Black Series 6 inch ALL MIB for sale

Sep 13, 2004
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Here are a few Black Series 6 inch figures I have for sale, all MIB. Some boxes are in better condition then others, but they are sealed and complete. Payments can be made by paypal (Friends & Family) or money order.

Black Series 6 inch figures ALL MIB

(prices include shipping within the contentintal U.S.)

red captain AOTC clone trooper $30
Darth Vader w.removable helmet $30
Emperors Wrath Darth Vader $25
OT Chewbacca $25
Imperial Tie pilot $25
Slave Leia $40
Jango Fett $30
Han Stormtrooper disguise $30
Luke Stormtrooper disguise $30
Rey and BB-8 $25
Kylo Ren w/mask $25
FO Stormtrooper $25
FO Snowtrooper $25
Captain Phasma $25
Guavian Enforcer $25
Finn FN-2187 $35
Han Solo TFA $25
Kannan Jarrus $25
Farmboy Luke skywalker $25
Ahsoka Tano $25
Walgreens Exclusive Prototype Boba fett $35
Imperial Death Trooper $25
Jabba the hutt sdcc w/salacious crumb $115
Amazon Stromtrooper 4 pack $115
Speeder bike w/Biker scout $50

PM me with any questions or interests.
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