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May 29, 2014
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I wasn't sure where to post this because it encompasses many category types and isn't really customs... There was a sticky about collections so this seemed like the best place for this thread.

Without further adieu...
I've been sorting some of my stuff and was grouping it up into categories and started to create a mini-scene with them.

Castle & Wizard's Tower

Second Wizard's Tower

Orc Stronghold, Caves, & Deep Caverns

Forest & Swamp


Necromancer's Dominion
May 29, 2014
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Focusing in on the castle and wizard's keep and the citizens of the 1:18 Realm

Some of the tower guards include Schleich Griffin Knight and assassin. I also threw in an extra Chap Mei King Harald, Hecrules, and Thunder Thor.

The Elf assassin from the Chap Mei/Top Toys Legends line. He looks a very similar to Assassin's creed character.

Link guarding the entrance riding his trusty sabertooth tiger.

Wizards up in their tower.
Merlin and a generic Chap Mei White wizard

Joan of Arc standing at the right hand side of the Throne

Peasants in the courtyard. Staring with Wuher. Tatooine residents make for great peasants.
May 29, 2014
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The Forest
Right now everything is mashed together but evnetually I plan on having 3 distinct areas. Cursed forest, regular forest, and temple ruins.

Main forest elves' tree home
Boss Fight VHACK Aiyana

Schleich Dragon Knight Assassin

Chap Mei Elf Assassing

True Legends Elf set

These guys will eventually populate the temple ruins
Stone Age cavemen Aeroscar, Brooder, Clawcracker, and a tribe of Grunter

Hunter Zuk and Chief Kahara

Running Bear and King Zulu

Other semi-intelligent forest life
Picknose is a forest troll

Raging bigfoot

Truffle hunter

Creatures of the forest
A couple black panthers

Wild Dire Boar


Grizzly bear


Kybuck - will be a mount for the elves


Weird monkey lizard thing




Cursed fore
Cursed tree warrior



May 29, 2014
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Today's trip through the 1:18 fantasy realm (I should really think of a name to call this place) brings us to the swamp and marshes.

The center piece is Yoda and his hut. I still need to paint this but it suffices for now.

We also have Rizzo the rat cosplaying as Yoda

A couple more swamp people

True Legends Orc - I always though this one belonged in a swamp for some reason

The Grinch

Can't have a swamp without their world famous cats

May 29, 2014
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Next up is the Orc Stronghold.
It is anchored by the Schleich Bull Ring for the walls and raised platform for the leaders of the Green Orc Faction. The Red Orc Faction has taken residence in the World Peacekeepers Battlefield Ruins.

Green Orc Faction leaders
Chap Mei Orc Chieftain

Chap Mei Orcus - Council to the Chiefs

Boss Fight Orc Conqueror

They lead the minions of the Green Orc Horde Faction
Chap Mei/True Legends Orcs

Chap Mei Slime

Chap Mei Troll

Chap Mei Rhinomorph

Schleich Dragon Knight Gladiator

The Red/Brown Orc Horde Faction is currently being led by a KO Durotan

followed by Boss Fight Studio Blasted Land Orc

Chap Mei Bomani

True Legends Red Orcs

Chap Mei Warr

Spawn Ogre

And what Orc Horde would be complete without some Beasts of Burden
Spawn beast (not sure the name of this thing atm)

Starate Mastage with its shag fur removed

Star Wars Rhonto
May 29, 2014
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The next location is based on caves near the surface and close to mountains. This will eventually lead down to the deep caverns and Underdark.

The residents of the caves are more monstrous than the suface dwellers and most are more solitary.

Trollhunters ARGH and Bulg

Chap Mei gargoyle Mars

Chap Mei Hydra Kronox

Chap Mei/True Legends 4 Armed Troll

Chap Mei/Top Toy Cave Troll

Spawn Lizard man

Mechx4 Clawboon

Mech X4 Harper Beast

Monster Hunter ape/hippo mushroom eating thing...

Operation Bug monsters

May 29, 2014
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Further down we come up on the Deep Caverns and Underdark.

Denizeins of the Deep include Cavern Fairies & Elves
Boss Fight Studio Lacuna

Chap Mei demons

Fire Deamon

Another Operation Bug

Cerburus standing guard

Star Wars Gerulub

Lothan the Wise

Chap Mei Nocturna

Doom Cacodemon bank

Snakefolk led by Medusa
Chap Mei Medusa

Chap Mei Tri-Trmis

Spawn Sansker

Dwarves also reside in ruins deep underground
Chap Mei Dwarf
May 29, 2014
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Every realm includes treacherous seas and the 1:18 Realm is no different.

For now we have Hercules and Perseus sailing across the Sea carrying the precious cargo of Medusa's head.

