FS Asharad_Hett's Sale Thread - TVC, Legacy, Topps Living set, comics, etc.

Aug 28, 2005
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Welcome to my sale thread. Upfront, because of new tax reporting requirements starting 2022 I only want to make a sale if you are okay using Paypal's friends & family payment. I don't want to have to report a 1099 form for second hand items. That is why I am hoping to move on from ebay and sell on here. I have a 15+ year presence on this forum and over 1,000 positive seller feedback on ebay with 100% rating. In the event of a lost or damaged package I will refund the cost of the item if you choose to pay for USPS insurance. Please let me know at the time of order if you want insurance.

I will only hold an item 24 hours after we exchange payment info for you to make a payment before offering to another interested party. I will check my messages on here at least twice a day, once in the morning, once at night.

Prices do not include shipping. I will combine shipping. I am not taking offers unless you see "OBO" listed next to the price. Free shipping & insurance for orders over $100.

Handling time is 3 business days. (I do not ship on weekends, so time your orders accordingly)

I will be adding more items hinted at in the title over the next days and weeks. Watch this space.

Thank you.

TVC Sealed

These are near mint, no crushed bubbles or creases but show minor flaws that may include very light edge wear. See pictures.

VC128 Range Trooper - 12.99 Card has slight warp top edge
VC133 Scarif Stormtrooper - 19.99 Pictured left, card has slight warp top edge
VC133 Scarif Stormtrooper - 19.99 Pictured right, card has two small dings one bottom and top edge

$50 if you take all three.

TAC Sealed

#24 Boba Fett Animated (UGH gold foil variant) Not mint, bubble yellowed, top right corner ding- $17

SDCC Sealed

R2-KT- $35 (not mint, figure has yellowed)

TVC Loose

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

VC102 Ahsoka Tano (1st Release) - $20

TVC single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

AT-ST Driver (Marquand, Special Action Set release - $12.99 sealed in original baggie

Movie Heroes 2012 single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

Ewok Pack figures:

Tippet w/ spear, dagger, two headdresses - $25

Shadows of the Dark Side 2012 single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

Battle over Endor Figures:

R2-T7 - $20

Legacy 2009 basic

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted. Build-a-droid parts sold separately.

BD50 Bespin Wing Guard (Sgt. Edian) - $20 (picture coming soon)


L8-L9 - $30
HK-50 - $70
HK-47 - $120
Y-VH1 - $35

Legacy Droid Factory

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted. Build-a-droid parts sold separately.

Wave 2:

#2 Anakin Skywalker & Cortosis Battle Droid - $18

Legacy Droid Factory Single Figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted. Build-a-droid parts sold separately.

Wave 1

#2 K-3PX - $12


C-3PX - $35

Legacy Comic Packs 2009

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

#3 Kyle Katarn & Yuuzhan Vong (with comic)- $85
#8 Darth Krayt & Sigil Dare (with comic) - $130
#11 Exar Kun & Ulic Qel Droma (with comic) (Ulic's lightsaber blade slightly warped) - $400
#15 Jarael & Rohland Dyre (with comic) - $230
#16 Darth Nihl & Deliah Blue (with comic) - $250
#17 Baron Fel & Ysanne Isard (with comic) - $60
#18 Jaster Mareel & Montross (with comic) - $280

Legacy Comic Packs 2009 single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

#13 Blackhole Hologram w/ droid & smoke effect (droid's wires are warped) - $40

Legacy Comic Packs 2008

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

#8 Princess Leia & Prince Xixor (with comic) - $20
#12 Luke Skywalker & Clone Emperor (with comic) - $40
#15 Luke Skywalker & Deena Shan (with comic) - $45
#17 Ibtisam & Nrin Vakil (X-wing pilots) (with comic) - $60

Legacy Comic Packs 2008 single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

#2 Durge w/ removable helmet, two blasters- $20
#19 Amanin - $25

Clone Wars 2010 basic

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

#64 R7-D4 (Plo Koon's Astromech) -$20

Clone Wars Battle Packs

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

Assault on Geonosis - Obi-Wan, Geonosian Warrior, ARF trooper - $28

Clone Wars single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

Darth Maul Returns figures:

