Best Black Series item of 2023


May 18, 2000
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The year is drawing to an end so of all the Black Series items you purchased throughout the year which product is your favourite? What would you consider the best of the year from this line?
Black K for me, even with the articulation issues.

Endor Commando, new R2/R5, new Clone and probably Padawan Ahsoka rounding out my top 5.

Luthen for best face sculpt hands down, but it's a boring figure.

Can we have some OT love next year Hasbro (not re-releases).
I'd really only say I have two that were 2023 releases...
1. Endor Rebel Soldier
2. Luke Skywalker Imperial Light Cruiser
I've been catching up over 2022 and this year, but I've tried to be more focused on mostly OT and a little Andor and Rogue One. Mon Mothma is a good one, I like all the Andor figures but they aren't among my favorites overall. There's certainly a lot of figures that would be on a top five list because I think Hasbro has been doing good work this year but honestly I've passed on a good many things, not because they aren't good figures but because I've got a narrower collection. I'm still enjoying a lot of 2022 releases that I only managed to find this year, so I have a list of just two that qualify for 2023.
Dok Ondar is my favorite figure this year. Not the character mind you. I am constantly picking him up from my shelf and just admiring it. The Gam Guard, the Range Trooper from Solo, and Ondar are great figs in my book. The new R2 is a distant 2nd for the year btw.
There were some good ones this year, but I have to say R2-D2. It's a great piece of engineering and actually functions as a toy, which is rare in this day and age.

Honorable mentions to Rebel Commando, Bastila Shan, and Huyang. More droids please!
I'll give the top nod to both Mando and ROTJ Luke as they really aren't that different and both came out great.

I don't have Starkiller, but that figure would be high up on my list, I'm sure.

And, while the Andor and B2EMO pack may not be 2023, that's when I got it and I think it's pretty awesome too.
Action Figure: Tie between Dok Ondar and Krrsantan
Helmet: Scout Trooper
Lightsaber: Obi-Wan Kenobi
A lot of the figures I got this year were pre-23; and there are still a bunch of good looking '23 figures I've yet to get--R2, ROTJ Luke, Hera, Black K, etc.

But of the '23 figures I did get, the Endor Commando is far and away my favorite. I just love that figure. (I'd rank him as the best GI Joe figure of the year too. Sorry Classified!)

After that ILC Luke comes in at second. Was really looking forward to that figure and it did not disappoint. Well, except for the head, but I knew that would disappoint.

Besides those two, I think Darth Malak and Sabine are the only other '23 figures I got. And they're pretty great, so I'll put them on the list. "Final Duel" Vader would probably make the list too, but I decided to go with the SH Figuarts version instead.
Malgus and Malak for me. Starkiller would probably make the list too if I had him
My personal favorite: Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser)

Honorable mention: Darth Vader (Duel's End)
Lightcruiser Luke and Jedi Academy Luke are tied. Both different, but look awesome in just about any pose possible.

Cal Kestis - glad they tried to come up with SOME way to get BD-1 attached to him this time around. Even though it's a different outfit, it's an upgrade in every category.

New Sabine and New Ezra - these two are just a lot of fun to pose. I see them on the shelf and want to pick them up and mess with them.
Here are my top 5 for 2023:
1. Darth Malgus
2. Endor Rebel Commando
3. Wrecker (mercenary gear)
4. Phase II Clone Trooper / Commander Appo
5. Hunter (mercenary gear)

Honorable mention:
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jabiim)
R2-D2 is at the top of my list by a mile.

Just making him correctly scaled would have been enough to make him great.

While we've groused about how difficult to open his panels and arms, they are seamless and look fantastic.

But to include all of those accessories and engineer a way to hold them inside the figure is way over the top.

So much so I'm not going to complain about inevitable re releases with the Jabba drink tray and booster rockets.
Didn't buy a lot this year, but Throne Room Luke and Wicket are perfect figures. Eyeing up ROTJ Vader, the new R2, and Dok as well since everything I've seen indicates that they're excellent too.