Babylon 5 action figures (1997)

Jan 14, 2010
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This serves as a "companion" thread to my recent Babylon 5 thread in the "Wuher's Cantina" section of this forum.

I recently became a fan of the 1990's TV series "Babylon 5", and now that I'm watching the show I remember that there was a series of "Babylon 5" action figures that came out in the late 1990's. I vaguely remember seeing the larger dolls in places like TRU & Kay-bee toys, but can't remember if I saw the smaller-scale figures anywhere. It looks like most/all of these came out circa 1997.

In any case, I wasn't a fan of the show at the time & so never bought the action figures. However, I now regret this. The figures looked OK, and they made a lot more of them than I thought. Here's a link a comprehensive?! list of these:

There was also a small # of Micro machines that came out - since the ships on the series are some of my favorite vehicles in a sci-fi show, I wish I had gotten all of these:

Here's hoping that at least some of these figures are re-released at some point, or even better - if another line of Babylon 5 figures comes out, with all new & more advanced sculpts. Very doubtful this will happen, however.
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Jan 2, 2015
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I loved most of that show (Shadow war). The beginning and end weren't great but still enjoyable. I'm going to binge watch either B5 or Farscape next time I have several days to kill.

Scale was the only reason I didn't buy these figures. I never saw the Shadow figure, otherwise I might have bought it regardless of style.
I'd like to see these redone as well.
I may eventually make Kosh and I made a mold of a Marvel Venom bug pack in to eventually make a Shadow.
Mar 28, 2002
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I only collected them admittedly to get the micro ships, particularly my favorite, the Starfury. I was bummed we didn't get the Omega and Hyperion Class ships in MM form. I also would have like the Thunderbolt and B4 (which was involved in an important story arc in the series too).
Jul 29, 2008
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There wasn’t too much stuff at the time. I remember the Micro Machines and I think there was a Spaceship RPG, but there was never much available.

To this day, B5 remains my greatest sci fi experience.