Savage Opress w/ lance, projectile, stand, card, dice - $20

Rishi Moon Outpost Attack Figures:

Commando Droid Captain w/ blaster, vibro blade, lightning effect- $20

Battle of Christophsis battlepack figures:

Clone Trooper w/ rifle - $10 torso yellowed
Clone Trooper w/ blaster - $10 torso yellowed
Anakin Skywalker w/ lightsaber, projectile, launcher - $10 (main differnce from the basic release: has a facial scar, darker paint scheme and no jedi logo on shoulder armor)

Take all three $25

30th Anniversary Collection 2007 Comic Packs

Loose, near mint & complete unless otherwise noted.

Bultar Swan & Koffi Arana - $25 (no comic)
Commander Keller & Galactic Marine - $55

Saga II 2006 single figures from sets

Sets parted out. Loose, near mint unless otherwise noted.

Republic Commando set:

Geonosian Warrior (purple) w/ spear - $18 (horn on shoulder is slightly warped)

Deep discounts section- Minimum any $10 order

Carded Figures

#14 TAC Biggs Darklighter (gold UGH variant) Bubble Not mint, two dings in top right corner- $7 (I will ship it loose on request if you want cheaper shipping)
Convention Exclusive Silver Clone Trooper - $5 (Not mint, bubble dented)
Movie Heroes 2013 Clone Trooper - $7 (not mint, peg hook creased, corners bent)


loose, near mint unless otherwise noted

Take Entire 43 figure Lot get 50% off this section

Sorted by media source

SagaII Qui-Gon (Sith Lord Attack battlepack) w/ lightsaber & commlink - $2
Saga II Obi-Wan Kenobi (Sith Lord Attack battlepack) w/ lightsaber, cloak - $2
SagaII #47 Obi-Wan Kenobi w/ cloak, lightsaber, comlink, stand, red Obi-Wan hologram mini fig - $5
OTC Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Council Set release) - $2
POTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi w/ lightsaber, cloak, forcefile - $2
POTFII Mace Windu (sneak preview) w/ lightsaber - $2

Legacy #3 Geonosis Arena showdown Mace Windu w/ lightsaber - $5
Saga II #60 Clone Trooper Sgt. w/ blaster, stand, red Emperor hologram mini fig - $5 (torso off white)
ROTS Mace Windu (Jedi vs Separatists battle pack release) w/ lightsaber hilt, removable blade(Jedi vs Separatists battle pack release) - $2
ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi vs Separatists battle pack release) w/ removable lightsaber blade, hilt - $2
OTC Saesee Tiin (jedi council set release) - $3
OTC Plo Koon (jedi council set release) - $3
Saga Mace Windu (Jedi council set release) - $3
Saga Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Warriors multipack release) w/ lightsaber hilt, removable blade, assassin droid, stand, clear stand somewhat yellowed - $2
Saga Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi Kamino confrontation w/ stand, pillar, hose, carton, clear stand for carton - the hose has a blemish mark on it - $3
Saga #36 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Starfighter Pilot) w. cloak, removable lightsaber blade, hilt satalite&stand *missing binoculars* - $2 the satellite stand is warped and doesn't stand without support
Saga #18 Zam Wessel w/ blaster, removable arm, clawdite mask - $1 *magnet has debris stuck to it*


ROTS #10 Mace Windu w/ lightsaber, lightning effect- $2
ROTS #28 Anakin Skywalker w/ machine arm, lightsaber(dark eyeliner variant) - $2
ROTS Stass Allie - $2
ROTS Anakin Skywalker (slashing attack, multipack release without extra hand) - $2
ROTS/Sagaii Emperor Palpatine (battlepack release) w/ two lightning effects (I crossed the accessories on this one, it is either the sagaii battlepack release and missing the lightsaber or the rots battlepack release and has an extra lightning from the sagaii set) one lightning effect slightly warped- $2