Dangerous sea life
Chap Mei/Animal Planet/True Legends Octopus

Chap Mei other Octopus

Chap Mei mini Tiger Shark

Chap Mei Squid

Chap Mei Crab

Chap Mei Eel/Sea Snake

Chap Mei white shark

Star Wars Opee

McFarlane Monsters Sea Creature

Hercules Legendary Journey Hydra

On Board the Argo
Chap Mei/True Legends Hercules

Chap Mei/True Legends Perseus

Some hired hands
Chap Mei King Herald

Chap Mei Oxhead Toki

Chap Mei Thunder Thor

Avatar Happy Meal Toy Kitara


Off on Devils Island (These guys will be moved eventually probably to an Arctic display)
Chap Mei Monster Gunnar

Chap Mei Longtooth Siguard
May 29, 2014
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Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'awl's neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell

The Necromancers and Black Knights aka Plenimarians

Decieded they needed a castle to go with all their tombs

Chap Mei Blade Killer in the portal to the Damned (Its a McFarlane Movie Masters Marquee)

Chap Mei Black Knight

Chap Mei Black Knight

Chap Mei Black Knight

Chap Mei Orcus

Chap Mei Tusk

Chap Mei Leuitenants Tusk, Warr, Slime, and Bomani with King Tutenskull and Galagopus in the back

Hasbro Duel Masters Death Liger

Spawn skeleton monster
May 29, 2014
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Recent additions

Narnia Caspian from the second series

Jim from Troll Hunters

Uncle Owen makes a good peasant

Marvel's Skurge


Boss Fight Knight with a Gannon head

Zarak from Advanced D&D

Caverns & Dwarf Ruins
Resident Evil Chimera

Kong bug

another Kong bug

Moltar from Crystar line

Goober & Stoik from How to Train your Dragon. I know they are supposed to be Vikings but the make good dwarves

King Kong from the 2005 Movie line

Custom WIP Link

Link from Twilight Princess

Dire wolf of unkown origin

Narnia werewolf

Legends of Cthulu Deep One

Weird Star wars figure I will be using as a sea gnome

Resident Evil Hunter


mini Gatorman

Kong skeeter

Orc Stronghold
WWE guy wearing a bull outfit

Hulk Ragnarok Gladiator

ELC Bad Guys Hammer Orc

Warcraft Orgim Doomhammer Knockoff medium size


ELC Bad Guys Pig Orc

BBI red Orc

ELC Bad Guyz Cyclops

Terra Orc

Terra Orc

Marvel's Ulik
May 29, 2014
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Adding more to the castle
Wasn't sure what role He-man should have in the Castle so he's manning the gate with out of scale Link.
McDonald's happy meal He-man from motu2k

Town is filling out. I added a couple GoT figures as peasants. Added some merchandise tables and a Udon cart.
GoT Tormund

GoT Magnar of Thenn with Re-Ment udon cart

Wuher with some new barrels and a table

Better picture of Caspian. This figure is from series 2 which removed the gimmicks and had better accessories, articulation, and sculpts.

Marauder Valkyre assassin aka Valsassin planning her next job...

Loki has assumed Kingship

Valsassin removed him from office and Zelda has assumed the role. Zelda is a gashapon from Twilight Princess

Clearer picture of Joan

Battlements are reinforced
Skyward Sword Link from World of Nintendo line

Marvel Universe Ares

Dark World Thor

Thor Mighty Avenger Odin

Thor Mighty Avenger Volstagg

Age of Ultron Thor
One can never have enough Thors protecting your city.

Town aristocrats
Game of Thrones Tyrion

Star Wars - George Lucas' daughter figure

Thor Mighty Avenger Hogun and Sif

Zelda & Sheik
These are out of scale so I have to isolate them so they don't appear weird

Top tower
Boss Fight VHACK Talus. I am using him as a wizard that had imbued a status with his spirit to keep his existence.

Not sure about where to put Honesty but I want to think of her as a sorceress so she will hang out with the wizards for now.
May 29, 2014
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Forest update

One of my favorite figures in my collection. This is the Spectral Pale prototype from first Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter. Many more of his brethren will join him once the rest of the figures are done.

Loki seems like he would fit in with the Elves in this outfit. I may move him to the Wizard tower eventually. I haven't decieded his fate quite yet.

Papo Hawkman

Narnia Minotaur Asterius

Skull kid 2.5"figure

17" Treebeard

Marvel Select Groot to fill my Huron ranks

GotG Battlers Groot

Star Wars Hassk Thug fits in with my wildmen crew

Mysterious sighting...

Hobbit Warg


Jan 2, 2015
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Canada; less Hothy than people think!
Are you a player or just a poser (meaning just for display)?
You have so many toys I've never seen before. I especially like the bugs and some of the stranger Chap Mei.

You've done a good job of mixing different scales as well.