Anyone have issues with the PM system?

Dec 28, 2008
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I'm not sure if I'm having issues receiving PMs or if people just aren't replying, but it seems like once every month or so, I get a PM from someone wanting to trade or purchase something. I reply back to them, then I never get a reply in return. I send them multiple PMs asking if they received my last PM and if they're still interested but I never hear back from them again. Also had this happen with a guy I did a trade with a few months ago. We were having a nice back and forth conversation. I sent him his item, he sounded really excited about receiving it. I asked him to PM me back when it arrived so I could know if he got it and was satisfied, but he never did. I sent him a follow up message a few weeks after it was supposed to be delivered but never got a reply back.

I realize some people just do this. They message someone about a deal and then get cold feet or get busy or whatever and drop the dialogue. Maybe I've just been hitting a string of these types of people in a row...for months...But still. This is starting to make me think that my PMs I'm sending are getting lost somehow. And for whatever reason on this site, I can't view my sent PMs. I see the folder for it, but it's always empty even though I am obviously sending PMs out. So I can't even check to see if the PMs were read or not.