Atlanta-FX sabers $50!!!-Atlanta

Sep 11, 2003
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You can thank me later. Hurry to the 5 Points Best Buy. About an hour ago they still had 5 or so Ani sabers for $49.99. Below is my post on the prop forum:

HA! The best thing just happened! I went to Best Buy to get a new keyboard (I spilled wine all over the old one ) At any rate, I happened to glance over and see the (probably) last 6 FX sabers at my Best Buy for $49.99!!! You read that right, $49.99! So I sped home, grabbed the reciept for the Anakin FX I bought a couple of weeks ago for $99.99 and they price matched it for me, plus 10% !!! Can you f-ing believe that? So I went and grabbed the last Vader ESB I saw and some batteries, and now I can't quit thinking about how I just screwed Best Buy. All in all, I got both the Vader and Ani FX sabers, withouth paying for or waiting on shipping, for about $95.00