Legacy 2013 Black Squadron Tie Pilot w/ blaster, helmet - $7
Legacy Droid Factory #6 Luke X-wng Pilot w/ lightsaber, unlit hilt, helmet - $5
TAC #12 Luke Skywalker (Yavin) w/ medal, hilt, blaster, gold coin - $5
OTC Ponda Baba w/ blaster (multipack release) - $2
VOTC Stormtrooper w/ Blaster - $2 chest heavy yellowing
POTF2 Grand Moff Tarkin w/ two blasters - $2

Star Tours Chewbacca (Star Tours Boarding Party) - $2
Legacy Droid Factory #3 Han Solo Hoth w/ blaster, binoculars - $5 missing goggles
TAC Han Solo Hoth (Commemorative tin release) w/ lightsaber, mask, blaster (Lightsaber hilt has paint loss)- $2
POTF2 Lando Calrissian (Bespin) w/ cape, two blasters - $2

TVC Ree-Yees - w/ two blasters - $5 *DAMAGED* broken left hand, stuck joint mishap
POTF2 AT-ST Driver w/ rifle, blaster - $1 (light paint loss on lips)
POTF2 Lando Calrissian General w/ blaster, freeze frame - $1 (noticeable paint loss, hair, gun hilt, boots)
POTF2 Bib Fortuna missing accessories - $1 *DAMAGED* Lekku peg tearing, some paint loss tips of left fingers, tips of boots.
POTF2 Ree Yees w/freeze frame, two blasters - $4


TAC Comic Packs #2 Darth Vader (Marvel) w/ lightsaber, interrogation droid&stand, (stand shows some yellowing) - $5
CW Human Jedi (2003 Clone Wars Army of the Republic) /w lightsaber- $4 (some paint loss on lightsaber hilt)
POTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi (cold weather gear) w/ lightsaber, helmet, force file - $2
SOTE Prince Xixor - $1 some paint loss on spine ridges, fingers, edge of boots - $1

TCW 2008 Animated Line

#1 Anakin Skywalker w/ lightsaber, launcher, projectible, grappling line- $5
#17 Destroyer Droid w. two launchers, two projectiles, instruction sheet - $5


Topps Living Set Complete sequel era 2019-2021 run 58 cards - Take all four lots for $500

Near mint, each in penny sleeve and toploader

TFA 20 card set - $200
TLJ 19 card set - $200
ROS 14 card set - $100
Resistance 6 card set - $40


VC59 Nom Anor - $30 SOLD
Rebel Fleet Trooper (Black) w/ blaster pistol, ammunition pack - $15 SOLD
Rebel Fleet Trooper (Asian) w/ blaster pistol, ammunition pack- $15 (blaster warped) SOLD
#14 Mara Jade - $25 SOLD
Roan Shryne w/ lightsaber, cloak -$50 SOLD
Selig Kenjenn (Leland Chee jedi) w/ two lightsabers - $45 SOLD
Kaink the ewok w/ cowl- $35 SOLD
Star Tours officer - $17 Sold
Jedi Master w/ removable lightsaber blade, hilt, cloak- $60

