Austin folks -- big sale

Jun 14, 2002
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Hey all, here's what I've got. I can get MR numbers by request, but I'm just throwing this out there for now. All items have been displayed but are in perfect shape with all paperwork, original packaging etc. I'm asking 3% to cover Paypal fees. Prices are definitely negotiable, and I'd love to sell things locally rather than have to ship. I based these prices on a quick cross-reference of Ebay, RS forums and The RPF junkyard, but I'm definitely open to offers, and bulk offers will get significant discounts.

I have more MR items that I'm thinking about selling--pretty much a complete collection minus the EU stuff.

I also have some really nice non-MR replicas from the RPF including a very good Boussh helmet, Jango helmet, Mara Jade light-up saber, a Luke ANH light-up cross-section saber, and Scout Trooper helmet--PM me for pics if interested. Lastly, I have some Gentle Giant busts I'll be selling, but I'm not sure what I have yet.

Thanks all!

Sideshow 12” Jabba Throne $400

Sideshow 12” Jabba Exclusive $110

Sideshow 12” Salacious Crumb Exclusive $120

Sideshow 12” Gartogg $120

Sideshow 12” Boussh Exclusive $70

Sideshow 12” Luke Bespin Exclusive $50

Sideshow 12” Han Bespin Exclusive $50

Sideshow 12” Darth Maul Exclusive $70

Sideshow PF Luke/Yoda Exclusive $420

Sideshow PF Luke Jedi Exclusive $420

Sideshow PF Slave Leia $350

Sideshow PF Anakin Exclusive $375

RAH 1:6 Boba Fett $150

RAH 1:6 Jango Fett $100

RAH 1:6 Sandtrooper $100

MR Darth Sidious Ep III $380

MR Mace Windu $475
MR Yoda Ep III $275
MR Obi-wan Ep II $500

MR Qui-gon $300

MR Darth Vader ROTJ AP $1000

MR Emperor Cane $300

MR Darth Maul $400 ($475 with MR case; will sell case individually if it doesn't sell as a set)

MR Count Dooku $450

MR Thermal Detonator $475

eFX Clone Trooper Phase II Helmet $300

MR Clone Trooper Phase III Helmet $300

MR Scaled Wedge Helmet $100

Code 3 Millennium Falcon w/case $500

I also have an MR Boba Fett rifle that I have no idea what they go for. They don't seem to come up for sale very often. If anyone can help with a rough value estimate, I'd appreciate it.