, TX
Lots of loose (and a few boxed) figures for sale. Paypal G&S only (fees included in prices). Buyer pays shipping. Flat shipping rate of $5 for the first figure +$1 for each additional figure. Prices are firm if you buy 1-2 figures, but if you buy a bunch at once feel free to make an offer. All figures are adult-owned from a smoke-free home. All figures come with the accessories shown with them in the picture. Most figures are complete but a few are missing something (see list below). Please message me with questions or if you want to buy something.

Star Wars Black Series:
SOLD $15 ANH Chewbacca
SOLD $15 Stormtrooper Han
SOLD $15 Kanan Jarrus
SOLD $10 C-3PO (Walgreens exclusive)
$5 Jyn Erso x2
SOLD $15 TFA Chewbacca
$5 TFA Rey (no BB-8 or lightsaber)
$5 TFA Kylo unmasked
$20 ESB 40th Bespin Han sealed
SOLD $20 Emperor’s Royal Guard x2 sealed ($30 for both)
$25 First release Bespin Luke – opened and displayed but complete in box
$25 First release Yoda – opened and displayed but complete in box

SOLD $25 shipped for the 3 Solo Movie figures (I won’t split these up)
Lando (Solo movie)
Han Solo (Solo movie)
Chewbacca (Solo movie)

SOLD $60 shipped for the 5 Rogue One heroes (I won’t split these up)
Jyn Erso
Cassian Andor
Baze Malbus
Chirrut Imwe

SOLD $80 shipped for the 5 Rogue One villains
Death Trooper Specialist
Death Trooper x3 – with 2 extra casts of the specialist webgear


Marvel Legends:
SOLD $20 love triangle Cyclops
$20 love triangle Wolverine (missing one head)
$20 Cable
SOLD $15 Silver Sable – includes Lilandra head
$10 Black Cat
$20 Punisher – includes 3 extra guns – 1 rifle and 2 uzis
$20 Target 2-pack Spiderman
SOLD $30 Chameleon (has some mild paint wear)
$15 Gamerverse Iron Man
$15 Gamerverse Captain America
$15 Gamerverse Ms. Marvel
SOLD $15 Mar-vell
SOLD $15 Mach-I
$15 Rage
$15 Red Guardian
$10 Retro-carded Iron Man sealed

$70 shipped for the 4 MCU Figures (I won’t split these up)
Worthy Captain America
Endgame Iron Man
Infinity War Thor
Target 2-pack Ragornok Thor (no cape or accessories)

BAF parts - $5 for one, $8 for two, $10 for three
Wendigo left arm
Wendigo right arm
Man Thing right arm
Bro Thor left arm
Molten Man head
Molten Man torso
Molten Man right leg

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