May 31, 2005
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to all my fellow scummers it seems the dark days we all dreaded are finally upon us,the following you are about to read is regarding a new law that will be put into place starting next month,please read this very carefully as this will affect us all.

sincerely joseph michaels owner of jhm inc.

this news comes from and not sure why rebelscum did not post anything on it,

It appears problems caused by the lead toy recalls have yet to cease: a new federal law taking place as of February 10, 2009 will illegalize the re-selling of children’s toys and clothes unless tested to be lead free. You can read the entire article from by clicking here.

“A new federal law is raising concerns and questions nationwide and here in Austin.

On February 10, 2009 it will be illegal to re-sell any used children's products including toys and clothing. That is according to the U.S. Consumer Protection & Safety Commission who pushed for the new laws after dozens of toys were recalled in 2008 because of lead concerns.

Toys, clothing and other items used by children under 12 will be subjected to lead testing and will have to have labels on them to prove that they have passed inspection.

What is raising the ire of parents and business owners far and wide is what this will mean to clothing, toys and other children products made before February 10, 2009.

Gary Walthall, the owner of Once upon a Child, a resale shop specializing in children's clothing and other items, is afraid that he'll have to close up shop.

Adding to the confusion and frustration is the fact that the U.S. Consumer Products and Safety Commission is not returning calls or e-mails to the countless re-salers and even journalists who have tried in vain to get clarification on what the law means to garage sales and how it will be enforced.”

How will this affect you and the collecting market as a whole? That‘s still unconfirmed, but there is relevant information coming from GovTrack.US. From Sec105, 1, D, ii:

“The term 'retailer' has the meaning given that term in section 3 of the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2052), but does not include an individual whose selling activity is intermittent and does not constitute a trade or business.”

And from Sec201 a, a, 4:

“the efforts of the Commission to reach and educate retailers of second-hand products and informal sellers, such as thrift shops and yard sales, concerning consumer product safety rules and product recalls, especially those relating to durable nursery products, in order to prevent the resale of any products that have been recalled, including the development of educational materials for distribution not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act.”

as yoda said in the ending of aotc,"the shroud of the darkside has fallen".

if this posting is not in the right place then please let me know,otherwise everyone make your opinions be heard as i said before this affects us all.
Sep 29, 2005
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OHIO Where Kenner Started It All!!!
GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A federal ruling means that thrift stores and consignment shops will not be forced to test children's products for lead.

It was announced on Friday that the new law that requires lead testing will not apply to the secondhand market.

Officials said it would have been a nightmare to test every toy drum and every other donated children's product for lead.

While estimates vary, critics of the new lead law said testing could cost as much as hundreds of dollars per item, affecting their ability to re-sell used products.

But late last week, thrift and consignment stores learned they will not be required to test.

"It's a really big relief," said Crystal Hardesty, of Goodwill in Greenville. "It was a big concern for us because it really was going to affect our business and what we're able to do in the community. So we're really happy to have these regulations clarified and what our responsibilities are clarified."

However, people who make children's toys or clothing -- even if it's a small operation in their basement -- will be required to prove to the government that their products do not contain lead before they can sell them

The law goes into effect in February.


Relax, it's all good!