FS Black Series 6" First Order Army Lot (44 Figures)

Aug 31, 2007
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Hello all (again),

I'm looking to re-home another big army as this one just sits in storage as I have nowhere to display it currently.

All figures are individually bagged and complete with their accessories. No boxes or packaging is included.

This lot includes a large number of Toys R Us Exclusive Snowtrooper Officers, valued for their red commander pauldrons. Please note that I have put some of these pauldrons on the Stormtroopers, but they can be swapped back with ease.

They were used for display only and have never been played with. At most, they were removed from packaging, posed, and put on display in a pet and smoke free home out of direct sunlight.

Price includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping with Full Insurance and Signature Confirmation. Please add 3% for PayPal fee.

Black Series 6" First Order Army Lot (44 Figures) - $200 Shipped OBO

QTY 2 - First Order Stormtrooper (TLJ Ultimate Trooper Pack Amazon Exclusive)
QTY 12 - First Order Stormtrooper (TFA Version)
QTY 3 - First Order Snowtrooper
QTY 10 - First Order Snowtrooper Officer (Red Pauldron TRU Exclusive)
QTY 6 - First Order Flametrooper
QTY 4 - First Order Riot Control Trooper (From 2 Pack with Poe)
QTY 1 - First Order Executioner Stormtrooper
QTY 2 - First Order Jet Trooper
QTY 1 - First Order Officer (From 2 Pack with Ackbar)
QTY 1 - General Hux
QTY 1 - Captain Phasma (TFA Version)

QTY 1 - Bonus: TROS C-3PO and Babu Frik (Target Exclusive)

Total: 44 Figures

1. Some of the red commander pauldrons from the First Order Snowtrooper Officer figure have been moved to various Stormtroopers. I’m leaving them on the Stormtroopers instead of putting them back since you may want that for your display anyway, but they can easily be moved back by putting the heads in hot water and popping them off.

2. One of the pauldrons has a small white blemish mark on the black part. It’s not terribly noticeable and could be fixed easily with a tiny bit of paint.

3. If a figure was originally from a multi-pack, only the trooper listed is included.

4. I did my best to remove all the Blu-Tack I used for display purposes, but you may find an errant piece. Apologies for that.

5. I am selling the lot with 1 Executioner, but I am including a 2nd one that has a broken arm and lightening effect at no extra cost. Perhaps the next collector will be able to fix it or have a use for it.

6. The Amazon Exclusive Ultimate Stormtrooper figures have different colored plastic on their helmets versus their bodies, which seems to be an issue Hasbro has sometimes.

Also available:

Black Series Luke’s Landspeeder - $35 Shipped - SOLD
Complete with Luke, all accessories, and a free bonus ANH Obi-Wan (no lightsaber).
I can include a Black Series ANH Jawa for another $10.

Black Series Poe Dameron Helmet - $65 Shipped
Worn once or so to test but never played or trooped in. Used for display only. No boxes.
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