Attn: Charlotte, NC Area Collectors, Local SW Collection Sale

Aug 22, 2009
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Greater Charlotte, NC
Hi, I live in the greater Charlotte, NC area and I have decided to start selling my collection of Hasbro Star Wars action figures, deluxe items, and vehicles. I would prefer to sell to local collectors in the Charlotte, NC area to avoid shipping costs. However, I welcome any purchase offers (via PM, of course) from across the United States. My collection started with Power of the Force 2 and continued through the Vintage Collection in 2012. 99.9% of the items I have are loose, but (most of them) have been handled with care and packed away in plastic bags and containers.

Currently I will be selling most of the vehicles from my collection. I'm starting with vehicles from the Original Trilogy of films, but I plan to add my collection of vehicles from the Prequels, Clone Wars cartoons, and Expanded Universe.

Any vehicles which came with a figure will be sold with the same figure included.

Here is a list of loose vehicles for sale:

B-wing (PotJ, 2001) (slight wear/tear) $12
Vader's TIE Fighter (PotF2, 1997) $10
AT-ST (PotF2, 1995) (missing top gun piece, includes PotF2 era AT-ST driver w/o accessories) $5
AT-ST and Speeder Bike w/ Paploo (PofJ TRU Exclusive Pack, 2002) $15
Imperial Shuttle (2002) (I paid $120 from FAO Schwartz) $60
AT-AT (PofF2, 1997) (slight wear/tear) $20
Slave I (Shadows of the Empire, 1996) $15
Cloud Car (Vintage Era Kenner, 1980) $2.50
Luke's X-wing (2002) (comes with R2-D2 and Dagobah camp accessories) (slight wear/tear) $12
Y-wing (red paint deco, 2004) $15

Here is a link to my flickr page with photos of all the vehicles listed for sale:

I will update this post when more items are available to be purchased from my collection, as I continue to sort through them.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions, including questions about vehicles/figures not listed as of yet, and I will make an effort to find those items while sorting through my collection.

Thank you.
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