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May 18, 2000
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Hasbro have revealed in the latest Pulse stream that a new playset is on the way for the Vintage Collection, the armorer is getting her own playset:


Thoughts on this news?
This was the most interesting reveal today. I’m curious on how it will be executed. I think the idea of an Armorer Forge playset is pretty cool, though.
well since its a playset I can imagine its going to be a deluxe set with another Armorer figure to go with it. at least 34 to 40 bucks for the whole playset
They were talking up how cool it looked during the reveal, which I don't believe they've done for a playset yet.

I'm very intrigued by it. Will be a great backdrop to display Mandos.
I think there are 4 forges in the shows:

1. Nevarro
2. Glavis Ringworld
3. The cave on the unidentified planet
4. Great Forge of Mandalore

Will be interesting to see which they go with.
Probably season 1 from the pic, its also the most iconic one .

Agreed. I'd love if they went a little bigger and included the entryway with the Mythosaur emblem above it. I can hear that scene.
^ True, but that first Forge is by far the most iconic, and the location of the Armorer's big action scene.
That is true, It's the moment she takes out all the Stormtroopers, which is an iconic scene for sure.

Glavis Ringworld Forge is also the location when the Armorer trains Din with the Darksaber. And where Paz challenges Din. But that would make it a BoBF item, not a Mandalorian item. And I presume they'll want Mando branding on this.
Based on other upcoming Mandalorian figure releases, that seem to be more S3 themed, I'm guessing the Forge will be as well. It wouldn't make sense to go with S1 being that era is now destroyed, and Ringworld was a temporary holdup. Thus I'm expecting it to mimic the scene when Bo gets her Mythrol, though in all reality any Forge will do. The Forge is a Forge and doesn't necessarily have to be tied to any one scene, as I'm sure each individual will recreate whichever scene they prefer just as we did Bib's/Boba's/Jabba's throne room.
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I imagine it has to be about the size of the old bacta tank - heck they might even be able to retool those pieces into the forge itself, considering times are tough over at Hasbro. :rolleyes: I figure the top will be connected to a piece of backdrop wall, to make it look like it's floating, but I doubt they'd create a whole room to center around one set piece. I just wonder what the demand will be for something so specific, considering the other playsets tend to be a bit more generic, and you can place a variety of figures in "space" hallways, but the forge doesn't really extend beyond interactions with a set number of Mandalorians, for the most part.

Figures that could display with a Forge off the top of my head...

Koska Reeves
Axe Woves v1
Paz Vizsla
Remnant Stormtroopers
Shriek Hawk Mando 1
Shriek Hawk Mando 2
Shriek Hawk Mando 3
Shriek Hawk Mando 4
Was Cara Dune in there?
Stretch it to Death Watch Mandalorian
I think we'll just get the forge and a figure, but nothing like the Lego set.
I think we'll just get the forge and a figure, but nothing like the Lego set.
Exactly. I feel like people sometimes have unrealistic expectations when it comes to these playsets, based on what we've already seen. What may set this one apart slightly is that it might include the overhead piece, That would be a bit of a departure. But if it does, that will probably be where the money goes and it won't include much in the way of walls. In other words, the whole set would be basically be piece on the right in that Lego picture. It wouldn't include the other two pieces.
This is probably how we will get S3 Armorer with jet pack. Total snoozer. Unless it comes with literally any other Mandalorian that we don’t already have, like the Covert Mando, it’s a total pass for me.
It’s picturing a mini rig size environment piece, anything bigger I will consider a bonus.

Although if it has a big enough base (& possibly a top) then it could be on par with a wall play set.
The Armorer makes sense, until you realize that Hasbro has enacted a pattern of troop builders in these sets.

I think it could go either way.
I could see Din as a pack-in, but I mean, the forge is her workspace, so it would be pretty sensible for an Armorer pack-in.......
Watch them do half-a crucible to force us to buy 2

With the Armorer we all already have as the pack-in
Hahaha....that would be silly for Hasbro to do, Rushie. I mean, have they split up any other things like....say.....a bar from AOTC????

or a trash compactor.....or.....
.......or....oh....wait a second......:unsure::whistle:I guess that's possible........
Hahaha....that would be silly for Hasbro to do, Rushie. I mean, have they split up any other things like....say.....a bar from AOTC????
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or a trash compactor.....or.....
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.......or....oh....wait a second......:unsure::whistle:I guess that's possible........
But in terms of these recent playsets, they've only done this with the Carbon Freeze Chamber and it wasn't received well at all. I don't think we need to worry too much about the "buy two halves to make a whole set" thing happening again.
Yeah, I don't see a blatant half-a-playset happening again. The Carbon-Freeze was a bit unusual because it was clearly too big for the price point but they got it in there anyway as there was seemingly no other option THEN. Now there is: Pulse exclusive. First the Throne Room, now this.

I still want to know if this is the playset codename on Jayson's list. I'm not 100% convinced it is given we now have two codenamed playsets in a short period of time, and this being Pulse exclusive while Jayson's codename may be full retail for 2025.
Not that it will be this, but a damaged Mando trooper would make sense if they wanted a troop builder.