Jedi Padawan tall male w/ lightsaber, cloak - $45
jedi padawan short male w/ lightsaber- $40
jedi padawan female w/ lightsaber - $40 Take all four for $150
TC-70 - $15 SOLD
Princess Kneesaa w/ two headresses, - $40 SOLD
Jodo Kast - $30 SOLD
R5-P9 (grey R5 unit) - $20 Sold
Sila Kott w/ helmet, blaster - $25 SOLD
Visonaries Cyborg Darth Maul w/ lightsaber hilt, two removable lightsaber blades - $65 SOLD
#56 Dark Trooper (Phase 1) - $50
#57 K'Kruhk - $95SOLD
#58 Jacen Solo (lightsaber blade slightly warped) - $90SOLD
#59 Jaina Solo - $90SOLD
#50 Cloud City Wing Guard Utris M'toc - $15 SOLD
#61 Shaak Ti Force Unleashed - $100 SOLD
#5 Ak-Rev - $13 Sold
#4 Kit Fisto & R4-h5 - $16 SOLD
#7 Lumiya & Luke Skywalker (no comic)- $60 SOLD
#10 Clone Trooper Lieutenant w/ removable helmet, rifle, open grappling hook, two blasters - $85 (rifle is slightly warped) SOLD
#12 Tholme & Tr'a Saa (with comic) (Tholm'es lightsaber handle and cane somewhat warped)- $250 SOLD
#19 General Weir & Storm Commando (with comic) - $35 SOLD
#20 IG-97 & Rohm Mohc (with comic) - $30
#21 Plourr Ilo & Dlrr Nep (with comic) - $35
#1 Asajj Ventress & Tol Skorr (with comic) - $40
#4 Cade Skywalker & Darth Talon (with comic) - $80 SOLD
#5 Antares Draco & Ganner Krieg (with comic) - $35 SOLD
#9 Admiral Thrawn & Talon Karrde (with comic) - $65 SOLD
#6 Dengar & Fen Shysa (no comic) - $37 SOLD
#11 Darth Vader & Princess Leia - $18 (Darth Vader torso yellowed) Sold
#14 Borsk Fey'lya & Wedge Antillies (with comic) - $25 SOLD
#16 Sharad Hett & Ki-adi Mundi (with comic) - $55 SOLD
#18 Ewoks Kettch, Machook, Keoulkeech - $50 (no comic) sold
#19 Janek Sunber & Amanin - $45 Sold
#7 Tobbi Dala w/ removable helmet, blaster pistol - $27 SOLD
#10 Grand Moff Trachta w/ blaster - $25 SOLD
Nightsister w/ lightsaber, stand, card- $20 SOLD
E1 Pit Droid (Gasgano pack in) - $1 SOLD
Saga Deluxe C-3PO & Battle Droid w/ droid factory assembly line, blaster, fire effect - $5 SOLD
TVC Tusken Raider (3-Pack release) w/ gaffi stick, rifle - $2 *DAMAGED*, broken left hand, stuck joint mishap SOLD
OTC Ra-7 - $2 SOLD
POTF2 ASP Droid w/ bundle - $2 SOLD
POTF2 Weequay missing accessories - $1 SOLD
TAC Mcquarrie Snowtrooper w/ coin, rifle, removable face cover - $6 SOLD
SOTE Swoop Bike w/ biker, torpedo - $3 some stickers peeling slightly SOLD


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Aug 28, 2005
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Teasing some upcoming stuff. Not ready to sell anything not listed above yet. I only have a limited amount of time to research prices and package stuff. This is just to prepare your budgets. Price wise will probably be at least 10% under ebay values. I can't promise I will sell everything in this case but I am leaning to letting go of my entire EU collection. Toughest part of my collection to let go but I think it is time.


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Aug 28, 2005
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February update. I've listed about 50% of my case. Sorry if anyone was holding out on any New Republic or Legacy figures but I decided to keep those for now, my gut is telling me I may regret getting rid of those. Maybe one day I will bring myself to do it.

Lowered the price on the Sequel Living set.

Added some cheap older figures.

Added two newly released Rebel Fleet Troopers.
Aug 28, 2005
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March update: Last major update for loose figures. If the vintage collection continues for a number of years I will likely feel the need to scale down more for space but as of now future additions will just be a trickle few each month. Have a short box of Star Wars comics to add still. Probably will add a few carded figures in the coming weeks. Some more disney era living set cards on the condition I can sell the sequel ones first.

Also redid photos of loose figures to be grouped by media source to better find things.
Aug 28, 2005
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April Update: After some wavering, I have decided to sell the rest of my EU collection after all. (Get them before I change my mind again!) I'm going to put up seven a week, no holding anything, please be patient with me.
Aug 28, 2005
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I might have missed them. Where are the prices for the EU figures? (Jaina, Cade, Mara, etc.)? Thanks.

Not all listed yet. I'll be posting seven a week, likely Monday afternoons.

BTW, I have two section, valued priced stuff sorted by media source and the more expensive stuff above it sorted by toyline.

I moved the sold stuff to the bottom to reduce clutter to help better find things.
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