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Jul 19, 2006
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Big sale for a limited time on 4 items: - Jeremy Bulloch signed letter is SOLD. Rest of items still available.

1) Vintage 1983 Return of the Jedi movie theater lobby card. Great cast shot in the Millennium Falcon Cockpit.

Signed by Peter Mayhew on his character of Chewbacca on February 22, 2003.

I had this signed in Person with Peter Mayhew (sadly deceased) at the Second Annual Quad Cities Star Trek and Star Wars convention at the Holiday Inn, in Davenport Iowa. See Proof photo from Signing of this actual lobby card.

Beautiful image and a stunning large signature on a original Lobby card (Lobby card Measures 11" x 14")

$350 (SALE $290 plus $25 shipping in the continental U.S. only insured with tracking and signature delivery.

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2) a hand written signed letter from actor Jeremy Bulloch (Sadly deceased) who played Boba Fett in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and in Return of the Jedi. It measures roughly a little over 5" x 7"

This is a vintage signed and written letter by Boba Fett himself, actor Jeremy Bulloch, just prior to the release of Return of the Jedi that I received from him.

Rare fantastic content in the letter which mentions "Boba Fett" and the original title of "REVENGE OF THE JEDI."

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3) Original Escape from New York half sheet movie poster signed by 4 including Lee Van Cleef.
If you don't want the inscription, there are restoration companies that will remove inscriptions from most posters such as Studio C. You can google them to find out more.

$2800 (on sale for a very limited time at $1,150 THAT IS $1,650 OFF with expensive shipping reduced to $40 in the continental U.S.!! - You won't find another one signed by Lee Van Cleef at that price that is also framed under Glass) for a ORIGINAL HALF SHEET MOVIE POSTER (22x28) for John Carpenter's Escape From New York that is autographed by four of the stars and is ALSO FRAMED (wooden custom frame) UNDER GLASS . From the director of Halloween, John Carpenter, Escape from New York follows the adventures of Snake Plissken. This is an actual movie poster (NOT REPRODUCTION) with very minor wear and slight creasing as seen in LAST TWO photos. NOT FOLDED. Escape from New York starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken.

I obtained all signatures in person. Photo from the Lee Van Cleef signing is NOT included but upon request can be digitally messaged to you after payment.

Poster is in a custom wood frame under GLASS AND IS INCLUDED AS A FREE BONUS. Ready to hang.

I was able to get Lee Van Cleef to sign the poster at a Golf Tournament in the early 1980's. That tournament is now known as the John Deere Classic. Back then it was called either the Quad Cities Open (1981) or Miller High Life QCO (1982-1984). The photo of myself with Cleef was taken at the celebrity tournament in the early 1980's so likely either 1981 or 1982. I remember that it wasn't long after Escape from New York was released (which was in 1981). Lee Van Cleef also starred in the Clint Eastwood western film The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Signed by

1) Lee Van Cleef (Deceased) signed in pen "Lee Van Cleef" (also starred with Clint Eastwood in westerns)

2) Adrienne Barbeau signed "To Jeff My Best Adrienne Barbeau" (Also starred in The Fog)

3) Tom Atkins signed "Jeff My Best Tom Atkins" (Tom Atkins also starred in The George Romero / Stephen King film Creepshow)

4) Charles Cyphers signed "Best Wishes Charles Cyphers" (Also starred in Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, Halloween 2, and The Fog)

FREE BONUS INCLUDES 8X10 THEATER PRESS PHOTO of Cabbie (Escape from New York) signed by Ernest Borgnine. Photo (NOT FRAMED) has usual expected edge wear from original theater press use. Poster has slight creasing in the middle on the lower portion of poster from theater use (it's hard to notice in the glass frame unless you are looking at it from an angle - see photo)

$1,150 for Scummers plus $40 shipping in the continental U.S. only insured with tracking and signature delivery.

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4) Steven Spielberg's Duel movie poster - signed by star Dennis Weaver (sadly deceased).

This is the original movie one sheet Poster (International version) used for the Theatrical release in Mexico of the Steven Spielberg TV Movie Duel from Universal Studios / Universal Pictures. It is signed / autographed by the star DENNIS WEAVER (Deceased - You will have few opportunities to add a signed item like this from Duel to your Steven Spielberg collection. Don't miss out.) Duel was directed by Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park , E.T.)

This is a movie poster that measures roughly 27x41 and was displayed in a theater in Mexico which shows a lot of theatrical wear from use (from folds to creases to tears, to separation at middle folds as seen in the photo to pinholes, original writing on the back of the poster from theater use, etc.).

Autographed by star Dennis Weaver. Extremely rare signer. May be the only opportunity that you will ever have to get a vintage, original DUEL movie poster signed by Dennis Weaver, who is sadly now deceased, at this price. Weaver starred in the TV series Gunsmoke and McCloud. Upon signing this poster at the Hollywood collector show several years ago, Weaver laughed that this poster was the only time you would ever see his name larger than Spielberg's on the credits. If you look at the credit line of the poster, his name is indeed much larger than Spielberg's.

Perfect for a movie memorabilia collector or to display in a home theater.

Save $ - $890 plus $22 shipping in the continental US. with tracking, insurance and signature delivery.

And you get a free bonus DUEL MOVIE POSTER - UNSIGNED 47x63 French Duel movie poster released by Universal Studios (Universal Pictures). With theater wear including paper loss in corners, pin holes, creases, and paper separation on fold lines - see photos. This poster alone sells for $170-$300. And THIS is included here as a FREE BONUS!

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