ATTAKUS Millennium Falcom

Feb 20, 2012
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Lincoln, UK
Well I hope he went bankrupt or something then, I'd hate to think that he profited out of you just for pure greed. :(
Mar 5, 2006
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Rodders, send me a PM with all your info, I can try to phone to him and report to you what's going on.
If I might help, I will.
Did you tried to fill a fraud from the Police there in UK or in France ?
Nov 17, 2011
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Metz, France
Hi guys, this thread attracted my attention because I wanted to see pictures of this beautiful item, however going through the pages, I realize that Rodders is going through a difficult time with his seller.

Now, I didn't read carefully enough to be able to defend the cause, but I checked Comix-Bazar websites a few weeks ago because there was an add in a comics magazine. At the time he seemed to have a good stock, but the fact that both his online page and ebay shop are now empty seems strange.

I dug a little, and here's what you can find on the website :
Mentions légales - Comix Bazar

These are legal mentions, every website has to have them. The important part is :
Raison sociale : SARL Comix Bazar
Siège social : 14, rue de la République
19100 Brive
E-mail :

Siret : 494 881 220
Directeur de publication : M Magot Cédric

So, here you have a name, phone number and address. I want to make it clear that this is not name dropping/calling, it is a copy/paste from the legal mentions on Comix-Bazar website.

A fast google search also brings this result : Comix Bazar à Brive La Gaillarde sur (494 881 220 00029)
So, revenue from this company were 823 493€ in 2011 (+20% vs 2010), with a net income negative at -54 161€.

This doesn't sound too good, and it's probable that the shop is going through a final closing/bankruptcy if he couldn't get his income straight.

I don't really know how that kind of situation is resolved, but you might want to call at this phone number, and/or file a complaint at the local post office. Normally, clients are protected by French law in this case, and insurances are supposed to give your money back. Since this is an international deal, I don't know which country's law should be followed, but I think it's the seller's country that prevails.

I sincerely hope this case will see a happy ending. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.
Jul 29, 2008
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Thanks, Darkmatt. I suppose it's good that it looks like he's going under as a business. Not that i would wish misfortune on anyone but it gives a reason for not getting this to me.

Sure i've lost out on a fair bit of money but this guy's potentially loosing his livelihood.

I need to save now. I must have this. :)