Bandai 1/48 T-65B X-Wing "Dragonslayer One - Studio Style"

Apr 1, 2006
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So if you've seen my prior posts you've probably read the backstory of Dragonslayer One/Black Leader/Terwo Labos. If you haven't, take a second to catch up at a smaller scale:

Cool. Now behold the glory of 1/48. First some all-around shots:

So the overall deco is identical to the 1/72 - the colors have been toned down/scaled a bit and it was painted differently, giving it a much more subdued look. It was primed with Rustoleum white Plastic Primer, black flagging was done with Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze for a hint of metallic and brown, everything else brush painted, then given many, many coats of gray wash to tone it all down. Some process images:

Comparison to the 1/72:

For the R4 astromech, I found one via a popular 3D printing service (that also prints officially licensed ones now) that was 1/48, associated with a diorama builder on theRPF. I had two printed; it was just a hair too large for the Bandai socket and there wasn't any trimming to be done that wouldn't look weird, so I went with a Star Wars Miniatures R4 which was perfect.

I mounted the in-socket droid slightly higher at "chest" level to replicate the look of studio-scale X-Wings.

More details!

I originally made this decal ("Labos' Wrench Turners") for the 1/72 as well but it was damaged and I never replaced it, plus it was too small to read anyway.

Also new for this iteration is the Dragonslayer Squadron patch near the engines, and a targeting sensor suite affixed to the hull ahead of it, inspired by the B-Wing (of which Dragonslayer Squadron had a few) and the look of a pitot tube on a real place. I somehow lost the original piece that went there, so I had to fabricate a patch, and decided to do something more with it.

Same victory decals and pilot name, scaled up.

The S-Foils have the same "tan lines" from the "promotion" from Black Five to Black Leader, this time achieved with liquid frisket.


I painted up an entire horde of support droids. From left to right: Heavy Duty Treadwell (Micro Machines), R2-U8 (purple - diagnostic droid), R4-N50 (3D printing service; navigator), Col. Terwo Labos, "Squeeks" (3D printing service; maintenance), C1-00-FX (Disney Collectible - homage to my friend David of Double Zero Props), "Cheater" (kit; maintenance), Gonk (3D printing service). No "The Chosen One" this time, but I'll get one printed up eventually.

Base is also painted Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Final display

And of course, some bonus shots.

(Captain) Terwo Labos and R4-N50. Shirt Aurebesh reads "Labos' Wrench Turners."

And that's the culmination of four months of work. Thanks for reading!

I have to give props to theRPF user seven for the use of his R4 and Gonk models from the place that has ways with shapes. Check out his Echo Base diorama!

Also thanks to Irrational Designs, whose Astrobot 1 design became Squeeks.
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