Assorted items for sale. Closet Blowout!

Jul 28, 2002
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Hi scummers! Finially cleaning out my closet. Please look over the list below for what I have for sale. Images are available if more discription is needed. Paypal is offered and shipping will be determined by actual costs.

Celebration III items

Celebration III Talking Darth Vader (MOC) with exclusive Celebration III case - ($30)
Celebration III Obi Wan .45 scale saber (MIB) - (SOLD!)
Celebration III folding Directors Chair w/ Celebration III logo and bag - ($20)

Hasbro POTF items

Jabba the Hut's Dancers Cinema Scenes (POTF) (MIB) - ($10)
Jabba's Skiff Guards Cinema Scenes (POTF) (MIB) - ($10)
A-Wing fighter (MIB) - ($15)
X-Wing Fighter (Electronic Power FX) (MIB) - ($35)
Darth Vader TIE Fighter (MIB) - ($35)

Hasbro Action Collection 12" Figures

R2-A6 (Episode I) (MIB) - ($8)
Han Solo w/ Magnetic Detonators (MIB) - ($15)
Captain Tarples and Kaadu (Target Exclusive) (MIB) - ($25)
Darth Maul on Speederbike (Walmart Exclusive) (MIB) - ($50)

Please PM or post any quesions and I willl answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for looking

EDIT: Lowered prices!