ATTENTION: Current price/fair value threads: Read before you create a new thread.


Feb 2, 2002
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Austin, TX
Hello everyone,

I know that many new collectors come every day to this group and you are welcome to post and ask questions anytime you want. But recently, there have been a number of open threads asking for the 'fair price', 'current value' or help to find a certain prop replica.

With the idea to keep these forums clean, I want to ask you that before you create a new thread of this type, to please go and search the latest prop replica thread you're looking for and post there. It's valid to ask for a price there or make any comments regarding that particular prop replica. It's easy to search through the 'Advanced Search' feature for that specific purpose. Please search before you open a new thread, it's easy and it won't take you a lot of time!

Any new thread with those topics where there is a previous thread for that particular prop replica will be locked and might probably be deleted.

If you are a new member, introduce yourself to the community, be courteous and don't jump immediately to your question about a fair value or price.